Revised 4/16/09

Note: 45s with picture sleeves have the sleeve grade first, the record grade second. All of these 45's are original, to the best of my knowledge...

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Accents: Wiggle, Wiggle Brunswick M- 8.00

Alice Wonder Land: He's Mine/Cha Linde Bardell M- 12.00

American Breed: Bend Me, Shape Me/Mindrocker Acta M- 4.00

Annette: O Dio Mio/It Took Dreams Vista M-/M- 35.00

Annette: Dream Boy/Please Please Signore Vista VG+/VG+ 20.00

Annette: Pineapple Princess/Luau Cha Cha Cha Vista M-/M- 35.00

Annette: Tall Paul/Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me Disneyland M- 15.00

Archies: Jingle Jangle Kirshner M- 4.00

Badfinger: Day After Day Apple M- 8.00

Badfinger: No Matter What Apple M- 8.00

Baker, Lavern: St. Louis Blues Atlantyic (sol) VG+ 6.00

Baysiders, The: Over The Rainbow Everest VG+ 8.00

Beau Brummels: Laugh, Laugh Autumn VG+ 6.00

Bell Notes: I've Had It Time VG+ 6.00

Belmonts: Come On Little Angel Sabina VG++ 9.00

Belvin, Jesse: Pledging My Love RCA VG+ 8.00

Benton, Brook: Walk On The Wild Side Mercury VG+/M- 8.00

Benton, Brook: Hit Record Mercury VG+/VG+ 10.00

Big Beats: Clark's Expedition Columbia DJ M- 15.00

Blue-Belles: I Sold My Heart to the Junkman Newtown M- 8.00

Blue Notes: A Good Woman Val-ue VG+ 15.00

Bobolinks: Message from Me VG+ 5.00

Boone, Pat: All Hands On Deck EP Dot VG+/VG+ 15.00

Bowen, Jimmy: I'm Stickin' with You Roulette DJ VG++ 20.00

Box Tops: Cry Like A Baby Mala M- 4.00

Brooks, Billy: Song of the Dreamer Duke (pur/yel) VG+ 10.00

Bryant, Gary: Just A Nobody Jerden M- 10.00

Bubble Puppy: Hot Smoke & Sasafrass International Artists M- 12.00

Buckinghams: Hey Baby Columbia VG++/VG++ 8.00

Bull Moose Jackson: Sneaky Pete King M- 20.00

Burnette, Dorsey: Rainin'/A Full House Dot M- 15.00

Burnette, Johnny: Clown Shoes/The Way I Am Liberty DJ VG+ 7.00

Burnette, Johnny: I Wanna Thank You Folks Chancellor M- 7.00

Byrds: All I Really Want to Do Columbia M- 15.00

Cannon, Freddy: Chatanooga Shoeshine Boy Swan M- 8.00

Caravelles: You Don't Have to Be A Baby to Cry Smash M- 7.00

Carbo, Chuck: Don't Pity Me Imperial VG+ 10.00

Casinos: Forever And A Night Fraternity M- 8.00

Castells: Sacred/I Get Dreamy Era VG+ 10.00

Champs: Hokey Pokey/Jumping Bean Challenge VG+ 10.00

Champs: Tequila/Train to Nowhere Challenge NM 20.00

Champs: EP 7100 Challenge M-/VG+ 100.00

Channel, Bruce: Hey Baby Smash VG+ 6.00

Channel, Bruce: Number One Man Smash VG+ 6.00

Chants: Kiss Me Goodbye MGM M- 6.00

Charles, Jimmy & the Revelettes: Hop Scotch Hop/A Million to One Promo1002 VG+ 12.00

Chartbusters: Why Mutual VG+ 6.00

Checker, Chubby: Limbo Rock Parkway VG++/VG++ 10.00

Clanton, Ike: Sugar Plum Mercury(black) M- 8.00

Clanton, Jimmy: Come Back/Wait Ace DJ M- 15.00

Clark, Dave: Catch Me if You Can Epic M-/M- 10.00

Clark, Dave: Please Tell Me Why Epic VG+/M- 8.00

Clark, Dave: I Like It Like That Epic M-/M- 15.00

Clark, Dave: Glad All Over Epic VG+/M- 8.00

Clark, Petula: I Know A Place Warner M- 8.00

Clark, Sanford: Son-Of-A-Gun Jamie VG++ 6.00

Clarke, Dee: Just Keep it Up/Whispering Grass Abner VG+ 12.00

Classics: Till Then Musicnote VG+ 8.00

Clifford, Buzz: Baby Sittin' Boogie Columbia VG+/VG++ 12.00

Clovers: Devil or Angel Atlantic (yel) VG+ 30.00

Coashmen, The: Seasons in the Sun/Gabrielle Capaitol promo M- 6.00

Coasters: Charlie Brown Atco DJ VG+ 6.00

Comstock, Bobby: Tennessee Waltz Blaze M- 15.00

Cooke, Sam: There I'v Said It Again Keen VG+ 8.00

Cooke, Sam: For Sentimental Reasons Keen VG++ 10.00

Couplings: Young Dove's Calling/I Can See Josie M- 15.00

Count Five: Psychotic Reaction Double Shot M- 8.00

Craftsmen: Rock Along/Goofus Warwick M- 8.00

Crawford, Johnny: Your Nose is Gonna Grow Del-Fi M-/M- 12.00

Crawford, Johnny: Rumors VG+/M- 12.00

Crescendos: Oh, Julie/My Little GIrl Nasco M- 20.00

Crickets: That'll Be the Day Brunswick VG+ 12.00

Crickets: Not Fade Away Brunswick VG+ 10.00

Crows: Gee Rama VG 10.00

Cues: The Girl I Love Capitol M- 12.00

Danleers: I Really Love You Mercury M- 12.00

Danny & the Juniors: At the Hop ABC-Paramount M- 15.00

Darin, Bobby: You're the Reason I'm Living Capitol M-/M- 10.00

Dee, Joey: I Lost My Baby Roulette M-/M- 15.00

Dee, Johnny: Sittin' In The Balcony Colonial VG+ 6.00

Dee, Mercy: Rent Man Blues Specialty VG+ 12.00

Dee, Tommy: Three Stars Crest VG++ 10.00

Dean, Jimmy: PT 109 Columbia VG+/M- 6.00

December's Children: Makin' Music/A Girl Like You Capitol promo M- 4.00

Del Vikings: Cool Shake Mercury VG+ 10.00

Del Vikings: Whispering Bells Mercury M- 10.00

Diamonds: Little Darlin' Mercury(maroon) M- 12.00

Dinning, Mark: Teen Angel MGM M- 12.00

Dion: A Teenager In Love Lauri M- 25.00

Dion: The Wanderer: Laurie M- 8.00

Dion: Abraham, Martin & John Laurie M- 10.00

Dobkins, Carl: My Heart is an Open Book Decca VG+ 8.00

Dodd, Dick: Don't Be Ashamed to Call My Name M- 6.00

Domino, Fats: EP 147 M-/M- 50.00

Domino, Fats: Blueberry Hill Imperial M- 8.00

Domino, Fats: Put Your Arms Around Me Honey Imperial M- 10.00

Domino, Fats: It Keeps Rainin' Imperial M- 10.00

Domino, Fats: My Real Name Imperial M- 10.00

Domino, Fats: What Will I Tell My Heart Imperial (maroon) M- 20.00

Domino, Fats: I'm Walkin' Imperial (maroon) VG+/M- 25.00

Domino, Fats: I'm Walkin' Imperial (maroon) M- 15.00

Domino, Fats: Rock and Rollin' Imperial EP (maroon) VG+/VG+ 40.00

Donegan Skiffle Group, Lonnie: The Rock Island Line London VG+ 8.00

Doors, The: Light My Fire Electra M- 10.00

Dowell, Joe: Little Red Rented Rowboat Smash VG+/VG+ 12.00

Dowell, Joe: Wooden Heart Smash VG+/M- 18.00

Doyle Three, Bobby: Maggie Warner DJ M- 8.00

Dream Weavers: Give Me This Day Decca M- 6.00

Drifters: There Goes My Baby Atlantic M- 8.00

Du Droppers: Somebody Work on My Baby's Mind RCA DJ M- 20.00

Dylan, Bob: All the Tired Horses Columbia DJ VG+ 15.00

Dynatones: Steel Guitar Rag Bomarc M- 10.00

Echoes: Baby Blue/Boomerang SegWay VG+ 8.00

Echoes: Bluebirds Over the Mountain Smash VG+ 6.00

Eddy, Duane: Because They're Young Jamie VG+/M- 10.00

Eddy, Duane: Drivin' Home VG+/M- 12.00

Eddy, Duane: EP 302 VG+/VG+ 20.00

Edwards, Bobby: You're The Reason Crest VG+ 6.00

Edwards, Bobby: I'm A Fool for Loving You Crest M- 10.00

Escorts: Bad Boy RCA M- 6.00

Evans, Paul: Sitting In The Back Seat Guaranteed VG+ 8.00

Evans, Paul: Happy-Go-Lucky Me Guaranteed M- 12.00

Everly Bros: Let it Be Me Cadence VG+ 9.00

Everly Bros: Don't Ask Me to Be Friends Warner VG+/VG++ 12.00

Everly Bros: Till I Kissed You Cadence M-/VG+ 15.00

Everly Bros: EP 121 VG+ 20.00

Everly Bros: When Will I Be Loved Cadence M- 8.00

Fabares, Shelly: Johnny Angel Colpix VG+ 8.00

Fabian: Tiger/Mighty Cold Chancellor VG+ 6.00

Fame, Georgie: Yeh Yeh Imperial M- 6.00

Family, The: Face the Autumn USA M- 8.00

Fireballs: Torquay Top Rank VG+ 12.00

Fireflies: Stella Got A Fella/You Were Mine Ribbon 6901 VG+ 8.00

Fisher, Toni: Hold Me/Laugh or Cry Smash M- 8.00

Fisher, Toni: If I Loved You/Love Big Columbia VG+ 5.00

Five Americans: She's Too Good to Me Abnak DJ M- 15.00

Five Keys: You Broke the Rules of Love Capitol DJ M- 20.00

Five Keys: My Pigeon's Gone Captiol DJ M- 20.00

Five Keys: Gee Whittakers Capitol M- 15.00

Five Keys: Out of Sight, Out of Mind Capitol M- 15.00

Flamingos: Nobody Loves Me Like You End VG+ 10.00

Fleetwoods: Come Softly to Me Liberty VG+ (sol) 6.00

Foland, Bill: Surfin' Trumpets Tishman VG++ 12.00

Four Seasons: Sherry VeeJay M- 10.00

Four Sportsmen: Sixty Minute Man Sunnybrook VG+ 20.00

Four Voices: The Wang Wang Blues Columbia DJ VG++ 6.00

Foxx, Inez: Mockingbird Symbol VG+ 8.00

Francis, Connie: You're the Only One Can Hurt Me MGM VG+/VG+ 9.00

Francis, Connie: Together MGM VG+/VG+ 9.00

Freeman, Ernie: Rockin' Red Wing Imperial VG+ 6.00

Freeman, Ernie: Raunchy Imperial VG++ 8.00

Gallahads: Lonely Guy/Jo Jo the Big Wheel Del-Fi M- 40.00

Garland, Judy: At Carnegie Hall Capitol Compact 33 M- 15.00

G-Clefs: I Understand(Just How You Feel) Terrace VG+ 10.00

Gerry & the Pacemakers: How Do You Do It Laurie M- 10.00

Gerry & the Pacemakers: I Like It Laurie M- 9.00

Gibson, Steve & the Red Caps: Silhouettes ABC-Paramount VG+ 7.00

Gracie, Charlie: Butterfly/Ninety-Nine Ways Cameo VG+ 10.00

Griffith, Andy: Hamlet Capitol DJ M- 8.00

Griffith, Andy: What is Was, Was Football EP Capitol VG+/VG+ 12.00

Haley, Bill: Joey's Song Decca (star) VG+ 6.00

Harris, Rolf: Tie Me Kangaroo Down Epic VG+/VG+ 12.00

Harris, Thurston: Slip-Slop Aladdin VG+ 8.00

Harrison, George: Ding Dong, Ding Dong Apple VG+/M- 14.00

Henry, Clarence: On Bended Knee Argo VG+ 7.00

Henry, Clarence: Lonely Street Argo VG+ 7.00

Herbie and the Class Cutters: Just a Sumemr Kick RCA M- 12.00

Hickman, Dwayne: I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter Capitol M- 15.00

Hollywood Flames: Buzz-Buzz-Buzz Ebb VG+ 7.00

Hood, Darla: The Flowers of Love Acama VG++ 7.00

Hopkin, Mary: Temma Harbour Apple VG+/M- 7.00

Howard, Camille: You're Lower than a Mole Federal VG+ 8.00

Hyland, Brian: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...Leader M- 20.00

Interludes: I Shed A Million Tears RCA VG+ 10.00

Jackson, Wanda: Cryin' Thru the Night Capitol M- 25.00

Jackson, Wanda: Right or Wrong Capitol M- 12.00

Jackson, Wanda: Hot Dog that Made Him Mad Capitol M- 20.00

Jackson, Sonny: Live Fast Orbit VG+/M- 10.00

Jan and Arnie: Jennie Lee Arwin VG++ 20.00

Jefferson Airplane: Plastic Fantastic Lover RCA M- 10.00

Johnny & the Hurricanes: Beatnik Fly Warwick VG++ 9.00

Johnny & The Hurricanes: Red River Rock Warwick VG++ 9.00

Johnny & the Hurricanes: Reveille Rock Warwick VG++ 15.00

Keymen: Like Help Man ABC M- 6.00

King, Jonathan: Everyone's Gone to the Moon Parrot M- 8.00

Knox, Buddy: Somebody Touched Me Roulette (multi-color) VG+ 10.00

Knox, Buddy: Hula Love Roulette (red) VG+ 12.00

Knox, Buddy: I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself Roulette (multi-color) VG+12.00

Legends: Go Away with Me/Jungle Lullaby Caldwell VG+ 6.00

Liggins, Joe: I've Got A Right to Cry Specialty VG++ 12.00

Lifeguards: Everybody Out'a the Pool ABC-Paramount DJ VG+ 10.00

Little Richard: Heeby-Jeebies Specialty VG+ 15.00

Liverpool Five: The Snake RCA M- 5.00

Lothar and the Hand People: Rose Colored Glasses Capitol promo M- 6.00

Lou, Bonnie: Tennesee Wig Walk King VG+ 7.00

Loudermilk, John D.: Blue Train/Rhythm And Blues M- 12.00

Lovin' Spoonful: Summer in the City Kama Sutra VG++/M- 12.00

Lovin' Spoonful: Six O'Clock Kama Sutra VG+/VG+ 6.00

Luke, Robin: Susie Darlin' Dot M- 10.00

Mack, Lonnie: Wham Fraternity VG+ 6.00

Mack, Lonnie: Memphis Fraternity VG+ 6.00

Mann, Barry: Where Do I Go from Here Capitol promo M- 6.00

Masters, Sammy: Rockin' Red Wing Lode VG+ 8.00

McDaniels, Gene: In Times Like These/Once Before Liberty DJ M- 6.00

McDevitt, Chas: The Cotton Song Chich VG+ 6.00

McFadden, Bob: The Mummy/The Beat Generation Brunswick M- 12.00

McLain, Tommy: Sweet Dreams Jin M- 10.00

McNeely, Big Jay: Let's Work Federal VG+ 15.00

McPhatter, Clyde: Lovey Dovey Atlantic VG+ 10.00

McPhatter, Clyde: Lover, Please Mercury VG+/VG+ 10.00

Me and My Brother: YouTry not to Show MGM DJ M- 10.00

Miller, Jody: Home Of The Brave Capitol VG+/VG+ 12.00

Miller, Jody: Silver Threads and Golden Needles Capitol VG+/VG+ 12.00

Mills, Hayley: Let's Get Together Vista VG+/M- 14.00

Mills, Hayley: Jeepers Creepers Vista M-/M- 35.00

Mills, Hayley & Burl Ives: Summer Magic Alcoa M-/M- 75.00

Mindbenders, The: A Groovy Kind Of Love Fontana M- 9.00

Mineo, Sal: Start Movin' Epic VG++ 6.00

Mineo, Sal: Cuttin' In Epic M- 6.00

Mineo, Sal: EP 27283 VG+/VG+ 25.00

Monarchs: Look Homeward Angel Sound Stage VG+ 7.00

Mystics: Hushabye Laurie VG+ 8.00

Nelson, Ricky: Stood Up Imperial VG+/M- 25.00

Nelson, Ricky: I Wanna Be Loved Imperial VG+/VG+ 8.00

Nelson, Ricky: My Bucket's Got a Hole in It Imperial VG+/VG+ 8.00

Nelson, Ricky: Teenage Idol VG+/VG+ 8.00

Nelson, Ricky: Travelin' Man VG++/M- 15.00

Nelson, Ricky: EP 165 M-/M- 50.00

Nelson, Ricky: EP 157 VG++/VG+ 30.00

Nelson, Sandy: Drum Party Imperial M- 8.00

Nelson, Sandy: Drum Stomp Imperial M- 8.00

Nelson, Sandy: Let there be Drums Imperial M- 12.00

Neville, Aaron: Tell It Like It Is Parlo M- 8.00

Nimoy, Leonard: Theme from 'Star Trek' Dot M- 15.00

Notes: Don't Leave Me Now Capitol DJ M- 50.00

Olympics: Western Movies Demon VG+ 6.00

Originals: Sleepless Heart Jackpot M- 20.00

Ougtsiders: Time Won't Let Me Capitol M- 6.00

Parsons, Bill: Rubber Dolly Fraternity M- 12.00

Peter and Gordon: Woman Capitol M- 5.00

Peter and Gordon: Nobody I Know Capitol M-/M- 15.00

Peterson, Ray: Corinna, Corinna Dunes M-/M- 40.00

Pickett, Bobby (Boris): Monster Mash Garpax P-1 (original) M- 15.00

Pickett, Bobby (Boris): Monster Mash Garpax M-/M- 40.00

Pitney, Gene: Twenty Four Hours to Tulsa Musicor VG+/M- 7.00

Piltdown Men: Brontosaurus Stomp Capitol M- 10.00

Premiers: Farmer John Warner M- 8.00

Presley, Elvis: Are You Lonesome Tonight RCA VG+/VG+ 20.00

Presley, Elvis: Devil in Disguise RCA VG/M- 5.00

Presley, Elvis: All Shook Up VG++/M- 40.00

Presley, Elvis: Lovin' You RCA VG+/M- 40.00

Presley, Elvis: Anything that's Part of You VG++/M- 20.00

Presley, Elvis: It's Now or Never RCA VG+/VG+ 30.00

Presley, Elvis: Good Luck Charm RCA VG++/VG+ 20.00

Presley, Elvis: Hound Dog RCA (Blk/White) VG+/VG+ 30.00

Presley, Elvis: Sings Christmas Songs EP RCA VG+/VG+ 30.00

Presley, Elvis: Lonely Man RCA VG+/M- 15.00

Presley, Elvis: She's Not You RCA (Coming Soon) VG+/VG++ 15.00

Presley, Elvis: His Latest Flame RCA M-/VG+ 15.00

Presley, Elvis: Return to Sender RCA VG+/VG+ 15.00

Presley, Elvis: Can't Help Falling in Love RCA VG+/VG 10.00

Presley, Elvis: One Broken Heart for Sale RCA (Coming Soon) VG+/M- 15.00

Presley, Elvis: Kissin' Cousins RCA VG+/M- 15.00

Presley, Elvis: EPA 747 VG+/VG+ 30.00

Presley, Elvis: EPA 1-1515 VG+/VG+ 20.00

Presley, Elvis: EPA 4321 VG+/VG+ 20.00

Presley, Elvis: EPA 5088 VG+/VG+ 30.00

Presley, Elvis: EPA 4054 VG+/VG+ 20.00

Presley, Elvis: EPA 830 VG+/VG+ 30.00

Preston, Billy: Everything's All Right Apple M- 6.00

Preston, Billy: All That I've Got Apple M- 6.00

Ray, James: If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody Caprice VG+ 10.00

Raye, Rick and Rita: Sherry's Gettin' Married Sound Stage DJ M- 10.00

Reese, Della: I Cried for You Jubilee M- 8.00

Reese, Della: EP 4349 M-/M- 12.00

Reflections: Poor Man's Son Golden World M- 10.00

Revels, The: Midnight Stroll Norgolde VG+ 10.00

Ricks, Jimmy: What Have I Done Decca (star) M- 10.00

Ridgley, Tommy: Tina/How I Feel Herald DJ M- 10.00

Rivers, Johnny: Poor Side of Town Imperial M-/M- 8.00

Roberts, Jack: Don't Be Fooled Jerden M- 8.00

Robbins, Marty: Won't You Forgive/Ruby Ann Columbia DJ (wol) VG++ 10.00

Robbins, Marty: Devil Woman Columbia VG+ 10.00

Robbins, Marty: Kingston Girl Columbia VG+ 8.00

Rodgers, Jimmie: Are You Really Mine Roulette (Sleeve Only) VG+ 6.00

Roe, Tommy: Sheila ABC M- 10.00

Rolling Stones: No Expectations London VG+ 12.00

Rolling Stones: Jumping Jack Flash London VG++ (sleeve only) 8.00

Rolling Stones: As Times Go By London (sleeve only) VG+ 10.00

Ronny and the Daytonas: Goodbye Baby Mala VG+ 8.00

Rooftop Singers: Tom Cat Vanguard VG++/M- 6.00

Routers, The: Let's Go WB VG++ 8.00

Royal Guardsmen: Snoopy For President Laurie VG++ 6.00

Ryder, Mitch: Sock It To Me Baby New Voice VG+/M- 8.00

Sam The Sham: Ring Dang Do MGM VG++/M- 12.00

Sands, Jodie: Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) Chancellor VG+ 8.00

Sands, Tommy: Big Date Capitol M- 12.00

Sapphires: Who Do You Love Swan VG+ 7.00

Scott, Jack: I Knew You First Groove M- 15.00

Scott, Jack: Burning Bridges Top Rank VG+/VG+ 20.00

Scott, Jack: Goodbye Baby Carlton VG+/VG+ 15.00

Scott, Jack: I Never Felt Like This Carlton DJ VG++ 8.00

Scott, Linda: I've Told Every Little Star Canadian American VG+ 10.00

Shamrocks: Green Hills Liberty DJ M- 12.00

Shannon, Del: Two Kinds of Teardrops Big Top VG++ 12.00

Shannon, Del: Runaway Big Top VG+ 10.00

Shannon, Del: Hey! Little Girl Big Top VG+ 9.00

Shells: Baby Oh Baby/What in An Angel's Eyes Johnson 104 (orig) VG+ 10.00

Shirelles, The: Soldier Boy Scepter VG++ 6.00

Silouettes: Get A Job Ember (orange) VG+ 12.00

Skip & Flip: It Was I Brent VG+ 12.00

Sophomores: Linda Dawn VG++ 8.00

South, Joe: Walk a Mile in My Shoes Capitol M- 5.00

Standells: Dirty Water Tower M- 10.00

Standells: Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White Tower M- 8.00

String-A-Longs, The: Wheels Warwick VG++ 15.00

Tempos, The: See You in September Climax VG+ 10.00

Thomas, Carla: Gee Whiz Atlantic M- 12.00

Tillotson, Johnny: Jimmy's Girl Cadence VG+/VG+ 15.00

Tillotson, Johnny: Talk Back Trembling Lips MGM VG++/VG++ 10.00

Tillotson, Johnny: Poetry In Motion Cadence M- 20.00

Tillotson, Johnny: Angel MGM VG++/VG+ 8.00

Tokens, The: The Lion Sleeps Tonight RCA M- 15.00

Tornadoes: Bustin' Surfboards Aertaun DJ VG+ 10.00

Tornadoes: Telstar London M- 12.00

Travis & Bob: Tell Him No Sandy VG+ 10.00

Trexler, Gary: Cloud Full of Tears REV VG+ 10.00

Tune Weavers: Happy Happy Birthday Baby Checker M- 8.00

Valentines: Nature's Creation Rama VG+ 20.00

Van Doren: Huntington Beach Hickory M- 12.00

Vee, Bobby: Run To Him Liberty M- 12.00

Velveteens: Meant to Be Stark M- 25.00

Vincent, Gene: Lotta' Lovin' Capitol M- 20.00

Virtues, The: Guitar Boogie Shuffle Hunt M 15.00

Wallace, Jerry: Primrose Lane Challenge VG+ 8.00

Ward, Billy and the Dominoes: St. Terese of the Roses Decca (lines) M- 12.00

Wayne, Thomas: Tragedy/Saturday Date Fernwood M- 12.00

Wild Ones: Come On Back Sears VG+/VG+ 15.00

Williams, Larry: Bony Maronie Specialty VG+ 8.00

Wilson, Jackie: With These Hands Brunswick M- 6.00

Wilson, Jackie: All My Love Brunswick M- 12.00

Young Idea, The: Just Look at the Rain Capitol promo M- 6.00

Zonbies: Time of the Season Date M- 6.00

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