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List includes Folk , Bluegrass , Celtic .



Allen Brothers: The Chattanooga Boys Old Timey 115 VG+ 15.00

Almanac Singers: Sod Buster Ballads Commodore FL 30,002 VG+ (taped seams) 20.00

Ames, Nancy: The Incredible...Liberty LRP 3276 VG++ 8.00

Amram, David & Friends: No More Walls Flying Fish 752 VG+ 6.00

Ancient Future: Visions of a Peaceful Planet Beauty AF79 M- 6.00

Andersen, Eric: ‘Bout Changes & Things Vanguard VRS 9206 VG+ 8.00

Andersen, Eric: Today is the Highway Vanguard VRS-9157 VG+ 8.00

Anderson, Casey: More Pretty Girls than One Atlantic SD 33-166 VG+ 8.00

Anderson, Casey: Goin’ Places Elektra EKL-192 promo VG++ 10.00

Anderson, Lenny: Hot Off The Press Lion's Roar 1002 SS 5.00

Any Old Time: Stringband Arhoolie 4009 M- 6.00

Arkansas Sheiks: Whiskey Before Breakfast Bay 204 VG+ 8.00

Armstrong, Frankie: And the Music Plays so Grand Sierra SBR 4211 VG+ 6.00

Atcher, Bob: Early American Folk Songs Colombia HL 9006 10" LP VG+ 30.00

Auldridge, Mike: Blues & Bluegrass Takoma D-1041 VG+ 6.00

Aztec Two-Step: "See, it was like this..." Flying Fish 505 M- 6.00

Aztec Two-Step: Second Step RCA APL1-1161 VG+ 6.00

Baez, Joan:  The Best of Joan Baez Squire 33001 VG+ 8.00

Baez, Joan: Baptism Vanguard VSD 79275 VG+ 6.00

Baez, Joan: Carry It On Vanguard VSD 79313 VG+ 6.00

Baez, Joan: Any Day Now Vanguard VSD 79306/7 VG+ 12.00

Baez, Joan: One Day at a Time Vanguard VSD 79310 VG+ 6.00

Baez, Joan: Diamonds and Rust A&M SP-4527 VG+ 6.00

Baez, Joan: vol 2 Vanguard VRS 9094 VG+ 10.00

Baez, Joan: In Concert Vanguard VRS 9112 VG+ 6.00

Baez, Joan: In Concert, Part 2 Vanguard VRS 9113 VG+ 6.00

Baez, Joan: David's Album Vanguard VSD 79308 VG++ 6.00

Baez, Joan: Gulf Winds A&M SP 4603 VG+ 4.00

Baez, Joan: Blowin' Away Portrait 34697 VG+ 4.00

Baez, Joan: Honest Lullaby Portrait JR 35766 VG++ 4.00

Baez, Joan: Satisfied Mind Book-of-the-Month-Club 40-5711 VG+ 20.00

Bailey Brothers: Just As the Sun Went Down Rounder 0056 VG+ 6.00

Baker, Kenny & Bobby Hicks: Darkness of the Delta County 782 VG+ 6.00

Baker, Kenny & Joe Greene: High Country County 714 VG+ 12.00

Baker, Kenny & Josh Graves: Bucktime Puritan 5005 VG+ 8.00

Ball, Tom and Kenny Sultan: Bloodshot Eyes Flying Fish 386 VG+ 6.00

Banish Misfortune: Freest Fancy Shoestring (no #) M- 8.00

Bare Necessities: English Country Dances Varrick 013 M- 6.00

Beechmonts, The: In a Concert of Folk Songs Fortuna 983 M- 6.00

Belefonte, Harry: At Carnegie Hall RCA LSO-6006 VG+ 30.00

Belefonte, Harry: Abraham, Martin and John RCA ACL1-0502 VG+ 8.00

Belefonte, Harry: Streets I Have Walked RCA LSP-2695 VG+ 6.00

Belafonte, Harry: Midnight Spcial RCA LSP-2449 VG+ 10.00

Belafonte, Harry: Ballads, Blues and Boasters RCA LSP-29753 VG+ 6.00

Belafonte, Harry: Jump Up Calypso RCA LSP-2388 VG++ 12.00

Belafonte, Harry: Love is A Gentle Thing RCA LPM-1927 VG+ 10.00

Belafonte, Harry: Mark Twain RCA LPM 1022 VG+ 8.00

Belafonte, Harry: My Lord What a Morning RCA LPM-2022 VG+ 8.00

Bensusan, Pierre: Spices CBS 42665 VG+ 6.00

Bensusan, Pierre: Musiques Lost Lake Arts LL-0092 M- 6.00

Berkeley, Roy: with Tim Woodbridge Green Linnet SIF 1007 VG+ 6.00

Berline, Byron: Live at McCabe’s Takoma D-1061 VG+ 6.00

Berline, Byron: Dad’s Favorites Rounder 0100 VG+ 6.00

Berline/Crary/Hickman: BCH Sugar Hill 13755 M- 6.00

Berryman, Lou & Peter: So Comfortable Cornbelt CR 300 VG+ 6.00

Bibb, Leon: Tol’ My Captain Vanguard VRS 9058 VG+ 6.00

Bibb, Leon: Foment.Ferment.Free...Free RCA LSP-4202 VG+ 6.00

Bibb, Leon: Sings Columbia CSRP 8562 M- 6.00

Big Sky Mudflaps: Armchair Cabaret Helios 440-2 VG+ 6.00




Big Sky Mudflaps: Sensible Shoes Flying Fish 293 M- 7.00

Bikel, Theodore: Songs of a Russian Gypsy Elektra 150 VG+ 6.00

Bikel, Theodore: Sings Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs Elektra EKS-7281 VG+ 10.00

Bikel, Theodore: Sings Jewish Folk Songs Elketra 141 VG+ 8.00

Bikel, Theodore: Sings More Jewish Folk Songs Elektra 165 VG+ 10.00

Bikel, Theodroe: Sings Songs of Israel Elektra 132 VG+ 8.00

Bikel, Theodore: An Actor's Holiday Electra 105 VG+ 10.00

Bikel, Theodore: On Tour Elektra EKS-7230 VG++ 10.00

Bikel, Theodore & the Pennywhistlers: Songs of the Earth Elektra EKS-7326 VG+ 8.00

Bikel, Theodore & Geula Gill: Folk Songs from Just About Everywhere Elektra EKS-7161 VG+ 8.00

Bikel, Theodore & Cynthia Gooding: Young Man and A Maid Elektra EKL 109 VG+ 10.00

Bitter End Singers: Through Our Eyes Mercury MG 21018 VG+ 6.00

Black, Mary: same Dara(import) VG+ 8.00

Black, Mary: Collected Dara(import) VG+ 8.00

Blake, Norman: Lighthouse on the Shore Rounder 0211 VG+ 6.00

Blake, Norman: The Fields of November Flying Fish 004 VG+ 8.00

Blake, Norman: Home in Sulpher Springs Rounder 0012 VG+ 8.00

Blake, Norman: Orig, Underground Music from the Mysterious South Rounder 0166 VG+ 6.00

Blake, Norman: Live At McCabe’s Takoma D-1052 VG+ 8.00

Blake, Norman: Old and New Flying Fish 010 VG+ 7.00

Blake, Norman: Blackberry Blossom Flying Fish FF-047 VG+ 8.00

Blake, Norman: Full Moon on the Farm Rounder 0144 VG+ 6.00

Blake, Norman, Tut Taylor, Sam Bush, et al: same HDS 701 VG+ 6.00

Bluebird Special, The: same Picante 825 VG+ (autogr.) 6.00

Blue Flame String Band: same Flying Fish 275 VG++ 6.00

Blue Rose: same Sugar Hill 3768 M- 7.00

Blue Sky Boys: same County 752 SS 10.00

Blue Sky Boys: In Concert 1964 Rounder 0236 SS 8.00

Bluestein, Evo: Deep Shady Grove Swallow 2002 VG+ 6.00

Bluestein Family: Sowin' on the Mountain Fretless 141 VG+ 6.00

Boarding Party, The: ‘Tis Our Sailing Time Folk-Legacy FSI-97 VG+ 6.00

Boarman, Andrew: Mountain State Music June Appel 025 VG+ 8.00

Bogle, Eric: When the Wind Blows Flying Fish 354 VG+ 8.00

Bogle, Eric: Plain and Simple Plant Life(import) VG+ 8.00

Bogle, Eric: Now I'm Easy Plant Life(import) VG+ 8.00

Bogle, Eric: When the Wind Blows Topic(import) VG+ 8.00

Bok, Gordon: Peter Kagan and the Wind Folk-Legacy FSI-44 VG+ 6.00

Bok, Gordon: Bay of Fundy Folk-Legacy FSI-54 VG+ 8.00

Bok/Muir/Trickett: A Water Over Stone Folk-Legacy FSI 80 VG+ 8.00

Bok/Muir/Trickett: The Ways of Man Folk-Legacy FSI 68 VG+ 8.00

Booger Hole Revival: Rollin’ the Woodpile Down No Nukes VG+ 6.00

Bowers, Bryan: The View from Home Flying Fish 037 M- 6.00

Bowers, Bryan: Home, Home on the Road Flying Fish 091 VG++ 6.00

Bradley, Sandy: Foolish Questions Rooster 118 VG+ 6.00

Brand, Oscar: Absolute Nonsense Riverside 12-825 VG+ 15.00

Brand, Oscar: G.I. - American Army Songs Riverside RLP 12-639 VG+ 12.00

Brand, Oscar: Laughing America Tradition TLP 1014 SS 10.00

Brand, Oscar: The Wild Blue Yonder Elektra EKL-168 VG+ 10.00

Brand, Oscar: Up the in Air Elektra EKL-198 VG+ 10.00

Brand, Oscar: Bawdy Songs Vol. 1 Audio Fidelity AFSD 5906 SS 6.00

Brand, Oscar: Bawdy Songs Goes to College Audio Fidelity AFSD 5952 M- 6.00

Brand, Oscar: For Doctors Only Elektra ELK 204 M- 15.00

Brand, Oscar: Pie in the Sky Tradition TLP 1022 M- 16.00

Brock, Robbie: On the Blooming Queensland Side Larrikin(import) VG+ 8.00

Brockett, Jamie: Remember the Wind and the Rain Capitol ST-678 VG+ 20.00

Bud and Travis: same Liberty LRP 3125 VG+ 10.00

Bud and Travis: In Person Liberty LRP 3386 VG+ 8.00

Bud and Travis: Naturally Liberty LST-7295 VG++ 10.00

Bud and Travis: Spotlight On...Liberty LRP 3138 VG+ 8.00

Bull, Sandy: E Pluribus Unum Sutro Park 01732 180gm SS 19.00

Burns, Jethro: Live Flying Fish 072 M- 6.00

Bustin, Dillon: Dillon Bustin’s Almanac June Appel 045 VG+ 6.00

Cache Valley Drifters: Step Up to Big Pay Flying Fish 220 VG+ 6.00

California Zephyr: In the Saddle Iron Horse ST 102 VG+ 8.00

Cansler, Loman D.: Folksongs of the Midwest Folkways FH 5330 VG+ 6.00

Carawan, Guy: This Little Light of Mine Folkways FG 3552 VG 8.00

Carawan, Guy: The Telling Takes Me Home Curnon cnl 722 VG+ 6.00

Carawan, Guy: Jubilee June Appal 029 VG+ 6.00

Carawan, Guy: Green Rocky Road June Appal 021 VG+ 6.00

Carawan, Guy & Evan: Hammer Dulcimer Flying Fish 329 VG++ 6.00

Carrignan, Jean: French Canadian Fiddle Songs Legacy 120 VG+ 8.00

Carthy, Martin: Byker Hill Topic(import) VG 8.00

Carthy, Martin: Land Fall Topic(import) VG+ 10.00

Carthy, Martin: Crown of Horn Rounder 3019 VG+ 8.00

Carthy, Martin: Out of the Cut Rounder 3075 VG+ 8.00

Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick: same Antilles 7041 VG+ 8.00

Carthy, Martin, Prince Heathen, Dave Swarbrick: same Topic(import) VG+ 10.00

Chasman, Paul: Modern Art Rose no # M- 6.00

Chenille Sisters, The: At Home with... Red House 26 SS 6.00

Christl, Margaret & Ian Robb: The Barley Grain for Me Folk-legacy FSC-62 VG+ 6.00

Clayton, Paul: Wanted for Murder Riverside RLP 12-640 VG+ 15.00

Clayton, Paul: Merry Muses of Caledonia Elektra 155 VG+ 12.00

Clements, Vassar: The Vassar Clements Band MCA-2270 VG+ 6.00

Clifton, Bill: Clifton and Company County 765 VG+ 7.00

Cohen, Mark: Plutonium Folkways FS 5354 VG+ 6.00

Cohen, Mark: Fare Well, Traveller Folkways FS 5352 VG+ 6.00

Collins, Judy: Golden Apples of the Sun Elektra EKL-222 VG+ 8.00

Collins, Judy: Concert EKS 7280 VG+ 8.00

Collins, Judy: Fifth Album Elektra EKS 7300 VG+ 5.00

Collins, Judy: In My Life Elektra EKS 74027 VG+ 4.00

Collins, Judy: Who Knows Where the Time Goes Elektra EKS 74033 VG+ 4.00

Cooney, Michael: Still Cooney After All These Years Front Hall 016 VG+ 6.00

Cooney, Michael: or "The Cheese Stands Alone" Folk-Legacy FSI-35 M- 8.00

Country Cooking: Barrel of Fun Rounder 0033 VG+ 10.00

Crary, Dan: Lady's Fancy Rounder 0099 VG+ 7.00

Crary, Dan: Sweet Southern Girl Sugar Hill 3707 VG+ 7.00

Cross, Mike: Live and Kicking Sugar Hill 1005 VG+ 6.00

Dalhart, Vernon: First Recorded Railroad Songs Mark 56 794 VG+ 8.00

Davidson, Dianne: Mountain Mama Janus JLS 3048 VG+ 6.00

Delaware Water Gap: String Band Music Adelphi 2004 VG+ 8.00

Denny, Sandy: Like An Old Fashioned Waltz Island SW-9340 VG+ 10.00

Dilliards, Pickin’ and Fiddlin’ Elektra EKL-285 VG+ 10.00

Dillards, The: vs The Incredible LA Time Machine Flying Fish 040 VG+ 5.00

Dillards, The: Roots and Branches Anthem ANS 5901 VG+ 6.00

Dillard, Doug: Duelin' Banjo 20th Century T-409 VG+ 8.00

Dillard, Doug Band: Heartbreak Hotel Flying Fish 477 M- 7.00

Dillard-Hartford-Dillard: Glitter-Grass from the Nashwood Hollyville Strings Flying Fish 036 VG+ 8.00

Douglas, Jerry: Fluxedo Rounder 0112 VG+ 8.00

Douglas, Jerry: Fluxology Rounder 0093 VG+ 8.00

Dyer-Bennet, Richard: same (#1) Dyer-Bennet 1000  VG+ 8.00

Dyer-Bennett, Richard: #4 RDB 4000 VG+ 8.00

Dyer-Bennet, Richard: #5 Dyer-Bennet 5764 VG+ 8.00

Dyer-Bennet, Richard: #10 10 VG+ 10.00

Easy Riders: Wanderin' Columbia CS 8102 VG+ 10.00

Elliot, Jack: Young Brigham Reprise 6284 VG+ 10.00

Ellis, Tony: Dixie Banner Flying Fish 444 M- 6.00

Eskin, Sam: Songs of All Times Cook Lab 1020 10" w/notes VG+ 25.00

 Faier, Billy: Travelin’ Man Riverside 12-657 VG+ 15.00

Fairport Convention: Liege & Lief A&M SP 4257 VG+ 8.00

Fairport Convention: same A&M SP-4319 VG+ 8.00

Fairport Convention: Babbacombe Lee A&M SP-4333 VG+ 8.00

Fairport Convention: The Five Seasons New Routes/Rough Trade (import) M- 7.00

Fairport Convention: Red & Gold Rough Trade 80063 M- 8.00

Fairport Convention: In Real Time Island 90678 M- 8.00

Farina, Richard and Mimi: Memories Vanguard VSD 79263 VG+ 8.00

Farina, Mimi & Richard: Celebrations for a Grey Day Vanguard VRS-9174 VG+ 8.00

Farina, Richard & Mimi: Reflections in a Crystal Wind Vanguard VRS 9204 VG+ 8.00

Farina, Richard & Mimi: Best of...Vanguard VSD 21/22 VG+ 8.00

Farquhar: Fabuous Verve/Forecast FTS 3053 VG+ 7.00

Fink, Cathy: The Leading Role Rounder 0223 VG+ 6.00

Fink, Cathy & Duck Donald: same Flying Fish 053 VG+ 6.00

Fisher, Archie: same Xtra(import) VG+ 8.00

Fisher, Archie: The Man with a Rhyme Folk-Legacy FSS-61 VG+ 8.00

Flagpole Singers: Folk Songs of Madison Avenue MGM E-4234 VG+ 8.00

Flower, Robin: Babies with Glasses Flying Fish 428 M- 6.00

Folksmiths Traveling Folk Workshop: We’ve Got Some Singing to Do Folkways FA 2407 VG+ 8.00

Force, Robert & Albert d'Ossche: Cross Over Kicking Mule 308 VG++ 6.00

Frank, Stuart: Song of the Sea and Shore Folkways FH 5256 VG+ 8.00

Franks, Bob: For Real Flying Fish 368 VG+ 6.00

Front Porch String Band: same Rebel 1624 M- 6.00

Gateway Singers: Down in the Valley MGM SE 3905 VG+ 9.00

Gateway Singers: Puttin' on the Style Decca DL 8413 VG+ 8.00

Gerber, Scott & Nina: Branching Out Picker's Produce 101 VG++ 8.00

Gibson, Bob: Where I’m Bound Elektra EKS-7239 VG+ 10.00

Gibson, Bob: Folksongs of Ohio Stinson SLP 76 VG+ 20.00

Gibson, Bob: There’s A Meetin’ Here Tonight Riverside 12-830 VG+ 20.00

Gibson, Bob: I Came for to Sing Riverside RLP 12-806 VG+ 15.00

Gibson, Bob: Offbeat Folksongs Riverside RLP 12-802 VG 6.00

Gibson, Bob: Ski Songs Elektra EKS 7177 VG+ 12.00

Gibson, Bob & Hamilton Camp: Homemade Music Mountain Railroad MR 52781 VG+ 6.00

Gilbert, Ronnie: Alone with... Mercury MG 20917 M- 16.00

 Glazer, Joe: Union Train Collector 1925 M- 8.00

Glazer, Joe: Textile Voices Collector 1922 M- 8.00

Glazer, Joe: Sings Labor Songs Collector 1918 M- 8.00

Gold, Lynn: same Warner 1495 VG+ 6.00

Golden Bough: Flight of Fantasy Kicking Mule KM 328 VG++ 6.00

Golden Bough: The Boatman's Daughter Kicking Mule KM 324 M- 6.00

Good Old Boys: Pistol Packin’ Mama Round RX-LA597-G/RX-109 VG+ 7.00

Good Ol' Persons: same Bay 208 VG+ 6.00

Good Ol' Persons: Part of A Story Kaleidoscope F-26 VG+ 6.00

Goose Creek Symphony: Words of Ernest Capitol ST-11044 VG+ 6.00

Grant Street String Band: same Bonita 111 VG+ 7.00

Greenbriar Boys: The Best of…Vanguard VSD 79317 VG+ 8.00

Greene, Joe: Fiddle Album County 722 VG+ 10.00

Greenway, John: The Cat Came Back Prestige International 13011 VG+ 12.00

Grey, Sara w/Ed Trickett: same Folk-Legacy FSI-38 M- 8.00

Griffith, Andy: Shouts The Blues and Old Timey Songs Capitol ST 1105 VG++ 16.00

Grisman, David: Home is Where the Heart Is Rounder 10251 VG++ 12.00

Grisman, David: The David Grisman Quartet Kaleidoscope F-5 VG+ 6.00

Grossman, Stefan & John Renbourne: same Kicking Mule 152 M- 6.00

Guard, Dave & The Whiskey Hill Singers Capitol ST 1728 VG+ 12.00

Guthrie, Arlo: Running Down the Road Reprise 6346 VG+ 6.00

Guthrie, Arlo: Amigo Reprise MS 2239 VG+ 6.00

Guthrie, Arlo: Power of Love Warner 23558 VG+ 5.00

Halifax Three: same Epic BN 26038 VG+ 8.00

Hamilton, Frank: Sings Folk Songs Folkways FA 2437 VG+ 8.00

Hand, Cal: The Wylie Butler Takoma C-1056 VG++ 8.00

Hanks, Larry: Tying a Knot in the Devil’s Tail Long Sleeve 101 SS 7.00

Hartford, John: Gentle on My Mind RCA LSP-4068 VG+ 8.00

Hartford, John: Nobody Knows What You Do Flying Fish 28 VG+ 10.00

Herdman, Priscilla: Darkness into Light Flying Fish 420 VG+ 6.00

Hickerson, Joe: Folk Songs and Ballads Folk-Legacy FSI-39 VG+ 8.00

Hickman, John: Don’t Mean Maybe Rounder 0101 VG+ 6.00

Highwaymen: same United Artists UAL 3125 VG++ 8.00

Highwaymen: Standing Room Only UA UAL 3168 VG+ 6.00

High Woods String Band: Fire on the Mountain Rounder 0028 VG+ 8.00

Hillman, Chris: Morning Sky Sugar Hill SH 3729 M- 6.00

Hillman, Chris: Slippin' Away Asylum 7E-1062 VG+ 5.00

Hillman, Chris: Clear Sailin' Asylum 7E-1104 VG+ 6.00

Hinton, Sam: The Song of Men Folkways FA 2400 VG+ 6.00

Hodges Brothers: Watermelon Hangin’ on the Vine Arhoolie 5001 VG+ 8.00

Holt, David: Reel & Rock Flying Fish 362 M- 6.00

Hotmud Family: Live, As We Know It Flying Fish 087 VG+ 7.00

Houston, Cisco: I Ain;t Got No Home Vanguard SRV 73006 VG+ 8.00

Houston, Cisco: Sings the Songs of Woody Guthrie Vanguard VSD 2131 VG+ 12.00

Houston, Cisco: Passing Through Verve Folkways FV 9002 VG+ 10.00

Hunter, Tom: Comin’ Home Long Sleeve 101 M- 6.00

Ian & Sylvia: The Best of…Vanguard VSD 79269 VG+ 6.00

Ian & Sylvia: Greatest Hits Vanguard VSD 5/6 VG+ 10.00

Ian & Sylvia: Greatest Hits, vol 2 Vanguard VSD 23/24 VG+ 10.00

Ian & Sylvia: Play One More Vanguard VSD 79215 VG+ 8.00

Ian & Sylvia: So Much for Dreaming Vanguard VRS 9241 VG+ 8.00

Ian & Sylvia: Greatest Hits Vol 2 Vanguard VSD-23/24 VG+ 8.00

Ian & Sylvia: Northern Journey Vanguard VRS-9154 (coh) M- 10.00

Jackson, Tommy: Square Dance Festival Dot DLP 3330 VG+ 10.00

Jack the Lad: Jackpot United Artists 29999 VG+ 6.00

Jack the Lad: same Elektra 7E-1014 VG+ 8.00

Jackie & Birdie: Live Major Minor(import) VG+ 10.00

Jarrett, Merrick: Songs of the Old West Washington 725 VG++ 10.00

Jim & Jean: Changes Verve Forecast FTS-3001 VG+ 8.00

Joe & Eddie: Tear Down the Walls Crescendo GNP 2005 VG+ 10.00

Joe & Eddie: Walkin' Down the Line Crescendo GNP 2014 VG+ 8.00

Joe & Eddie: The Best of...Crescendo GNP 2032 VG+ 6.00

Journeymen: same Capitol ST 1629 VG+ 10.00

Journeymen: Coming Attraction - Live Captiol T 1770 VG+ 10.00

Just IV: The First Twelve Sides Liberty LRP 3340 DJ VG+ 10.00

Kapelye: Kapelye's Chicken Shanachie 21007 M- 8.00

Keith, Bill: Banjoistics Rounder 0148 VG+ 6.00

Keith, Bill: Something Auld, Something Newgrass…Rounder 0084 VG+ 8.00

Kellin, Mike: And the Testimony's Still Coming In Verve Forecast FT 3028 VG+ 12.00

Kenney, Erin & Ethan James: same Troy 002 M- 5.00

Kershaw, Doug: Mama Kershaw's Boy Warner 2793 VG+ 5.00

Kershaw, Doug: Alive & Pickin' Warner 2851 VG+ 5.00

Kershaw, Doug: Swamp Grass Warner BS 2581 VG+ 5.00

Kershaw, Doug: Ragin' Cajun Warner BS 2910 VG+ 6.00

Kessinger, Clark: The Legend of…County 733 M- 10.00

King, Charlie: Vaguely Reminiscent Rainbow Snake 005 VG+ 6.00

King, Charlie: Feelings of Fire Flying FIsh 417 M- 6.00

King, Charlie & Martha Leader: Steppin' Out Flying Fish 40492 M- 6.00

Kingston Trio: String Along Capitol T 1407 VG+ 6.00

Kingston Trio: Something Else Decca DL 74694 VG++ 8.00

Kingston Trio, The: Goin' Places Capitol ST 1564 M- 10.00

Kingston Trio, The: Close-Up Capitol ST 1642 VG+ 6.00

Kingston Trio: Stereo Concert Capitol ST 1183 VG+ 10.00

Kingston Trio: Sunny Side Capitol T 1935 VG+ 6.00

Koerner, Spider John & Willie Murphy: Running Jumping Standing Still Elektra EKS 74041 VG+ 8.00

Kraber, Tony: The Old Chisholm Trail Mercury MG 20008 VG+ 8.00

Kewskin, Jim: Jim Kweskin’s America Reprise 6464 VG+ 8.00

Kweskin, Jim: Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band Vanguard VSD 2158 VG+ 12.00

Kweskin, Jim: Jug Band Music Vanguard VSD-79163 VG+ 8.00

Kweskin, Jim: Side by Side Mountain Railroad 52790 VG+ 6.00

Kweskin, Jim: Lives Again Mountain Railroad 52782 VG+ 6.00

Lanchester, Elsa: Bawdy Cockney Songs Tradition 2065 VG+ 6.00

Lanchester, Elsa: More Bawdy Cockney Songs, vol 2 Tradition 2091 VG+ 6.00

Lanchester, Elsa: Cockney London Verve MG V-15015 VG+ 6.00

Larsen, Grey: The Gathering Sugar Hill 1133 M- 6.00

Lavin, Christine: Beau Woes Philo 1107 M- 6.00

Lee, Katie: Life is Just A Bed of Neuroses RCA LPM-2214 VG+ 10.00

Lee, Katie: Songs of Couch and Consultation Commentary CNT-01 VG+ 10.00

 Levy, Bertram: That Old Gut Feeling Flying Fish/Fine Catch 21271 M- 6.00

Levy, Bertram and Peter Ostroushko: First Generation Flying Fish 392 VG+ 6.00

Lewis, Laurie: Restless Rambling Heart Flying Fish 406 VG+ 6.00

Lewis, Laurie: Love Chooses You Flying Fish 40487 M- 6.00

Limeliters, The: Leave It To ... RCA LSP-2906 VG+ 6.00

Limeliters: Our Men in San Francisco RCA LSP-2609

Limeliters, The: Sing Out! RCA LPM 2445 VG+ 6.00

Limeliters: More of Everything RCA LSP-2844 VG+ 6.00

Lind, Bob: The Ellusive Verve/Folkways FTS 3005 VG++ 8.00

Lind, Bob: Don’t Be Concerned World Pacific WPS 21841 VG+ 8.00

Lindisfarne: Sleepless Nights Shanachie 82002 VG+ 6.00

Lindisfarne: Back and Forth Atco SD 38-108 VG+ 6.00

Little, Sam: Fruit Tramp Road-Runner 001 VG+ 8.00

Lloyd, A.L.: English Drinking Songs Riverside 12-618 VG+ 10.00

MacArthur Family: Make the Wildwood Ring Front Hall 027 VG+ 5.00

MacColl, Ewan: Scots Street Songs Riverside RLP 12-612 VG+ (taped seams) 12.00

MacColl, Ewan: Scots Drinking Songs Riverside RLP 12-605 (taped seams) 12.00

MacColl, Ewan: Sings British Industrial Ballads Vanguard VRS-9090 VG+ (taped seams) 12.00

MacColl, Ewan & A.L. Lloyd: Great British Ballads Not Included in the Child Collection Washington 723 VG+ 10.00

MacColl, Ewan & A.L. Lloyd: Blow Boys Blow Tradition TLP 1026 VG+ 10.00

MacColl, Ewan and Dominic Behan: The Singing Streets Folkways FW 8501 VG+ 10.00

MacColl, Ewan: Classic Scots Ballads Tradition 1015S VG+ 10.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: Hot Blast Larrikin(import) SS 10.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: Blood and Roses, vol 2 Blackthorne(import) VG+ 10.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: Blood and Roses, vol 3 Blackthorne(import) VG+ 10.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: Traditional Songs and Ballads Folkways FW 8760 M- 20.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: Songs of Two Rebellions Folkways FW 8756 M- 20.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: Folkways Record of Contemporary Songs Folkways FW 8736 VG+ 10.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: The Paper Stage, record 1 Argo(import) SS 15.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: The Paper Stage, record 2 Argo(import) SS 15.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: The Long Harvest, record 1 Argo(import) M- 10.00

MacColl, Ewan & Peggy Seeger: The Long Harvest, record 4 Argo(import) M- 10.00

Macon, Uncle Dave: same RBF 51 VG+ 15.00

Magical Strings: Spring Tide Flying Fish 282 M- 6.00

Magical Strings: On the Burren Flying Fish 416 VG+ 6.00

Magical Strings: Above the Tower Flying Fish 360 VG+ 6.00

Mainer, J.E.: Vol 12 Rural Rhythm 231 VG+ 8.00

Mainer's Mountaineers: Good Ol' Country Music King 666 VG/VG+ 30.00

Maloney, David: The Harvest is In Freckle 01903 VG+ 4.00

McCaslin, Mary: A Life and Time Flying Fish 203 VG+ 6.00

McCaslin, Mary: Prairie in the Sky Philo 1024 VG+ 5.00

McCaslin, Mary: Old Friends Philo 1046 VG+ 5.00

McCurdy, Ed: Blood, Booze ‘n Bones Elektra EKL-108 VG+ 8.00

McCurdy, Ed: Old West Elektra EKL-112 VG+ 10.00

McCurdy, Ed: Lyrica Erotica Prestige International INT 13044 VG++ 15.00

McCurdy, Ed: The Ballad Record Washington 705 M- 10.00

McCurdy, Ed: Son of Dalliance Elektra EKL-170 VG++ 10.00

McCurdy, Ed: When Dalliance Was In Flower, vol 3 Elektra EKL-160 VG++ 10.00

McCurdy, Ed: When Dalliance Was In Flower Vol. 2 Elektra 140 M- 12.00

McCurdy, Ed: When Dalliance Was In Flower Elektra 110 VG+ 15.00

McCutcheon, John: The Wind that Shakes the Barley June Appal 014 VG+ 6.00

McCutcheon, John: Fine Times at Our House Greenhays 710 VG+ 6.00

McGee Brothers and Arthur Smith: Milk 'Em in the Evening Blues Folkways FTS 31007 VG+ 15.00

McLain Family Band: Kentucky Wind Country Life CLR 7 M- 6.00

McLain Family Band: Big Hill Country Life CLR-10 VG+ 6.00

McNeely, Larry: same Flying Fish 025 VG+ 6.00

McNeely, Larry: Live at McCabe’s Takoma D-1060 VG+ 6.00

McTell, Ralph: Revisited Transatlantic(import) VG+ 8.00

McTell, Ralph: My Side of Your Window Transatlantic  TRA 209 SS 10.00

McTell, Ralph: Spiral Staircase Transatlantic TRA 177 SS 10.00

Melanie: The Four Sides of Melanie Buddah BDS 9500 VG+ 10.00

Melanie: Garden in the City Buddah BDS 5095 VG+ 6.00

Melanie: Candles in the Rain Buddah BDS 5060 VG+ 6.00

Melanie: Stoneground Words Neighborhood NRS 47005 VG+ 8.00

Metamora: Morning Walk Whidham Hill WH-1068 M- 6.00

Metamora: The Great Road Sugar Hill 11134 M- 6.00

Michael, Walt & Tom McCreesh: Dance like a Wave of the Sea Front Hall 017 M- 6.00

Michael, Walt & Co: The Good Old Way Front Hall 033 VG++ 6.00

Michael, Walt & Co.: Step Stone Flying Fish 480 M- 6.00

Miller, Rodney: Airplang Rounder 0193 M- 6.00

Mitchell Trio, The: Alive Reprise 6258 VG+ 6.00

Mitchell Trio, The: That's the Way It's Gonna Be Mercury MG 21049 VG+ 6.00

Mitchell, Chad: Violets of Dawn Mercury SR 61067 VG+ 6.00

Mitchell, Chad: The Chad Mitchell Trio CP 411 (Orig. cover) VG+ 10.00

Mitchell, Chad: Arrives! Colpix CP 411 VG+ 8.00

 Mitchell, Chad: Reflecting Mercury SR 60891 VG+ 6.00

Mitchell, Chad: At the Bitter End Kapp KL 1281 VG+ 6.00

Mitchell, Howie: same Folk-Legacy FSI-2 VG+ 6.00

Modern Folk Quartet: same Warner 1511 VG+ 8.00

Montana, Patsy: The Cowboy's Sweetheart Flying Fish 40459 M- 6.00

Moore, Christy: The Lion Behind the Velvet Tara(import) VG+ 8.00

Moore, Christy: Ride On Green Linnet SIF 3302 VG+ 6.00

Moore, Christy: Ordinary Man WEA(import) VG+ 7.00

Moore, Tiny & Jethro Burns: Back to Back Kaleidoscope F-9 VG+ 8.00

Muleskinner: same Ridge Runner 0016 VG+ 8.00

Nashville Jug Band: same Rounder 10221 VG+ 6.00

New Grass Revival: On the Boulevard Sugar Hill 3745 VG+ 6.00

New Grass Revival: Barren County Flying Fish 083 VG+ 7.00

New Grass Revival: Fly Through the Country Flying Fish 016 VG+ 6.00

New Grass Revival: Commonwealth Flying Fish 254 VG+ 5.00

New Lost City Ramblers: vol 2 Folkways FA 2397 VG+ 12.00

New Lost City Ramblers: vol 3 Folkways FA 2398 VG+ 12.00

New Lost City Ramblers: Songs from the Depression Folkways FH 52264 VG+ 12.00

New Lost City Ramblers: Rural Delivery No. 1 Verve Folkways FV 9003 VG+ 10.00

New Lost City Ramblers: Modern Times Folkways FTS 31027 SS 12.00

New Lost City Ramblers: Remembrance of Things to Come Folkways FTS 31035 VG+ 8.00

New Prairie Ramblers: same NPR 664 VG+ 6.00

Ochs, Phil: Rehearsals for Retirement A&M SP 4181 VG+ 8.00

Ochs, Phil: Gunfight at Carnegie Hall A&M SP 9010 VG+ 8.00

Ochs, Phil: Tape from California A&M SP 4148 VG+ 8.00

Ochs, Phil: Chords of Fame A&M SP-4599 WLP M- 15.00

Ochs, Phil: Pleasures of the Harbor A&M SP 4133 VG+ 10.00

O’Connor, Mark: On the Rampage Rounder 0118 SS 6.00

Odetta: The Essential…Vanguard VSD 43/44 VG+ 12.00

Odetta: Sings of Many Things RCA LSP-2923 VG+ 10.00

Odetta: It’s A Mighty World RCA LPM-2792 VG+ 8.00

Odetta: Sings Folk Songs RCA LSP-2643 VG+ 12.00

Odetta: One Grain of Sand Vanguard VRS 9137 VG+ 12.00

Odetta: At Town Hall Vanguard VRS-9103 VG+ 12.00

Odetta and Larry: At the Tin Angel Fantasy 3252 VG+ 10.00

Ofarim, Esther: Is It Really Me Philips PHM 200-185 VG+ 6.00

Ofarim, Esther & Abraham: same Philips PHM 200-102 VG+ 6.00

Okun, Milt: Adirondack Folk Songs and Ballads Stinson SLP 82 VG+ 10.00

Oldham Tinkers: Sit Thee Down Topic(import) VG+ 8.00

Old Hat Band: Concert Voyager VRLP 307S VG+ 6.00

Oswald, Bashful Brother: Brother Oswald Rounder 0013 VG+ 6.00

Paley, Tom & Peggy Seeger: same Elektra EKL-295 VG+ 15.00

Patterson, Uncle John: Plains, Georgia Rock Arhoolie 5018 VG+ 10.00

Pavitt, “Uncle” Bob: Sings Ballads of Alaska private pressing SS 6.00

Paxton, Tom: The Marvellous Toy Flying Fish 408 VG+ 6.00

Paxton, Tom: Ain’t That News! Elektra EKL-298 VG+ 8.00

Paxton, Tom: How Come the Sun Reprise RS 6443 WLP VG+ 6.00

Paxton, Tom: Morning Again Elektra EKS-74019 VG+ 6.00

Paxton, Tom: Even A Grey Day Flying Fish 280 SS 6.00

Paxton, Tom: And Loving You Flying Fish 414 SS 6.00

Paxton, Tom: Bulletin Hog 004 VG++ 6.00

Pelham, Ruth: Look to the People Flying FIsh 399 M- 6.00

Pentangle: Reflection Reprise 6463 VG+ 8.00

Pentangle: Basket of Light Reprise 6372 VG+ 6.00

Perkins, J.T.: Just Fine Fiddling Davis Unlimited 33007 VG+ 6.00

Peter, Paul & Mary: Album Warner 1648 VG+ 5.00

Phillips, Utah: El Capitan Philo 1016 VG+ 10.00

Poole, Charlie and the North Carolina Ramblers: Old Time Songs County 505 VG+ 20.00

Poole, Charlie: vol 2 County 509 VG+ 20.00

Poole, Charlie: The Legend of Charlie Poole County 516 VG+ 20.00

Poor Richard’s Almanac: same Ridge Runner 0002 VG+ 8.00

Poor Richard’s Almanac Amer. Heritage Music VG+ 8.00

Post, Jim: Looks Good to Me Fantasy F-9451 VG+ 6.00

Post, Jim: Rattlesnake Fantasy 9425 VG+ 6.00

Post, Jim: Back On the Street Again Mountain Railroad 52778 SS 6.00

Post, Jim: The Crooner from Outer Space Freckle 01905 VG+ 6.00

Post, Jim: Ship Shape Flying Fish 240 VG+ 6.00

Prior, Maddy: Changing Winds Takoma 57079 VG+ 8.00

Prior, Maddy: Hooked On Winning Plant(import) VG+ 8.00

Prior, Maddy: Woman in the Wings Chrysalis CHR 1185 VG+ 8.00

Raintree County Singers, The: same Time 52085S VG++ 8.00

Reagon, Bernice Johnson: River of Life Flying Fish 411 M- 6.00

Rector, Red & Fred Smith: Songs from the Heart of the Country County 721 VG+ 15.00

Red Clay Ramblers: Merchant's Lunch Flying Fish 055 VG+ 7.00

Redgum: Redgum's Greatest Epic(import) VG+ 7.00

Redgum: Caught in the Act Epic(import) VG+ 7.00

Redpath, Jean: A Fine Song for Singing Philo 1110 VG+ 6.00

Redpath, Jean: Father Adam Philo 1061 VG+ 7.00

Redpath, Jean: Song of the Seals Philo PH 1054 M- 6.00

Red Star Singers: The Force of Life Paredon P-1023 VG+ 14.00

Reed, Preston: Pointing Up Flying Fish ff-244 (autogr) M- 6.00

Reed, Susan: Sings Old Airs Elektra ELK-26 10” VG+ 10.00

Reilly & Maloney: Everyday Freckle 01902 VG+ 6.00

Reilly & Maloney: At Last Freckle 01898 VG+ 6.00

Reilly & Maloney: Good Company Freckle 01900 VG+ 6.00

Reilly & Maloney: Profiles Freckle 01904 VG+ 6.00

Renbourn, John: A Maid in Bedlam Transatlantic TRA-348 VG+ 10.00

Renbourn, John: Live in America Flying Fish/Fine Catch 27103 VG+ 10.00

Renbourn, John: The Enchanted Garden Kicking Mule KM 312 VG+ 6.00

Renbourn, John: Faro Annie Transatlantic(import) VG+ 12.00

Renbourn, John: Same Reprise 2RS 6482 SS 10.00

Renbourn, John: The Hermit Transatlantic(import) VG+ 10.00

Renbourn, John: The Lady and the Unicorn Reprise 6407 VG+ 7.00

Renbourn, John: The Black Balloon Kicking Mule 163 M- 6.00

Reynolds, Malvina: Held Over Cassandra CFS-3688 VG+ 8.00

Reynolds, Malvina: Mama Lion Cassandra CR 050 VG+ 8.00

Reynolds, Malvina: Artichokes, Griddle Cakes and Other Good Things Pacific Cascade LPL-7018 VG+ 8.00

Rhines, Marie: The Reconciliation Fretless 118 VG+ 6.00

Rice, Tony: Still Inside Rounder 0150 VG+ 8.00

Rice, Tony: Backwaters Rounder 0167 VG 6.00

Riders in the Sky: Live Rounder 0186 M- 6.00

Riders in the Sky: Cowboy Jubilee Rounder 0147 VG++ 6.00

Riders in the Sky: Three on the Trail Rounder 0102 M- 6.00

Riders in the Sky: Riders Go Commercial MCA-42305 M- 6.00

Ringer, Jim: Endangered Species Flying Fish FF 242 VG+ 6.00

Ringer, Jim: Waitin' for the Hard Times to Go Folk-Legacy FSI-47 M- 8.00

Ringer, Jim: Any Old Wind that Blows Philo 1021 VG+ 7.00

Ritchie, Jean: British Traditional Ballads in the Southern Mountains Folkways FA 2301 VG+ 12.00

Roberts, Alan & Dougie MacLean: Caledonia Plant(import) VG+ 6.00

Roberts, John & Tony Barrand: Mellow with Ale…from the Horn Front Hall 04 VG+ 6.00

Roberts, John & Tony Barrand: Across the Western Ocean Swallowtail 4 M- 7.00

Robertson, Jeannie: Songs of a Scots Tinker Lady Riverside 12-673 VG 8.00

Robeson, Paul: The Essential....Vanguard VSD 57/58 VG+ 8.00

Robeson, Paul: Ballad for Americans Vanguard VSD 79193 VG+ 6.00

Robinson, Earl: A Walk in the Sun Folkways FA 2324 VG 12.00

Robinson, Earl: Strange, Unusual Evening UAW-ER-101 VG++ 8.00

Rogers, Garnet: same Snow Goose 1111 VG++ 6.00

Rogers, Grant: Grant Rogers of Walton, New York Folk-Legacy FSA-27 VG+ 8.00

Rogers, Sally: In the Circle of the Sun Thrushwood 002 VG+ 6.00

Rogers, Sally & Claudia Schmidt: Closing the Distance Flying Fish 425 M- 6.00

Rogers, Sally & Howie Bursen: Satisfied Customers Thrushwood 003 M- 6.00

Rogers, Stan: For the Family Folk Tradition R002 VG++ 6.00

Rogers, Stan: Fogarty's Cove FCM 1001 VG++ 8.00

Rooftop Singers: Walk Right In Vanguard VRS 9123 VG+ 8.00

Rosehip String Band, The: same Flying Fish 013 VG+ 5.00

Roseland, Paul: Alaska (Sourdough Ballads) Alaskan GWD-103 VG++ 10.00

Rosmini, Dick: Adventures for 12 String, 6 String and Banjo Elektra EKL-245 VG+ 10.00

Rosselson, Leon: I Didn’t Mean It! Fuse(import) VG+ 10.00

Rosy’s Bar and Grill: same Biscuit City 1326 VG+ 8.00

Rowan, Chris & Lorin: Livin’ the Life Appaloosa 011 SS 6.00

Rowan, Peter: Dust Bowl Children Sugar Hill 3781 VG+ 6.00

Rowan, Peter: With the Red Hot Pickers Sugar Hill 3733 SS 7.00

Rowans, The: same Elektra/Asylum 7E-1038 VG+ 6.00

Rubin, Ruth: Sings Yiddish Folk Songs Prestige International INT 13019 VG+ 10.00

Runge, John: A Concert of English Folk Songs Riverside 12-814 VG+ 6.00

Runge, John: English Folk Songs Old & Older Washington 735 M- 10.00

Rush, Tom: Mind Rambling Prestige PR 7536 VG+ 8.00

Rush, Tom: Rush Fantasy 24709 VG+ 10.00

Rush, Tom: The Best of Tom Rush Columbia PC 33907 VG+ 6.00

Rush, Tom: same Elektra EKS-7288 VG+ 8.00

Rush, Tom: The Circle Game Elektra EKS-74018 VG+ 10.00

Rush, Tom: Take a Little Walk with Me Elektra EKL 308 VG+ 8.00

Rush, Tom: Classic Rush Elektra EKS-74062 VG+ 6.00

Rush, Tom: Merrimack County Columbia C-31306 VG+ 6.00

Rush, Tom: Blues Songs Ballads Prestige PR 7374 VG+ 10.00

Ruskin, Rick: The Six String Conspiracy Takoma 7057 SS 8.00

Russo, Mike: same Arhoolie 4003 VG+ 10.00

Sainte-Marie, Buffy: The Best of, vol 2 Vanguard VSD 33/34 VG+ 12.00

Sainte-Marie, Buffy: She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina Vanguard VSD 79311 VG+ 8.00

Sainte-Marie, Buffy: Quiet Places Vanguard VSD 79330 VG+ 8.00

Sainte-Marie, Buffy: Moonshot Vanguard VSD 79312 VG+ 8.00

Sainte-Marie, Buffy: Quiet Places Vanguard VSQ 40020 M- 20.00

Sainte-Marie, Buffy: Moonshot Vanguard VSQ 400003 M- 20.00

Sainte-Marie, Buffy: Little Wheel Turn and Spin Vanguard VRS 9211 VG+ 8.00

Sainte-Marie, Buffy: Fire & Fleet & Candlelight Vanguard VSD 79250 M- 10.00

Sandberg, Carl: Sings Americana Everest FS 309 M- 6.00

Schlamme, Martha: Jewish Folk Songs Vanguard VRS-9011 VG+ 6.00

Schmidt, Claudia: same Flying Fish 066 VG+ 5.00

Schmidt, Claudia: Midwestern Heart Flying Fish 241 M- 6.00

Schmidt, Claudia: New Goodbyes, Old Hellos Flying Fish 305 M- 6.00

Schooner Fare: We the People Outer Green 88885 VG+ 6.00

Scott, Tommy & Curley Seckler: Now & Then Folkways FTS 31078 SS 6.00

Seeger, Mike: same Vanguard VSD 79150 VG+ 8.00

Seeger, Mike: The Second Annual Farewell Reunion Mercury SRM-1-685 VG+ 8.00

Seeger, Pete: Pete Seeger’s Greatest Hits Columbia CS 9416 VG+ 8.00

Seeger, Pete: The Essential Pete Seeger Vanguard VSD 97/98 VG++ 10.00

Seeger, Pete: Story Songs Columbia CS 8468 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 10.00

Seeger, Pete: American Favorite Ballads, vol 3 Folkways FA 2322 VG+ 10.00

Seeger, Pete: The Rainbow Quest Folkways FA 2454 VG+ 8.00

Seeger, Pete: I Can See a New Day Columbia CS 9057 VG+ 8.00

Seeger, Pete: The Bitter and the Sweet Columbia CL 1916 VG+ 8.00

Seeger, Pete: The Pete Seeger Sampler Folkways FA 2043 10” VG+ 15.00

Seeger, Pete and Sonny Terry: same Folkways FA 2412 VG+ 10.00

Serendipity Singers, The: Take Your Shoes Off Philips PHS 600-151 VG+ 5.00

Skymonters: same Elektra EKS-75073 WLP VG+ 6.00

Shih, Patricia: Leap of Faith Flying Fish 485 M- 6.00

Sims, Lynn, Joyce Vedder, Mark Van Sant: These Gentle Valleys (Bucks County Ballads) VG+ 8.00

Skaggs, Ricky: That’s It! Rebel SLP 1550 VG+ 8.00

Skaggs, Ricky: Family & Friends Rounder 0151 VG+ 6.00

Skaggs, Ricky & Tony Rice: Skaggs & Rice Sugar Hill 3711 VG+ 8.00

Skillet Lickers: same County 506 VG+ 20.00

Sky, Patrick: same Vanguard VRS 9179 VG+ 10.00

Sky, Patrick: A Harvest of Gentle Clang Vanguard VRS 9207 VG+ 10.00

Sky, Patrick: Reality is Bad Enough Verve Folkways FTS 3052 VG+ 8.00

Sky, Patrick: Songs that Made America Famous Adelphi 4101 VG 12.00

Slatkin, Felix: Hoedown! Liberty LSS-14024 VG+ 8.00

Small, Fred: Love's Gonna Carry Us Aquifer 1001 VG+ 6.00

Small, Fred: Heart of the Appaloosa Rounder 4014 VG+ 5.00

Small, Fred: No Limit Rounder 4018 SS 6.00

Smith Sisters: Mockingbird Flying Fish 370 M- 6.00

Smith, Winifred: Ethnic Folk Songs from the South Tennessee Squire Assoc. M- 6.00

Smith, Winifred: Folk Songs of the South Tennessee Squire Assoc. M- 6.00

Sorrels, Rosalie: Then Came the Children Astral Tradition 108 VG+ 8.00

Sorrels, Rosalie: Moments of Happiness Philo 1033 VG+ 8.00

Spence, Bill: The Hammered Dulcimer Front Hall 01 VG+ 6.00

Spicher, Buddy: American Sampler Flying Fish 021 M- 6.00

Spicher, Buddy: Fiddle Classics, vol 1 Flying Fish 278 M- 6.00

Spoelstra, Mark: Five & Twenty Questions Elektra EKL 283 VG+ 8.00

Spoelstra, Mark: same Columbia CS 9793 VG+ 6.00

Sprung, Roger: Bluegrass Blast Folkways FTS 31038 VG+ 8.00

Staines, Bill: Sandstone Cathedrals Mineral River 1005 VG+ 6.00

Staines, Bill: Just Play One Tune More Folk-Legacy FSI-66 M- 8.00

Star, Orrin: Fun Songs & Fancy Pickin' Flying Fish 456 M- 6.00

Starland Vocal Band: same Wingsong BHL1-1351 VG+ 6.00

Starling, John: Waitin' on a Southern Train Sugar Hill 3724 VG++ 6.00

Starling, John: Long Time Gone Sugar Hill 3714 VG+ 5.00

Statman, Andy: Flatbush Waltz Rounder 0116 VG+ 6.00

Steele, Pete: Banjo Tunes and Songs Folkways FS 3828 VG+ 12.00

Steeleye Span: Ten Man Mop Chrysalis 1121 VG+ 6.00

Steeleye Span: Live At Last Chrysalis CHR 1199 VG+ 6.00

Steeleye Span: Commoners Crown Chrysalis CHR 1071 VG+ 6.00

Steeleye Span: Now We are Six Chrysalis CHR 1053 VG+ 6.00

Steeleye Span: Back in Line Shanachie 79063 SS 8.00

Steeleye Span: Parcel of Rogues Chrysalis 1046 WLP M- 8.00

Steeleye Span: Sails of Silver Takoma 57097 VG+ 6.00

Steeleye Span: Storm Force Ten Chrysalis 1151 VG+ 6.00

Steeleye Span: All Around My Hat Chrysalis 1091 VG+ 6.00

Steeleye Span: Rocket Cottage Chrysalis 1123 M- 6.00

Steeleye Span: Portfolio Shanachie 79071/2 SS 12.00

Stoneman Family: The Stonemans MGM GAS 124 VG+ 8.00

Stoneman Family: Stoneman's Country MGM E-4453 VG+ 8.00

Stoneman Family: The Great Stonemans MGM SE 4578 VG+ 10.00

Stange Creek Singers: same Arhoolie 4004 VG+ 6.00

Stripling Brothers: The Lost Child & other original fiddle tunes County 401 VG+ 12.00

Summers, Andrew Rowan: The Lady Gay Folkways FP 41 10" VG++ 30.00

Swagmen, The: Meet The Swagmen Parkway 7015 M- 12.00

Sweet Honey in the Rock: The Other Side Flying Fish 366 SS 6.00

Sweet Honey in the Rock: Believe I'll Run On...Redwood no # M- 6.00

Sweet Honey in the Rock: same Flying Fish 022 M- 6.00

Sykes, Paul: I’m Not Kidding You Horizon 1611 VG+ 6.00

3-D's: New Dimensions in Folk Songs Capitol T-2171 VG+ 8.00

Tarriers: Gather 'Round Decca DL 4538 VG+ 12.00

Taylor, Tut: Friar Tut Rounder 0011 VG+ 6.00

Thieme, Art: That’s the Ticket Folk-Legacy FSI-90 VG+ 8.00

Thomason, Benny: Country Fiddling from the Big State County 724 VG+ 10.00

Tisra-Til: Reach Out (autog) Artic Rose 101 VG+ 5.00

Trapazoid: Same Sugar Hill-1132 VG+ 6.00

Trapazoid: Three Folks of Cheat Rounder 0113 VG+ 6.00

Traum, Artie: Cayenne Rounder 2084 M- 6.00

Traum, Happy & Artie: Hard Times in the County Rounder 3007 VG+ 6.00

Travelers 3: Live Live Live Elektra EKL-236 promo VG+ 12.00

Travelers 3: New Sounds Capitol T 2207 VG+ 6.00

Travers, Mary: Morning Glory Warner 2609 VG+ 5.00

Tremblay, Lucie Blue: same Olivia LF 947 VG+ 6.00

Trickett, Ed: The Telling Takes Me Home Folk-Legacy FSI-46 VG+ 7.00

Trischka, Tony: Hill Country Rounder 0203 VG+ 6.00

Trischka, Tony: Sky-Line Drive Flying Fish 388 SS 8.00

Trischka, Tony: Stranded in the Moonlight Flying Fish 304 VG+ 5.00

Trischka, Tony: Banjoland Rounder 0087 VG+ 6.00

Tuft, Harry: Across the Blue Mountains Folk-Legacy FSI-63 VG+ 8.00

Van Ronk, Dave: Sunday Street Philo 1036 VG+ 8.00

Van Ronk, Dave: In the Tradition Prestige FL 14001 VG+ 8.00

Van Ronk, Dave: Your Basic Dave Van Ronk Kicking Mule 111 VG++ 8.00

Van Ronk, Dave: Songs for Aging Children Cadet 50044 VG+ 10.00

Von Schmidt, Eric: The Folk Blues of…Prestige PR 7717 VG+ 10.00

Von Schmidt, Eric: 2nd Right, 3rd Row Poppy PYS-5705 VG+ 8.00

Wagner, Bodie: Hobo Philo 1015 VG+ 7.00

Wagner, Pop: To Hear Her Softly Singing Train to the Island 7 VG++ 6.00

Wakefield, Frank & the Good Ol' Boys: Bluegrass Flying Fish 049 VG+ 6.00

Ware, Tim: The Tim Ware Group Kaleidoscope F13 M- 6.00

Washington Squares: Fair and Square Gold Castle 71319 M- 6.00

Washington Squares: same Gold Castle 1003 VG+ 6.00

Waterfall, Linda: Bananaland (autog) Trout TR 1981 VG++ 7.00

Watersons: Frost & Fire Elektra EKL-321 VG+ 10.00

Watson, Doc: Lonesome Road United Artists UA LA 725 G VG+ 6.00

Watson, Doc: Live & Pickin’ United Artists UA-LA943-H VG+ 8.00

Watson, Doc: Look Away! United Artists UA-LA887-H VG+ 8.00

Weavers: The Weavers on Tour Vanguard VRS-9013 VG+ 15.00

Weavers: The Weavers at Home Vanguard VRS-9024 VG+ 15.00

Weavers: Travelling On with…Vanguard VRS-9043 VG+ 12.00

Weavers: At Carnegie Hall, vol 2 Vanguard VRS 9075 VG+ 12.00

Weavers: The Best of…Decca DXSB 7173 VG+ 12.00

Weavers, The: Weavers' Gold Decca DL 4277 VG+ 8.00

Weavers, The: Folk Songs Around the World Decca DL 8909 VG+ 12.00

Weissberg, Eric & Deliverance: Rural Free Delivery Warner BS 2720 VG+ 6.00

Weissman, Dick & Dan Fox: How to Play the Five String Banjo Music Minus One 186 VG+ 6.00

West, Harry & Jeanie: Smoky Mountain Ballads Esoteric ES 545 VG+ 20.00

West, Harry & Jeanie: Country Music in Bluegrass Style Prestige International 13049 VG+ 20.00

Weymouth, Bob: An Evening to Remember Jubilee 5018 VG+ 6.00

Whippersnapper: Promises Varrick 027 M- 6.00

Whiskey Creek String Band: On the Rocks Farmers MF 105 (autographed!) VG+ 8.00

White, Buck: & the Down Home Folks County 735 VG+ 8.00

White, Buck & The Down Home Folks: Poor Folks' Pleasure Sugar Hill 3705 VG+ 6.00

White Brothers: same Rounder 0073 VG+ 8.00

White Lightnin’: Fresh Air Polydor 24-4047 VG+ 8.00

Whites, The: Old Familar Feeling Warner 23872 VG+ 5.00

Whitewater: Springtime in the White Clouds American Heritage Music Corps. VG+ 7.00

Wilcox, Jon: Close to Home Briar SBR 4210 VG+ 6.00

Williams, Mason: Them Poems and Things Vee Jay VJ-1103 VG++ 20.00

Williams, Robin & Linda: Nine Til Midnight Flying Fish FF 359 VG+ 6.00

Williams, Robin & Linda: Dixie Highway Sign June Appal JA o51 VG+ 6.00

Wilson, Stan: same Cavalier 5001 10” VG+ 10.00

Wilson, Stan: Goes to College Fantasy 3736 VG+ 8.00

Windjammers, The: same RCA LPM-2196 VG+ 6.00

Wise, Chubby: Chubby Fiddles Around Stoneway STY 105 M- 6.00

Wise, Chubby: and His Fiddle Stoneway STY 104 VG+ 6.00

Womenfolk: Man Oh Man! Rca LSP-3527 VG+ 8.00

Womenfolk: same RCA LSP-2832 VG+ 8.00

Womenfolk: At the Hungry I RCA LPM-2991 VG+ 8.00

Wry Straw: From Earth to Heaven June Appal 028 VG+ 8.00

Yarbrough, Glenn: Sings the Songs of Rod McKuen Brass Dolphin2205 M- 6.00

Yarbrough, Glenn: Jubilee Warner 1876 VG+ 6.00

Yarbrough, Glenn: Time To Move On RCA LSP-2836 VG+ 6.00

Yarrow, Peter: Hard Times Warner BS 2860 VG+ 8.00

Yohey, Bill: 20 Country Strings American Heritage AH 401-3 VG+ 6.00

Young Tradition, The: same Vanguard VRS-9246 VG+ 8.00

Zentz, Bob: Beaucatchers Farewell Folk-Legacy FSI-67 M- 8.00

Various: Picture Rags Transatlantic(import) VG+ 8.00

Various: Come for to Sing Pathways of Sound 1033 VG+ 6.00

Various: The Complete Dancing Master Antilles 7003 VG+ 6.00

Various: This Land is Your Land UAW no # VG+ 10.00

Various: Songs for a Better Tomorrow UAW no # VG+ 12.00

Various: Old Time Music at Clarence Ashley’s Folkways FA 3355 VG+ 12.00

Various: Old Time Music at Clarence Ashley’s Folkways, vol 2 FA 2359 VG+ 12.00

Various: Smokey Mountain Ballads RCA LPV-507 VG+ 10.00

Various: Jugs, Washboards & Kazoos RCA LPV-540 VG+ 12.00

Various: Greatest Folksingers of the ‘Sixties Vanguard VSD 17/18 VG+ 10.00

Various: Melodic Clawhammer Banjo Kicking Mule SNKF 132 VG+ 8.00

Various: Maple on the Hill Camden CAL-898 VG+ 8.00

Various: Chicago Mob Scene Riverside RLP 12-641 VG 6.00

Various: Folksong '65 Elektra S-8 VG+ 8.00

Various: The Folk Scene Elektra SMP-6 VG+ 6.00

Various: American Folk Singers and Balladeers Classics/Vanguard Srl-5644 VG+ 20.00

Various: Folk Song and Minstrelsy Classics/Vanguard RL-7624 VG+ 20.00

Various: Out Of The Darkness - Songs For Survival Kaleidescope M- 6.00

 Various: Tradition Folk Sampler Tradition TSP-1 M- 6.00

Various: Folk Festival at Newport 1959 Vol. 2 Vanguard VRS 9063 VG++ 10.00

Various: Folk Festival at Newport 1959, vol 3 Vanguard VRS 9064 VG+ 10.00

Various: The Newport Folk Festival 1959-60, vol 1 Folkways FA 2431 VG+ 12.00

Various: Newport Folk Festival 1960 Elektra EKL-189 VG+ 8.00

Various: Newport Folk Festival 1963 Vol. 2 Vanguard VRS 9149 VG++ 12.00

Various: Newport Folk Festival 1964, Vol 1 Vanguard VSD 79184 VG+ 10.00




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Allen, Red: Bluegrass Country County 704 VG+ 10.00

Allen, Red: and the Kentuckians County 710 VG+ 10.00

Allen, Red: In Memory of the Man Folkways FTS 31073 VG+ 8.00

Baker, Kenny: Farmyard Swing County 775 VG+ 8.00

Bluegrass Alliance: Newgrass American Heritage Music Corps. AH 10-305 VG+ 8.00

Bluegrass Cardinals: Sunday Mornin' Singin' CMH 6247 VG+ 6.00

Blue Ridge Mountain Boys: Blue Grass Back Home Time S/2103 VG+ 10.00

Boys from Indiana: Life on the Road API-L-1638 M- 6.00

Brown, Hylo: Bluegrass Goes to College Starday SLP 204 VG+ 20.00

Burris, Otis/Sonny Miller/Buddy Pendleton: Virginia Breakdown County 705 VG+ 8.00

Campbell, Alex and Olabelle: Travel On Starday SLP 342 SS 20.00

Clifton, Bill: Come By the Hills County 751 VG+ 8.00

Cline, Curly Ray: The Working Man Jalyn 126 VG+ 8.00

Cline, Curley Ray: My Little Home in West Virginia Rebel SLP-1515 VG+ 10.00

Cline, Curley Ray: They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree Rebel SLP-1609 VG+ 10.00

Connie & Babe: Backwoods Bluegrass Rounder 0043 VG+ 10.00

Connie & Babe: Basic Bluegrass Rounder 0042 VG+ 10.00

Country Cooking: 14 Bluegrass Instrumentals Rounder 0005\6 VG+ 8.00

Country Gazette: Bluegrass Tonight Flying Fish 383 VG+ 6.00

Country Gazette: All This and Money Too Ridge Runner 0017 cc M- 6.00

Country Gentlemen: Return Engagement Rebel 1663 SS 12.00

Crowe, J.D.  & the New South: same Starday SLP 489 VG+ 6.00

Crowe, J.D.: My Home Ain't in the Hall of Fame Rounder 0103 VG+ 6.00

Crowe, J.D.: You Can Share My Blanket Rounder 0896 VG+ 7.00

Dixie Travelers: Free Wheeling Revonah 914 VG+ 10.00

Duffy, John and The Country Gentlemen: Hootenanny Pickwick DLP-613 VG+ 6.00

Emerson & Waldron: Bluegrass Country Rebel SLP 1489 VG+ 10.00

Fairchild, Raymond: King of the Smokey Mountain Banjo Players Rural Rhythm 254 VG+ 6.00

Ferretta, David: The Sunday River Bluegrass Show Biscuit City 1315 VG+ 10.00

Flatt & Scruggs: Songs of the Famous Carter Family Columbia CS 8464 VG+ 10.00

Flatt & Scruggs: Folksongs of Our Land Columbia CS 8630 VG+ 10.00

Flatt & Scruggs: The Fabulous Sounds of...Columbia CL 2255 VG++ 8.00

Hensley, Walter: The Five-String Banjo Today Capitol ST 2149 VG+ 10.00

Hensley, Walter: Pickin' On New Grass Rebel SLP 1488 VG++ 8.00

Hillmen, The: same Together ST-T-1012 VG+ 30.00

Hot Rize: Traditional Ties Sugar Hill 3748 VG+ 8.00

Hot Rize: Radio Boogie Flying Fish 231 VG+ 8.00

Hot Rize: Bluegrass Flying Fish 206 VG+ 8.00

Jenkins, Snuffy: Carolina Bluegrass Arhoolie 5011 VG+ 10.00

Jim & Jesse: Saluting the Louvin Brothers Epic BN 26465 VG+ 10.00

Jim & Jesse: Berry Pickin’ in the Country Epic LN 24176 VG++ 10.00

Jim and Jesse: In the Tradition Rounder 0234 VG+ 7.00

Jim and Jesse: Radio Shows Old Dominion 49810 VG+ 14.00

Jim and Jesse: Bluegrass Special Epic LV 24031 VG+ 10.00

Jim and Jesse: Wildwood Flower Harmony HS 11399 VG+ 6.00

Johnson Mountain Boys: Walls of Time Rounder 0160 VG+ 8.00

Johnson Mountain Boys: At the Old Schoolhouse Rounder 02601 VG+ 8.00

Johnson Mountain Boys: Live at the Birchmere Rounder 0191 VG+ 8.00

Johnson Mountain Boys: We’ll Still Sing On Rounder 0205 VG+ 8.00

Johnson Mountain Boys: Working Close Rounder 0185 VG+ 7.00

Johnson Mountain Boys: Let the Whole World Talk Rounder 18225 SS 6.00

Lonesome River Boys: Bluegrass Hootenanny Battle 6128 VG+ 8.00

Louisiana Honeydrippers: Louisiana Bluegrass Prestige International INT 12035 VG+ 20.00

Maphis, Rose Lee and Joe: same Capitol ST 1778 VG++ 16.00

McElhiney, Bill: Bluegrass Banjo With Strings MGM E-4135 VG+ 8.00

McPeake, Curtis: Bluegrass Hillbillies ABC ABCS 446 VG+ 10.00

Monroe, Bill: Best Columbia/Harmony HL 7315 VG+ 8.00

Monroe, Bill: I Saw the Light MCA 527 M- 7.00

Monroe, Bill: Blue Grass Time Decca DL 74896 VG+ 10.00

Monroe, Charlie: Who’s Calling You Sweetheart Now RCA/Camden CAS-2310(e) VG+ 8.00

Monroe, Charlie: On the Noon-Time Jamboree County 538 VG+ 15.00

Monroe, Charlie: The Songs of Charlie Monroe and the Kentucky Pardners County 539 VG+ 15.00

Moore, Charlie: And The Dixie Partners Old Homestead OHS 90046 SS 12.00

Moore, Charlie and Bill Napier: Folk 'N Hill King 828 VG+ 20.00

Muddy Bottom Boys: same Grassroots 002 VG+ 8.00

Muddy Bottom Boys: Howdy Neighbor Grassroots 009 VG+ 8.00

Mundes, Alan: Banjo Sandwich Ridge Runner 0001 VG+ 6.00

Osborne, Sonny: The Early Recordings of...1952-1953, vol 3 Gateway VG+ 10.00

Osborne Brothers: same Decca DL 75271 VG+ 8.00

Osborne Brothers: Blue Grass Music MGM E 4018 VG+ 12.00

Osborne Brothers: Midnight Flyer MCA 311 VG+ 5.00

Pinnacle Boys, The: High Lonesome Bluegrass CMH 6242 VG+ 6.00

Reno & Harrell: All the Way to Reno King  1033 VG+ 10.00

Reno & Smiley: Another Day King 816S VG+ 20.00

Reno & Smiley: Folk Ballads and Instrumentals King 579 VG+ 30.00

Reno & Smiley: Country Songs King 701 VG+ 40.00

Reno & Smiley: Sacred Songs King 656 VG+ 30.00

Reno, Don & Red Smiley: The World’s Best 5-String Banjo King 861(re) VG+ 6.00

Reno, Don & Red Smiley: Good Old Country Ballads King 621 VG+ 20.00

Reno & Smiley: Instrumentals Gusto GT 0068 VG+ 6.00

Reno & Smiley: Wanted King 718 VG+ 40.00

Richardson, Larry & Red Barker and the Blue Ridge Boys: same County 702 VG+ 10.00

Scottsdale Squirrel Barkers: Blue Grass Favorites Crown CST 346 M- 20.00

Seckler, Curly: Sings Again County 732 VG+ 8.00

Seldom Scene, The: After Midnight Sugar Hill SH 3721 SS 7.00

Seldom Scene: At the Scene Sugar Hill SH 3736 M- 6.00

Shenandoah Cutups: Bluegrass Autumn Revonah 904 VG+ 10.00

Shenandoah Cutups: Bluegrass Spring Revonah 921 VG+ 10.00

Shenandoah Valley Quartet: same County 726 VG+ 12.00

Short Creek Flatpickers: same Old Homestead OH 80080 SS 9.00

Shubb, Wilson, Shubb: Recorded Live Pacifica no # VG+ 7.00

Smith, Bobby & the Boys from Shiloh: Smokin' Bluegrass CMH 6225 M- 6.00

Smith Brothers: Oldgrass, Newgrass, Bluegrass CMH 6203 VG+ 6.00

Special Consensus: A Hole in My Heart Turquoise TR 5066 VG+ 6.00

Spectrum: Opening Roll Rounder 0136 VG+ 6.00

Sprung, Roger: Grassy Licks Verve Folkways FVS-9037 VG+ 8.00

Stanley Brothers: The Country Music Sound of the…Starday SLP 201 VG+ 15.00

Stanley Brothers: In Person King 719 VG+ 30.00

Stanley Brothers: same King 772 VG+ 30.00

Stanley Brothers: Hard Times Mercury Wing SRW 16327 VG+ 8.00

Stanley Brothers: same King 615 VG+ (blk lbl) 50.00

Stanley Brothers: On Radio, vol 1 County 780 SS 12.00

Stanley Brothers: On Radio. Vol 2 County 781 SS 12.00

Stanley Brothers: Stanley Series, vol 1, number 3 Copper Creek VG+ 8.00

Stanley Brothers: Starday Sessions County 106/7 VG+ 15.00

Stanley Brothers: same Collectors Classics 1 VG+ 15.00

Stanley Brothers: same Collectors Classics 2 VG+ 15.00

Stone Mountain Boys: same Briar BT 7204 VG+ 8.00

Story, Carl: Mighty Close to Heaven Starday SLP-219 VG+ 20.00

Stover, Don: And the White Oak Mountain Boys Rounder 0039 VG+ 10.00

Stover, Don: West Virginia Coal Miner's Blues Old Homestead 90011 VG+ 10.00

Taylor, Earl, Jim McCall & the Stony Mt. Boys: vol 2 Rural Rhythm 242 VG+ 10.00

Val, Joe: & the New England Bluegrass Boys Rounder 0025 VG+ 10.00

Val, Joe: One Morning in May Rounder 0003 VG+ 10.00

Wear Family: Blue Grass Gospel Crown CLP 5431 VG+ 8.00

White, Buck: & the Down Home Folks County 735 VG+ 10.00

Whitley, Keith and Ricky Skaggs: 2nd Generation Bluegrass Rebel SLP-1504 VG+ 12.00

Wiseman, Mac: Sings Old Time Country Favorites Rural Rhythm RRMW 158 VG+ 8.00

Wiseman, Mac: Bluegrass Favorites Capitol ST 1800 VG+ 12.00

Various: Bluegrass – The Greatest Show on Earth Sugar Hill 2201 VG+ 10.00

Various: The Rich-R-Tone Story (The Early Days of Bluegrass, vol 5) Rounder 1017 VG+ 10.00

Various: West Coast Bluegrass Grassroots 007 VG+ 6.00

Various: Oregon Territory Grass Roots 001 VG+ 8.00



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Aherne, John: At Home and Abroad Tara(import) VG+ 6.00

Altan: Horse with a Heart Green Linnet SIF 1094 M- 7.00

Altan: Frankie Kennedy & Mairead Ni Mhaonnaigh Green Linnet SIF 1076 M- 7.00

Anderson, Alistair: Steel Skies Flying Fish 288 M- 7.00

Barron, Neil: Music for Twelve Scottish Country Dances Royal Scottish Country Dance Society RSCDS 19 M- 8.00

Battlefield Band: Anthem for the Common Man Temple(import) M- 6.00

Battlefield Band, The: The Story so Far... Flying Fish 274 VG+ 6.00

Battlefield Band: On the Rise Temple 021 VG+ 6.00

Battlefield Band: Music in Trust 2 Temple 029 M- 6.00

Bothy Band: Best of Green Linnet SIF 3001 M- 7.00

Boys of the Lough – Far from Home Shanachie 79065 M- 6.00

Boys of the Lough: same Philo 1026 VG+ 6.00

Boys of the Lough: Second Album Rounder 3006 VG+ 6.00

Boys of the Lough: Regrouped Flying Fish 225 VG+ 6.00

Boys of the Lough: Wish You Were Here Flying Fish 070 VG+ 6.00

Boys of the Lough: Good Friends – Good Music Philo 1051 VG+ 6.00

Boys of the Lough: The Piper's Broken Finger Philo 1042 VG+ 6.00

Brady, Paul, et al: The Gathering Greenhays 705 VG+ 6.00

Clairseach: Let Erin Remember self-labeled 8979 VG++ 6.00

Celtic Thunder: same Green Linnet 1029 VG+ 6.00

Chieftains: 2 Ceirnini Cladarg(import) VG+ 8.00

Chieftains: 3 Island ILPS 9379 VG+ 6.00

Chieftains: 4 Island ILPS 9380 VG+ 6.00

Chieftains: 5 Islands ILPS 9334 VG+ 6.00

Chieftains: 8 Columbia 35726 VG+ 6.00

Chieftains: 9 Columbia PC 36401 VG+ 6.00

Chieftains: 10 (Cotton Eyed Joe) Shanachie 79019 M- 6.00

Clancy Bros: The Clancy Bros. & Tommy Makem Tradition 1042 VG+ 6.00

Clancy Bros: with Tommy Makem and Pete Seeger Columbia CL-1648 Demo (6 'eyes') VG+ 10.00

Clannad: Fuaim Tara(import) VG+ 8.00

Clannad: Magical Ring Tara(import) VG+ 8.00

Clannad: Sirius RCA 56846 M- 6.00

Corrie Folk Trio w/Paddie Bell: In Retrospect Talisman(import) VG+ 8.00

Dab Hand: High Rock and Low Glen Celtic Music CM 025 (import) VG+ 8.00

Daly, Jackie, Seamus & Manus McGuire: Buttons and Bows Green Linnet SIF 1151 VG+ 6.00

Dan Ar Bras: Music for the Silences to Come Shanachie 96001 (cc) VG+ 6.00

Dayhills, The: Mom's Favorite Irish Music in America Biscuit City BC 1308 VG+ 6.00

DeDanann – The Mist Covered Mountain Shanachie 79005 VG+ 6.00

Evans, Meredydd: Traditional Welsh Songs Tradition 2078 SS 6.00

Evans, Meredydd: A Concert of Welsh Songs Delyse(import) VG+ 8.00

Fitzerald, Winston Scotty: Canada's Outstanding Scottish Fiddler Celtic(import) VG+ 8.00

5 Hand Reel Rubber(import) VG+ 8.00

Fraser, Alasdair & Paul Machlis: Skyedance Culburnie 101 M- 6.00

Furey, Finbar: The Irish Pipes of...Nonesuch H-72048 VG+ 6.00

Fureys & Davey Arthur: The Sound of...Polydor(import) VG+ 7.00

Gallowglass Ceili Band: Come to the Ceili Top Rank RM 310 VG+ 6.00

Golden Bough: Winter's Dance Kicking Mule 332 M- 6.00

Hall, Robin & Jimmie MacGregor: Two Heids and Better than Yin! Monitor 365 VG+ 7.00

Irish Rovers: At CBC Televison Studios Sandcastle SCR 1032 VG+ 6.00

Irish Rovers: The First of the Irish Rovers Decca DL 74835 VG+ 6.00

Irish Rovers: The Life of a Rover Decca DL 75157 VG+ 6.00

Irish Rovers: All Hung Up Decca DL 75037 M- 6.00

Irish Rovers: On the Shores of Americay MCA 175 SS 6.00

Keane, Sean: Gusty’s frolicks Ceirnini Cladaig(import) VG+ 8.00

Keane, Sean: same Shanachie 79031 VG+ 6.00

Makem, Tommy: Songs of...Tradtion 1044 VG+ 6.00

MacNeill, Seumas: Highland Bagpipes Tradition 2099 VG+ 6.00

MacPherson Singers and Dancers: Caledonia Nonesuch HS-72006 VG+ 6.00

McConnell, Cathal: On Lough Erne’s Shore Flying Fish FF-058 VG+ 6.00

McConville, Tom & Kieran Halpin: Port of Call Rubber 041 (import) VG+ 8.00

McKellar, Kenneth: Roamin' in the Gloamin' London PS 149 VG+ 6.00

McKellar, Kenneth: Songs of the Hebrides London TW 91258 VG+ 6.00

McKellar, Kenneth: The Songs of Robert Burns London SW 99228 VG+ 6.00

McKenna, Joe & Antionette: At Home Shanachie 29016 M- 6.00

Moloney, Paddy & Sean Potts: Tin Whistles Shanachie 79033 VG+ 8.00

Mooncoin: same Kicking Mule KM-314 VG+ 6.00

Morgan, Melissa: Erin's Harp Kicking Mule 315 VG+ 6.00

Moray, Ann: Gaelic Songs and Legends Spoken Arts 745 VG+ 8.00

Moray, Ann: Love Songs of Robert Burns Spoken Arts 754 VG+ 8.00

niDohomhnaill, Triona:same Green Linnet SIF 3034 VG+ 6.00

Nightnoise: Something of Time Whindham Hill 1057 VG+ 6.00

O'Connor, Christy: Heaven Around Galway Bay Crescent (import) VG+ 8.00

O'Dea. Michael: Sings Jury's(import) VG+ 6.00

O'Dowda, Brendan: Sings Immortal Irish Ballads Capitol T 10213 VG++ 6.00

Peters, Barney: The World Famous and Justly Popular...Liberty LST-7538 VG+ 8.00

Relativity: Gathering Pace Green Linnet SIF 1076 M- 6.00

Ryan’s Fancy: Sea People Boot(import) VG+ 6.00

Ryan’s Fancy: Irish Love Songs Boot(import) M- 6.00

Shand, Jimmy: Scottish Ramble Capitol ST 10373 VG+ 6.00

Shannonside Ceili Band: Kerry Ceili MFP(import) VG+ 8.00

Shannonside Ceili Band: Ceili House Fiesta FLPS 1647 VG+ 6.00

Silly Wizard: Kiss The Tears Away Shanachie 79037 M- 6.00

Steele, Cye: Fiddle Champ Audat(import) VG+ 6.00

Stivell, Alan: From Celtic Roots Fontana(import) VG+ 6.00

Stivell, Alan: same Impact(import) VG++ 6.00

Stivell, Alan: Reflections Fontana (import) VG+ 8.00

Stivell, Alan: E Langonned Fontana(import) VG++ 8.00

Tannahill Weavers: Are Ye Sleeping Maggie Plant(import) VG+ 8.00

Tannahill Weavers: same Green Linnet 3101 VG+ 6.00

Tannahill Weavers: Land of Light Green Linnet 1067 VG+ 6.00

Trimble, Gerald: First Flight Green Linnet 1043 SS 7.00

Wicky Sears: Playing with Tradition Wicky(import) VG+ 7.00

Woods, Sylvia: The Harp of Brandiswhiere Tonmeister(import) M- 6.00

Various: An Tostal – Ireland at Home RCA(import) VG+ 8.00

Various: Lark in the Morning Tradition 1004 M- 8.00

Various: Songs of Ireland Emerald(import) M- 8.00

Various: Traditional Music of Scotland Tradition 2105 M- 6.00

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