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Abercrombie, John: Night ECM 1272 VG+ 6.00

Abercrombie, John: Current Events ECM 25044 VG+ 6.00

Abercrombie, John: Timeless ECM 1047 VG+ 6.00

Abercrombie, John & Ralph Towner: Sargasso Sea ECM 1-1080 VG+ 6.00

Adderley, Cannonball: Cannonball Enroute Mercury MG 20616 VG+ 12.00

Adderley, Cannonball: Quintet Plus Riverside 388 VG+ 20.00

Adderley, Cannonball: Lovers Fantasy F-9505 VG+ 8.00

Adderley, Cannonball: Coast to Coast Milestone M-47039 VG+ 12.00

Akiyoshi, Toshiko/Lew Tabackin: March of the Tadpoles Ascent ASC 1005 M- 6.00

Akiyoshi, Toshiko/Lew Tabackin: Long Yellow Road RCA JPL1-1350 VG+ 6.00

Akkerman, Jan: Live Atlantic SD 19241 M- 5.00

Akkerman, Jan: Profile Sire SAS 7407 VG++ 5.00

Albam, Manny: Steve's Songs Dot DLP 9008 VG+ 8.00

Allen, Red, Cozy Cole & Charlie Shavers: Jazz at the Metropole Bethlehem BCP 21 VG+ 20.00

Allen, Red, Kid Ory & Jack Teagarden: At Newport Verve MGV-8233 VG+ 16.00

Allen, Steve: Electrified Favorites Coral CRL 57195 VG+ 10.00

Allen, Steve & Gus Bivona: Swingin' & Dancin' Mercury SR 60053 VG+ 8.00

Allison, Mose: Middle Class White Boy Elektra Musician E1-60125 VG+ 6.00

Allison, Mose: Ramblin’ with…Prestige PR 7215 VG+ 30.00

Allison, Mose: Down Home Piano Prestige PR 7423 VG+ 12.00

Allison, Mose: The Word from Mose Atlantic SD 1424 VG+ 12.00

Almeida, Laurindo: It’s a Bossa Nova World Capitol T 1946 VG+ 8.00

Almeida, Laurindo: featuring Bud Shank Pacific Jazz PJ-1204 DJ VG+ 40.00

Ambrose, Amanda: The Amazing…RCA LPM-2742 VG+ 10.00

Ammons, Gene: Biggest Soul Hits Prestige PR 7306 M- 25.00

Ammons, Gene: The Gene Ammons Story – The 78 Era Prestige P-24058 VG+ 8.00

Andersen, Arild: Shimri ECM -1-1082 VG+ 6.00

Anderson, “Cat”: Cat on a Hot Tin Horn EmArcy MG 36142 VG+ 12.00

Anderson, Ernestine: Moanin’ Moanin’ Moanin’ Mercury MG 20582 VG+ 20.00

Anderson, Ernestine: The Fascinating Ernestine Mercury SR 60171 VG+ 16.00

Ander, Darol/Barbara Higbie: Live At Montreux Windham Hill 1036 VG+ 6.00

Anger, Darol/Barbara Higbie: Tideline Windham Hill 1021 VG+ 6.00

Armstrong, Louis:  Louis Armstrong Story, Vol 1 Columbia CL 851 VG+ 6.00

Armstrong, Louis:  Louis Armstrong Story, Vol 3 Columbia CL 853 VG+ 8.00

Armstrong, Louis: Ambassador Satch Columbia CL 840 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 16.00

Armstrong, Louis: Young Louis Armstrong 1932-1933 Bluebird AXM2-5519 VG++ 10.00

Armstrong, Louis: Mr. Armstrong Plays the Blues Biograph BLP-C6 M- 8.00

Armstrong, Louis: The Jazz Makers Swaggie(import) VG+ 6.00

Atmospheres: Voyage to Uranus Capitol ST-11320 VG+ 8.00

Auld, Georgie: Tenderly Coral CRL 56060 10” VG+ 20.00

Austin, Sil: Soft, Plaintive and Moody Mercury SR 60236 VG+ 8.00

Austin, Sil: Golden Saxophone Hits Mercury MG 20663 VG+ 8.00

Axidentals, The: same ABC 232 VG+ 10.00

Ayers, Roy: Starbooty Elektra 6E-120 VG+ 8.00

Ayers, Roy: In the Dark Columbia 39422 VG+ 6.00

Babasin, Harry: and the Jazz Pickers Mode 119 VG+ 50.00

Babasin, Harry and Terry Gibbs: Pick N' Pat Premier PM2010 VG 6.00

Bailey, Mildred: Her Greatest Performances Columbia C3L 22 VG+ 20.00

Barbarin, Paul et al: Jazz: Bayou to Bay H&H 101 VG+ 15.00

Barber, Chris: American Jazz Band Laurie 1009 VG+ 12.00

Barber, Chris: Trad Jazz, vol 1 Laurie 1003 VG+ 10.00

Barber, Chris: Here is Chris Barber Atlantic 1292 (blk lbl) VG+ 12.00

Barbieri, Gato: Chapter One – Latin America Impulse 19124 VG+ 6.00

Barbieri, Gato: Ruby, Ruby A&M SP 4685 VG++ 6.00

Barbieri, Gato: Euphoria A&M14774 VG+ 5.00

Barnes, George: Plays So Good Concord CJ-67 SS 6.00

Barron, Blue: The Uncollected, vol 2 Hindsight 137 M- 6.00

Basie, Count: Kansas City Pablo 2312-126 VG+ 8.00

Basie, Count: One O’Clock Jump Columbia CL 997 VG+ 20.00

Basie, Count: Dance Session Clef MG C-626 (D.S. Martin cvr) VG+ 40.00

Basie, Count: Paradise Squat Verve VE-2-2542 VG+ 8.00

Basie, Count: V-Discs 1944-1945 Jazz Society AA 505 M- 7.00

Basie, Count: On My Way & Shoutin' Again Verve V-8511 VG+ 8.00

Basie, Count: Basie's Beat Verve V-8687 VG+ 8.00

Basie, Count: Hall of Fame Verve MG V-8291 VG+ 16.00

Basie, Count: Blues By Basie Columbia CL 901 (6 'eyes') VG+ 20.00

Basie, Count: High Voltage Verve(import) VG++ 6.00

Basie, Count: On the Road Pablo D 2312112 VG+ 6.00

Basie, Count & Joe Williams: The Greatest! Verve MG VS-6006 VG+ 20.00

Basie, Count & Joe Williams: Count Basie Swings Joe Williams Sings Clef MG C-678 VG+ 20.00

Bassey, Shirley: same United Artists UAL 3169 M- 8.00

Bay Big Band: Swing Low Great Clarinet Omega OSL 21 VG+ 6.00

Bay Big Band: Swingin' High Omega OSL 26 VG+ 6.00

Bechet, Sidney: The Fabulous…Blue Note BST 81207(re) VG+ 8.00

Bechet, Sidney: Jazz Festival Concert – Paris 1952 Blue Note 7024 10” VG+ 40.00

Bechet/Teagarden/Parker/Gillespie: Comparative Blues Jazztone J 1258 VG+ 16.00

Beck, Joe: Beck Kudu KU21 M- 6.00

Bee, David: Belgian Jazz Bally BAL 12005 VG+ 12.00

Bell, Aaron: After the Party’s Over RCA LSP-1876 VG+ 20.00

Bellson, Louis: 150 MPH Concord CJ-38 SS 6.00

Bellson, Louis: Live at the Concord Summer Fest. Concord CJ-25 M- 6.00

Bellson, Louis: Louie Rides Again Pablo 2310 715 VG+ 6.00

Bellson, Louis: London Scene Concord CJ-157 VG+ 6.00

Bellson, Louis: Thunderbird Jasmine(import) VG+ 8.00

Bellson, Louis: Concerto for Drums Verve MGV-8016 VG+ 15.00

Bellson, Louie: same Musical Heritage Society 912109Y VG+ 6.00

Beneke, Tex: Stardust RCA Camden CAL 316 VG+ 6.00

Beneke, Tex: 1949 Golden Era 15050 M- 6.00

Bennett, Tony: Listen Easy MGM/Verve MV-5094 VG+ 6.00

Bennett, Tony: Because of You Columbia CL 2550 10” VG+ 20.00

Bennett, Tony: More Tony's Greatest Hits Columbia CS 8335 VG+ 8.00

Bennett, Tony: For Once in My Life Columbia CL 2773 VG+ 6.00

Benoit, David: Freedom at Midnight GRP 1035 VG++ 4.00

Benson, George: Weekend in L.A. Warner 2WB 3129 VG++ 10.00

Benson, George & Joe Farrell: Benson & Farrell CTI 6069 VG+ 6.00

Berigan, Bunny: The Great Soloists Biograph BLP-C-10 M- 6.00

Berry, Bill: Shortcake Concord CJ-75 M- 6.00

Bert, Eddie: Like Cool Trans-World P-5200 VG+ 20.00

Betters, Harold: Out of Sight & Sound Reprise 6208 VG+ 10.00

Betters, Harold: Ram-Bunk-Shush Reprise 6195 VG+ 10.00

Blades, Ruben: Agua de Luna Elektra 60721 M- 6.00

Blake, Eubie: Blues and Rags Biograph BLP 1011Q VG+ 6.00

Bley, Carla: Dinner Music Watt 6 VG+ 8.00

Bley, Carla: Night-Glo Watt/ECM W16 VG+ 6.00

Bley, Carla: Live Watt/ECM 12 VG+ 6.00

Blythe, Arthur: In the Tradition Columbia 36300 VG+ 6.00

Blythe, Arthur: Illusions Columbia 36583 VG+ 6.00

Blythe, Arthur: Blythe Spirit Columbia 37427 VG++ 5.00

Blythe, Jimmy: Stomp Your Stuff Swaggie(import) M- 6.00

Bonano, Sharkey: Dixieland at the Roundtable Roulette SR 25112 VG+ 6.00

Bostic, Earl: Bostic Rocks King 571S VG+ 30.00

Bostic, Earl: And His Alto Sax King 295-64 10” VG+ 50.00

Bostic, Earl: Plays Sweet Tunes of the Sentimental 40's King 640 VG+ 12.00

Bostic, Earl: Plays Sweet Tunes of the Fantastic 50's King 606 VG+ 12.00

Brackeen, Joanne: Havin' Fun Concord CJ-280 M- 6.00

Bradley, Will: Boogie-Woogie Epic LG 3115 VG+ 16.00

Bradley, Will: Big Band Boogie RCA LSP-2098 VG++ 12.00

Bradshaw, Tiny/Teddy Hill: same Harlequin(import) M- 8.00

Braff, Ruby: At Newport Verve MG V-8241 VG+ 20.00

Braff, Ruby: Ruby Braff Goes 'Girl Crazy' Warner 1273 VG+ 15.00

Braff, Ruby: Swinging with Ruby Braff Jazztone J-1210 VG+ 16.00

Brand, Dollar: African Sketchbook Enja 2026 VG+ 8.00

Braxton, Anthony: The Montreux/Berlin Concerts Arista 5002 VG+ 15.00

Bregman, Buddy: Swingin' Standards World Pacific 1263 VG+ 12.00

Brewer, Teresa & Stephane Grappelli: On the Road Again Doctor Jazz 38448 M- 6.00

Brown, Pete/Jonah Jones: Jazz Kaleidoscope Bethlehem BCP 4 VG+ 30.00

Brown, Ray and Jimmy Rowles: As Good As It Gets Concord CJ-66 VG+ 6.00

Brubeck, Dave: Brandenburg Gate: Revisited Columbia CS 8763 VG+ 8.00

Brubeck, Dave: Gone with the Wind and Time Out Columbia CG 33666 VG+ 12.00

Brubeck, Dave: Time In Columbia CL 2512 VG+ 8.00

Brubeck, Dave: My Favorite Things Columbia CS 9237 VG+ 8.00

Brubeck, Dave: Adventures in Time Columbia G 30625 VG+ 10.00

Brubeck, Dave: Re-Union Fantasy 3268 (red wax) VG+ 20.00

Brubeck, Dave: The Dave Brubeck Trio Fantasy 3-1 10” VG+ 30.00

Brubeck, Dave: The Dave Brubeck Quartet Fantasy 3-5 10” VG+ 20.00

Brubeck, Dave: Jazz Red Hot and Cool Columbia CL 699 (6 ‘eyes’ lbl) VG+ 25.00

Brubeck, Dave: Newport 1958 Columbia CS 8082 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 20.00

Brubeck, Dave: Jazz Goes to College Columbia CL 6322 10” VG+ 30.00

Brubeck, Dave: Jazz Goes to Junior College Columbia CL 1034 (6 eyes) VG+ 16.00

Brubeck, Dave: Jazz Impressions of Eurasia Columbia CS 8058 (6 eyes) VG+ 16.00

Brubeck, Dave: Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays Bernstein Columbia CL 1466 (6 eyes) VG+ 12.00

Brubeck, Dave: The Dave Brubeck Trio Fantasy 3-4 VG+ 60.00

Brubeck, Dave: Gone with the Wind Columbia CL 1347 (6 eyes) VG+ 16.00

Brubeck, Dave: The Riddle Columbia CL 1454 (6 'eyes') VG+ 10.00

Brubeck, Dave: West Side Story Columbia CS 8257 M- 6.00

Brubeck, Dave and Paul Desmond: Brubeck Desmond Fantasy 3-8 10” VG+ 40.00

Brubeck, Dave and Jay & Kai: At Newport Columbia CL 932 VG+ 20.00

Brubeck, Dave & Gerry Mulligan: Compadres Columbia CS 9704 VG+ 8.00

Bryant, Ray: Dancing the Big Twist Columbia CL 1746 VG+ 10.00

Bryant, Ray: The Ray Bryant Touch Cadet LPS 793 SS 15.00

Burrell, Kenny: Both Feet on the Ground Fantasy 9427 VG+ 6.00

Burton, Gary: Picture This ECM 1-1226 VG+ 6.00

Burton, Gary: Good Vibes Atlantic SD 1560 VG+ 6.00

Burton, Gary: Turn of the Century Atlantic SD 2-321 VG+ 10.00

Burton, Gary: Lofty Fake Anagram RCA LSP-3901 VG+ 8.00

Burton, Gary: Real Life Hits ECM 25024 M- 6.00

Burton, Gary & Chick Corea: Crystal Silence ECM 1024 VG+ 6.00

Burton, Gary & Stephane Grappelli: Paris Encounter Atlantic SD 1597 VG+ 6.00

Burton, Gary & Steve Swallow: Hotel Hello ECM 1055 VG+ 6.00

Bushkin, Joe: A Fellow Needs a Girl Capitol T 832 VG+ 10.00

Bushkin, Joe: Skylight Rhapsody Capitol T 759 VG+ 10.00

Bushkin, Joe: Nightsounds Capitol T 983 VG+ 10.00

Bushkin, Joe: I Get a Kick Out of Porter Capitol T 1030 VG+ 8.00

Busse, Henry: The Uncollected Hindsight 122 M- 6.00

Butera, Sam: The Wildest Clan Dot DLP 25272 VG+ 10.00

Butera, Sam: Apache! Dot DLP 25381 VG+ 8.00

Butterfield, Billy: Classics in Jazz Capitol H 424 10” VG+ 20.00

Butterfield, Billy: I'm In the Mood Somerset P-2200 VG+ 10.00

Byrd, Charlie: Sketches of Brazil Columbia CS 9582 VG+ 6.00

Byrd, Charlie: Brazillian Byrd Columbia CS 9137 VG+ 8.00

Byrd, Charlie: More Brazilian Byrd Columbia CL 2692 VG+ 8.00

Byrd, Charlie: Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros Riverside 9436 VG+ 12.00

Byrd, Charlie: The Guitar Artistry of Charlie Byrd Riverside 9451 VG+ 10.00

Byrd, Charlie: Let Go Columbia CS 9869 VG+ 6.00

Byrd, Charlie: The Stroke of Genius Columbia C 30380 VG+ 6.00

Byrd, Charlie: Delicately Columbia CS 9667 M- 6.00

Byrd, Charlie: Travellin' Man Columbia CS 9235 VG++ 6.00

Byrd, Donald: Takin’ Care of Business TCB 1002 VG+ 8.00

Cain, Jackie & Roy Kral: A Wilder Alias CTI 6040 VG+ 6.00

Cain, Jackie & Roy Kral: Changes Verve V6-8668 VG+ 8.00

Cain, Jackie & Roy Kral: High Standards Concord CJ-186 VG+ 6.00

Cain, Jackie & Roy Kral: East of Suez Comcord CJ-149 VG+ 6.00

Cain, Jackie & Roy Kral: Time & Love CTI 6019 VG+ 8.00

Calloway, Cab: Hi De Ho Man Columbia CG 32593 VG+ 10.00

Camp, Red: Horizontal Cook 1088 10” VG+ 25.00

Carmichael, Hoagy: Ole Buttermilk Sky Kapp KL-1086 VG+ 20.00

Carmichael, Hoagy: Hoagy Sings Carmichael Pausa 9006 VG+ 6.00

Carroll, Barbara: Have You Met Miss Carroll RCA LPM-1137 VG+ 20.00

Carroll, Barbara: We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye RCA LPM-1296 VG+ 20.00

Carter, Benny: The Uncollected 1944 Hindsight 213 M- 6.00

Carter, Benny: The Early Forties Official 3019 VG++ 6.00

Carter, Betty: What a Little Moonlight Can Do ABC/Impulse ASD 9321 VG+ 10.00

Carter, Betty: Inside Betty Carter United Artists UAL 3379 VG+ 6.00

Carter, Ron: All Blues CTI 6037 VG+ 6.00

Carter, Ron: Blues Farm CTI 6027 VG+ 6.00

Castle Jazz Band: The Famous Castle Jazz Band in Hi-Fi Good Time Jazz L-12030 VG+ 10.00

Castle Jazz Band: The Five Pennies Good Time Jazz M 12037 VG+ 12.00

Cavanaugh, Page: The Page 7 RCA LPM-2734 VG+ 10.00

Chalmers, Charlie: Sax & the Single Girl Chess LPS 1518 M- 10.00

Charles, Ray: Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music, vol 2 ABC-Paramount ABCS-435 VG+ 8.00

Charles, Ray: Ain’t It So Atlantic SD 19251 VG+ 6.00

Charles, Ray: Recipe for Soul ABC 465 VG+ 10.00

Charles, Ray: The Genius Hits the Road ABC 335 VG+ 10.00

Charles, Ray: Dedicated to You ABC 355 VG+ 10.00

Charles, Ray & Betty Carter: same ABC 385 VG+ 25.00

Cheatham, Jeannie and Jimmy: Sweet baby Blues Concord CJ 258 VG+ 6.00

Cheatham, Jeannie and Jimmy: Midnight Mama Concord CJ 297 VG+ 6.00

Chocolate Dandies: 1928-33 DRG(import) VG+ 6.00

Christian, Charlie: Solo Flight Columbia G 30779 VG+ 12.00

Christy, June: This is June Christy Capitol T 1006 VG+ 12.00

Christy, June: The Intimate Miss Christy Capitol(import) VG+ 10.00

Christy, June: Something Cool Capitol T 516 VG+ 15.00

Christy, June: The Misty Miss Christy Capitol T 725 VG+ 16.00

Christy, June: June's Got Rhythm Capitol T 1076 VG+ 12.00

Christy, June & Bob Cooper: Do-Re-Mi Capitol ST 1586 VG+ 16.00

Circle: Paris-Concert ECM 1018/19 ST VG+ 15.00

Clarke, Kenny: Volcano Polydor 24-4501 VG+ 6.00

Clayton, Buck: Swingin' and Dancing Mode(import) VG+ 8.00

Clayton, Buck: All the Cats Join In Columbia CL 882 VG+ 12.00

Clooney, Rosemary: Swing Around Rosie (w/ Buddy Cole Trio) Coral CRL 757266 VG++ 30.00

Cohn, Al-Zoot Sims Quintet: You ‘N Me Mercury SR 60606 VG+ 20.00

Cole, Cozy: Drum Beat for Dancing Feet Coral CRL 57423 VG+ 8.00

Cole, Cozy: same Paris P-122 VG+ 20.00

Cole, Nat King: 10th Anniversary Capitol W 514 VG+ 20.00

Cole, Nat King: Anatomy of a Jam Session Black Lion BLP-30104 VG+ 6.00

Cole, Nat King & George Shearing: Capitol SW1675 VG++ 6.00

Cole, Richie: Cool "C" Muse MR 5245 M- 6.00

Cole, Richie: Bossa Nova Eyes Raj PA 8070 M- 6.00

Coleman, Earl: Love Songs Atlantic 8172 VG+ 8.00

Coleman, Ornette: Skies of America Columbia KC 31562 VG+ 8.00

Coleman, Ornette: The Art of the Improvisers Atlantic SD 1572(re) SS 14.00

Coleman, Ornette: Virgin Beauty Portrait 44301 VG++10.00

Collette, Buddy: At the Cinema Mercury SR 60132 VG++ 20.00

Collins, Al Jazzbo: A Lovely Bunch of Al Jazzbo Collins and the Bandidos Impulse A-9150 VG+ 20.00

Collins, Cal: Cross Country Concord CJ-166 M- 7.00

Collins, Cal: In San Francisco Concord CJ-71 M- 6.00

Coltrane, Alice: Journey in Satchidananda Impulse/Coltrane(re) SS 18.00

Coltrane, Alice: Transfiguration Warner 2WB 3218(re) SS 20.00

Coltrane, Alice: Eternity Warner BS 2916(re) SS 15.00

Coltrane, John: Crescent Impulse IMP-200(re) SS 16.00

Coltrane, John: Lush Life Prestige PR 7581 VG+ 10.00

Coltrane, John & Johnny Hartman: same MCA 5661 VG+ 8.00

Coltrane, John & Johnny Hartman: same Impulse GR 157(re) SS 16.00

Coltrane, John & Duke Ellington: same Impulse IMP-166(re) SS 16.00

Columbo, Chris: Summertime Strand 1095 VG+ 10.00

Condoli, Pete: Moscow Mule and many more kicks Decca DL 4761 VG+ 6.00

Condon, Eddie: Treasury of Jazz Columbia CL 881 (6'eyes') VG++ 12.00

Condon, Eddie: The Roaring Twenties Columbia CL 1089 VG+ 12.00

Connor, Chris: Chris Connor Now! ABC S-585 VG 8.00

Connor, Chris: I Miss You So Atlantic 8014 VG+ 20.00

Connor, Chris: Free Spirits Atlantic 8061 VG+ 15.00

Connor, Chris: Sings Lullabys of Birdland Bethlehem(re) BCP 6004 M- 6.00

Corea, Chick: The Song of Singing Blue Note BST 84353 VG+ 8.00

Corea, Chick: The Mad Hatter Polydor PD-1-6130 VG+ 6.00

Corea, Chick: My Spanish Heart Polydor PD-2-9003 VG+ 10.00

Corea, Chick: The Leprecaun Polydor PD 6062 VG+ 6.00

Corea, Chick: Tap Step Warner 23425 VG+ 6.00

Coryell, Larry: The Eleventh House Vanguard VSD 79342 VG+ 8.00

Coryell, Larry: At the Village Gate Vanguard VSD 6573 VG+ 8.00

Coryell, Larry: The Essential…Vanguard VSD 75/76 VG+ 12.00

Crawford, Hank: Tico Rico Kudu 35 VG+ 6.00

Crawford, Hank: Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing Kudu 19 VG+ 6.00

Crawford, Hank: Cajun Sunrise Kudu 39 VG+ 6.00

Crothers, “Scat-Man”: Gone Gone Gone Craftsmen 8036 VG+ 10.00

Curson, Ted: Jubilani Power Inner City 1017 VG+ 6.00

Dameron, Tadd: Fontanebleau Prestige OJC-055 VG++ 8.00

Davis, Wild Bill: On Broadway Imperial 9010 VG++ 20.00

Davis, Wild Bill: At Birdland Epic LG 3118 M- 20.00

Davis, Wild Bill and Johnny Hodges: Con-Soul Sax RCA LPM-3393 VG+ 8.00

Davis, Wild Bill: In Hollywood Imperial LP-9015 VG+ 16.00

Davis, Martha: and Spouse ABC 160 VG+ 6.00

Davis, Miles: Miles United Artists UAS 9952 VG+ 12.00

Davis, Miles: Quiet Nights Columbia CS 8906(re) VG+ 8.00

Davis, Miles: Porgy and Bess Columbia PC 8085 VG+ 8.00

Davis, Miles: Porgy and Bess Columbia CL 1274 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 25.00

Davison, Wild Bill: Dixieland Jazz Jamboree Commodore FL 20,011 10” VG+ 20.00

Davison, Wild Bill: same Circle L-405 10” VG+ 40.00

Davison, Wild Bill: Pretty Wild Columbia CL 871 (6 'eyes') VG+ 16.00

Deauville, Ronnie: Smoke Dreams Era 20002 VG+ 20.00

DeFranco, Buddy & Tommy Gumina Quartet: Presenting...Mercury SR 60685 VG+ 8.00

DeHaven, "Doc": The Earl Of Madison Cuca KS-3400 M- 5.00

Dennerlein, Barbara: Straight Ahead! Enja 79608 M- 6.00

Dentz, John: the John Dentz Reunion Band, Dec 5 & 6 Realtime(import) M- 8.00

Desmond, Paul: Easy Living RCA PL 42117 VG+ 6.00

Dickenson, Vic: The Vic Dickenson Showcase, vol 2 Vanguard VRS 8521 VG+ 10.00

Dodds, Johnny & Kid Ory: same Epic LN 3207 VG+ 25.00

Dodson, Marge: New Voice in Town Columbia CS 8252 VG+ 20.00

Doggett, Bill: High and Wide King 633 VG+ 20.00

Doggett, Bill: Oops! Columbia CS 8614 VG+ 8.00

Doggett, Bill: Fingertips Columbia CS 8882 VG+ 8.00

Doggett, Bill: Prelude To The Blues Columbia CS 8742 VG++ 6.00

Dolphy, Eric: Here and There Prestige PR 7382 VG+ 8.00

Donahue, Sam: same Capitol T 626 VG+ 20.00

Donaldson, Lou: The Natural Soul Blue Note 4108 VG+ 50.00

Dorsey, Tommy: The Complete...vol 4 RCA AXM2-5564 M- 8.00

Dorsey, Tommy: The Complete...vol 3 RCA AXM2-5560 M- 8.00

Dorsey, Tommy: Tommy Plays RCA LPM-1569 VG+ 12.00

Double Six of Paris: Sing Ray Charles Philips PHM 200-141 VG+ 40.00

Draper, Rusty and Hoagy Carmichael: Rusty Meets Hoagy Mercury MG 20173 VG+ 12.00

Duke, Doug: The Jazz Organist Regent MG 6013 VG+ 12.00

Dukes of Dixieland: You Have to Hear It to Believe It, vol 2 Audio Fidelity AFLP 1840 VG+ 8.00

Dukes of Dixieland, The: At The Jazz Band Ball VIKLX-1025 VG+ 10.00

Eberly, Bob & Helen O’Connell: same Warner 1403 VG++ 8.00

Eckstine, Billy: In 12 Great Movies Mercury SR 60834 VG+ 6.00

Edison, Harry “Sweets”: Sweets for the Sweet Taste of Love VeeJay VJS-1104 VG+ 15.00

Edison, Harry "Sweets": When Lights Are Low Liberty LRP 3484 VG+ 8.00

Ellington, Duke: The Great Paris Concert Atlantic SD 2-304 VG+ 10.00

Ellington, Duke: The Duke Plays Ellington Capitol H 477 10” VG+ 20.00

Ellington, Duke: Indigos (6 ‘eyes’) CL 1085 VG+ 16.00

Ellington, Duke: Here’s the Duke Columbia CL 2562 10” VG+ 25.00

Ellington, Duke: The Cosmic Scene Columbia CL 1198 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 30.00

Ellington, Duke: Ellington Uptown Columbia ML 4639 VG+ 20.00

Ellington, Duke: All American in Jazz Columbia CL 1790 VG+ 10.00

Ellington, Duke: Recollections of the Big Band Era Atlantic SD 1665 M- 5.00

Elliot, Don and Rusty Dedrick: 6 Valves Riverside 2517 10” VG+ 60.00]

Elliot, Don: Goes Underground Columbia CS 9887 VG+ 6.00

Elliot, Don: Doubles in Brass Vanguard VRS 8016 10” VG+ 40.00

Ellis/Pass/Brown/Hanna: Jazz/Concord CJS-1 VG++ 8.00

Estes, Gene: The Greatest Vibraphone in Recording History Carlton 12/125 M- 10.00

Evans, Bill: Alone Verve V6-8792 VG+ 6.00

Evans, Bill: Affinity Warner BSK 3292 VG+ 6.00

Evans, Gil: Svengali Atlantic SD 1643 VG+ 6.00

Evans, Gil/Gary McFarland: The Dedication Series, vol IX: The Great Arrangers Impulse IA-9340/2 cc SS 6.00

Ewell, Don: Don Ewell’s Hot 4 Biograph CEN-3 VG+ 6.00

Ewell, Don: Free n' Easy Good Time Jazz S10046 VG+ 8.00

Ewell, Don & Barbara Dane: Denver Concert Pumpkin 120 M- 8.00

Farlow, Tal: A Sign of the Times Concord CJ-26 VG+ 6.00

Farlow, Tal: Guitar Player Prestige P-24042 VG+ 12.00

Faye, Frances: I’m Wild Again Bethlehem BCP 23 VG+ 20.00

Faye, Frances: Swinging All the Way Verve V6-8434 VG+ 8.00

Faye, Frances: Swings Fats Domino Imperial LP-9059 VG+ 16.00

Ferguson, Maynard: M.F. Horn and M.F. Horn Two Columbia CG 33660 VG+ 8.00

Ferguson, Maynard: Hollywood Columbia 37713 M- 6.00

Ferguson, Maynard: Carnival Columbia JC 35480 VG+ 6.00

Ferguson, Maynard: Storm Raj PA 8052 VG+ 5.00

Fields, Ernie: In the Mood Rendevous 1309 M- 30.00

Firehouse Five Plus Two: Plays for Lovers Good Time Jazz L-12014 VG+ 12.00

Fischer, Clare: Clare Declares MPS(import) VG+ 8.00

Fischer, Clare: Songs for Rainy Day Lovers Columbia CS 9491 VG+ 8.00

Fischer, Clare: Thesaurus Atlantic SD 1520 VG+ 8.00

Fischer, Clare: America the Beautiful Dsicovery DS 786 VG+ 8.00

Fischer, Clare: Duality Discovery DS 807 VG+ 8.00

Fite, Buddy: Buddy Fite and Friend Bell 6058 VG+ 6.00

Fite, Buddy: Tasty Pinnacle 7779 M- 6.00

Fite, Buddy: same Cyclone 4100 VG+ 7.00

Fite, Buddy: Changes Cyclone 4110 VG+ 7.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Sings the Rodgers and Hart Songbook Verve MGV-4002-2 VG+ 12.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: The First Lady of Song Decca DL 8695 VG+ 20.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Swings Brightly Verve V-4054 VG+ 8.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Sings the Cole Porter Song Book Verve MG V-6001-2 VG+ 30.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: The Johnny Mercer Songbook Verve 823247 VG+ 6.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Sings the Harold Arlen Songbook Verve V-4046-2 VG+ 12.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Mack the Knife Verve MGV-4041 VG+ 20.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Misty Blue Capitol ST 2888 VG+ 8.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Sings the Rodgers and Hart Songbook, vol 2 Verve MGV-4023 VG+ 20.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Brighten the Corner Capitol ST 2685 VG+ 8.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Sings the Antonio Carlos Jobim Song Book Pablo 2630 201 VG++ 12.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: At the Opera House Verve MGV-8264 VG+ 25.00

Fitzgerald, Ella: Sings the Irving Berlin Song Book, vol 2 Verve MGV 4031 VG+ 20.00

Francis, Panama: The Beat Behind the Million Sellers ABC 333 VG+ 10.00

Franks, Michael: Passion Fruit Warner 23962 VG+ 6.00

Freeman, Bud: Chicago/Austin H.S. Jazz In Hi-Fi RCA LPM-1508 VG+ 15.00

Freeman, Bud: Jazz Chicago Style Columbia CL 2558 10” VG+ 20.00

Freeman, George: Man & Woman Groove Merchant 3305 VG+ 8.00

Frishberg, David: Live at Vine Street Fantasy F-9638 VG+ 8.00

Frishberg, David: Can’t Take You Nowhere Fantasy 9651 VG+ 8.00

Frishberg, David: Getting Some Fun Out of Life Concord CJ-37 (autograph) VG+ 12.00

Frishberg, David: You’re A Lucky Guy Concord CJ-74 VG+ 8.00

Fuller, Gil & James Moody: Night Flight Pacific Jazz 10101 VG+ 10.00

Fuller, Gil & The Monterey Jazz Festival Orch: Featuring Dizzy Gillespie Pacific Jazz 93 VG+ 10.00

Gaillard, Slim: The Dot Seesions MCA 1508 VG+ 8.00

Gale, Eric: Forecast Kudu 11 VG+ 6.00

Gale, Eric: Ginseng Woman Columbia 34421 VG+ 6.00

Gale, Eric: Blue Horizon Elektra E1-60020 VG+ 6.00

Gale, Eric: The Best of... Columbia 36363 M- 6.00

Galian, Geri: Rhapsody in Rhythm “X” LXA-1001 VG+ 20.00

Garland, Hank: Velvet Guitar Columbia/Harmony HS 11028 VG++ 10.00

Garner, Erroll: Gems Columbia CL 6173 10” VG+ 20.00

Garner, Erroll: That's My Kick MGM E-4463 DJ VG+ 6.00

Getz, Stan: At Large Verve V-8393-2 VG+ 12.00

Getz, Stan: Getz Prestige PR 24019 VG+ 10.00

Getz, Stan: Greatest Hits Prestige PR 7337 VG+ 12.00

Getz, Stan: Micky One (sndtrk) MGM SE-4312 VG+ 8.00

Getz, Stan: Didn’t We Verve V6-8780 VG+ 8.00

Getz, Stan: Another Time, Another Place Verve VSPS-22 VG+ 6.00

Getz, Stan: New Sounds in Modern Music Savoy MG 9004 10” VG+ 75.00

Getz, Stan: Dynasty Verve V6-8802-2 VG+ 10.00

Getz, Stan & Joao Gilberto: Getz/Gilberto Verve V-8545 VG+ 8.00

Getz, Stan & Joao Gilberto: Getz/Gilberto, vol 2  V-8623 VG+ 8.00

Gibbs, Terry: El Nutto Limelight 82005 VG+ 10.00

Gibbs, Terry: Plays the Duke EmArcy MG 36128 VG++ 20.00

Gibbs, Terry: Launching a New Sound in Music Mercury MG 20440 WLP VG+ 20.00

Gibbs, Terry: Swing is Here Verve MG V-2134 VG+ 8.00

Gibbs, Terry: Vibes on Velvet Emarcy MG-36064 VG+ 20.00

Gillespie, Dizzy: Dizzy’s Party Pablo 2310-784 VG+ 6.00

Gillespie, Dizzy: Composer’s Concepts EmArcy EMS-2-410 VG+ 8.00

Gillespie, Dizzy: A Portrait of Duke Ellington Verve MGV-8286 VG+ 20.00

Gillespie, Dizzy: Over Paris Roost 414 10” VG+ 50.00

Gillespie, Dizzy/Jimmy McPartland: Hot vs Cool MGM E 194 10” VG+ 40.00

Gillespie, Dizzy: The Melody Lingers On Limelight LS 86042 VG+ 8.00

Gillespie, Dizzy and the Double Six of Paris: same Philips Expr-1034 VG+ 10.00

Giuffre, Jimmy: The Music Man Atlantic 1276 VG+ 20.00

Gold, Marty: Classic Bossa Nova RCA LSP-3456 VG+ 10.00

Goodman, Benny: BG  - The Small Groups RCA LPV-521 VG+ 8.00

Goodman, Benny: B.G. in Hi-Fi , part 1 Capitol H1-565 10" VG+ 10.00

Goodman, Benny: B.G. in Hi-Fi, part 2 Capitol H2-565 10" VG+ 10.00

Goodman, Benny: The B.G. Six Columbia CL 2564 10” VG+ 16.00

Goodman, Benny: Benny Goodman Trio Capitol H 343 10” VG+ 20.00

Goodman, Benny: Benny Goodman Combos Columbia CL 500 VG+ 16.00

Goodman, Benny: Benny Goodman & His Orch. Columbia CL 534 VG+ 12.00

Goodman, Benny: This is Benny Goodman RCA LPM-1239 VG+ 12.00

Gordon, Dexter: Manhattan Symphonie Columbia 35608 VG+ 6.00

Gordon, Dexter: Sophisticated Giant Columbia 34989 VG+ 6.00

Gordon, Dexter: Homecoming Columbia 34650 VG+ 8.00

Gordon, Dexter: Gotham City Columbia 36853 VG+ 6.00

Gordon, Dexter: Tangerine Prestige P-10091 VG+ 6.00

Grant, Tom: same Pausa 7145 VG+ 6.00

Grappelli, Stephane: Recorded Live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall London Pye(import) VG+ 8.00

Grappelli, Stephane: Homage to Django Classic Jazz 23 VG+ 12.00

Grappelli, Stephane & Teresa Brewer: On The Road Again Doctor Jazz FW38448 VG++ 6.00

Graves, Conley: Genius at Work Decca DL 8220 VG+ 16.00

Gray, Wardell: Plus Errol Garner Crown CST 424 VG+ 8.00

Gray, Wardell/Stan Hasselgard: same Spotlite(import) M- 8.00

Green, Grant: Live at the Lighthouse Blue Note BN-LA037-G2 VG+ 20.00

Green, Urbie: …and His Band Vanguard VRS 8010 10” VG+ 30.00

Green, Urbie: Let's Face the Music and Dance RCA LPM-1667 VG+ 16.00

Grusin, Dave: Mountain Dance Arista/GRP 5010 VG++ 6.00

Grusin, Dave: Night-Lines GRP A-1006 M- 5.00

Gryce, Gigi, Duke Jordan, Hall Overton: Signals Savoy SJL-2231 VG+ 8.00

Guaraldi, Vince: Jazz Impressions Fantasy OJC-287 SS 8.00

Guarnieri, Johnny et al Royale VLP 6047 10” VG+ 15.00

Gwaltney, Tommy: Goin’ to Kansas City Riverside 353 VG+ 15.00

Hackett, Bobby: The Bobby Hackett Horn Columbia 2566 10” VG+ 20.00

Hackett, Bobby: Creole Cookin' Verve V6-8698 VG+ 6.00

Hackett, Bobby: At the Embers Capitol T 1077 VG+ 10.00

Hackett, Bobby: What A Wonderful World Flying Dutchman FD 10159 M- 6.00

Hackett, Bobby & Billy Butterfield: Bobby/Billy/Brash Verve V6-8723 VG+ 8.00

Hall, Edmund: Petite Fleur United Artists UAS 5028 VG+ 8.00

Hamilton, Chico: Peregrinations Blue Note BN-LA520-G VG+ 8.00

Hamilton, Chico: Bye Bye Birdie-Irma La Douce Columbia CL 1590 VG+ 10.00

Hamilton, Chico: South Pacific in Hi-Fi World Pacific WP-1238 VG+ 20.00

Hamilton, Jimmy: ...and His Orchestra Jazz Kings 1208 M- 6.00

Hamilton, Scott, et al: Concord Super Band Concord CJ-80 VG+ 8.00

Hammack, Bobby: Power House Liberty LRP 3016 M- 20.00

Hampton, Lionel: Silver Vibes Columbia CL 1486 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 12.00

Hampton, Lionel: Moonglow Decca DL 5297 10” VG+ 20.00

Hampton, Lionel: The High and the Mighty Verve MGV-8228 VG++ 25.00

Hampton, Lionel: Hot Mallets RCA LJM-1000 VG+ 20.00

Hampton, Lionel: All That Twist’n Jazz Glad GLP 3050 M- 12.00

Hampton, Lionel: The Complete Lionel Hampton 1937-1941 Bluebird AXM6-5536 VG++ 30.00

Hampton, Lionel: Apollo Hall Concert 1954 Epic LN 3190 VG++ 20.00

Hampton, Lionel: Just Jazz Decca DL 7013 10” VG+ 20.00

Hampton, Lionel: Wailin' at the Trianon Columbia CL 711 VG+ 16.00

Hampton, Lionel: Golden Vibes Columbia CL 1304 (6 'eyes') VG+ 10.00

Hampton, Lionel: And His Jazz Giants Jazz Man JAZ 5011 VG+ 5.00

Hampton, Slide: The Two Sides of…Charlie Parker PLP-803 VG+ 12.00

Handy, John: The 2nd John Handy Album Columbia CL 2567 VG+ 8.00

Hanna, Jake: Kansas City Express Concord CJ-22 VG+ 6.00

Harlem Hamfats: Hot Chicago Jazz, Blues & Jive 1936-1937 Folklyric 9029 M- 6.00

Harris, Don “Sugarcane”: Got the Blues MPS 21283 VG+ 8.00

Harris, Eddie: Sounds Incredible Angelaco 3002 VG+ 6.00

Harris, Eddie: For Bird and Bags Exodus EX-6002 VG+ 6.00

Harris, Eddie: The Best of…Atlantic SD 1545 VG+ 6.00

Hawes, Hampton: For Real! Contemporary S7589 VG+ 20.00

Hawkins, Coleman: Body & Soul RCA LPV_501 VG+ 10.00

Hawkins, Coleman: Reevaluations-The Impulse Years Impulse AS-9258-2 VG+ 12.00

Hawkins, Coleman: Sirius Pablo 2310 707 VG+ 6.00

Hawkins, Coleman: Jazz Reunion Jazz Man 5042 SS 6.00

Hawkins, Coleman & Frank Wess: The Tenor Sax (The Commodore Years) Atlantic SD2-306 VG+ 10.00

Heath Brothers: Live at the Public Theater Columbia 36374 VG+ 6.00

Henderson, Fletcher: Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra Biograph BLP-C-12 M- 6.00

Henderson, Fletcher: The Immortal Milestone MLP-2005 VG+ 6.00

Herman, Woody: The Thundering Herds Columbia C3L 25 VG+ 15.00

Herman, Woody: The Fouth Herd Jazz Legacy(import) M- 6.00

Herman, Woody: Hi Fi-ing Herd MGM E 3385 VG+ 10.00

Herman, Woody: Blues Groove Capitol T 784 VG+ 10.00

Herman, Woody: Road Band Capitol T 658 VG+ 16.00

Herman, Woody: '58 Verve MG V-8255 VG+ 20.00

Herman, Woody: The Woody Herman Band Capitol T 560 VG+ 16.00

Herman, Woody: Jackpot Capitol T 748 VG+ 16.00

Herman, Woody: At Carnegie Hall 1946, vol 1 MGM E 158 10” VG+ 20.00

Herman, Woody: Sequence in Jazz Columbia CL 6026 10” VG+ 20.00

Herman, Woody: Concerto for Herd Verve V6-8764 VG+ 6.00

Herman, Woody: The First Herd at Carnegie Hall Verve VSPS-1 VG+ 6.00

Herman, Woody: Twelve Shades of Blue Columbia CL 683 VG+ 16.00

 Herrera, Father & The Trio ESP: Jazz Goes to Church Enterprise S13-102 VG+ 10.00

Heywood, Eddie: same EmArcy MG-36042 VG+ 8.00

Hibbler, Al: Remembers the Big Songs of the Big Bands Decca DL 78862 VG+ 12.00

Hightower, Donna: Gee, Baby Capitol T 1273 VG+ 12.00

Hi-Lo's: In Stereo Omega OSL-11 VG+ 6.00

Hi-Lo's: Now Hear This Columbia CL 1023 VG+ 12.00

Hi-Lo's: And All that Jazz Columbia CL 1259 VG+ 12.00

Hi-Lo's: Suddenly It's the...Columbia CL 952 VG+ 12.00

Hines, Earl 'Fatha': The Father of Modern Jazz Piano M.F. Distribution 203/5 VG+ 20.00

Hines, Earl 'Fatha': same Epic LN 3501 VG+ 15.00

Hines, Earl/Budd Johnson: Linger Awhile CJ 129 VG+ 6.00

Hodges, Johnny: Prettiest Gershwin Verve V-8314 VG++ 10.00

Hodges, Johnny: Blue Notes Verve V6-8680 VG+ 10.00

Hodges, Johnny: Don't Sleep in the Subway Verve V-8726 VG+ 8.00

Hodges, Johnny: The Eleventh Hour Verve V6-8492 VG++ 8.00

Hodges, Johnny & Wild Bill Davis: Blue Pyramid Verve V-8635 VG+ 10.00

Hodges, Johnny & Wild Bill Davis: Blue Rabbit Verve V-8599 VG+ 8.00

Hodges, Johnny & Wild Bill Davis: Mess of Blues Verve V-8570 VG+ 8.00

Hodges, Johnny/Rex Stewart: Things Ain't What they Used to Be RCA LPV-533 VG+ 10.00

Holiday, Billie: Fine and Mellow Columbia XFL 14428 M- 8.00

Holloway, Red: Nica's Dream Steeplechase(import) VG+ 6.00

Holman, Bill: The Fabulous Bill Holman Coral CRL 57188 VG+ 20.00

Holmes, Richard “Groove”: Come Together World Pacific ST 20171 VG+ 10.00

Holmes, Richard “Groove”: For Beautiful People Prestige PR 7768 M- 8.00

Horne, Lena & Gabor Szabo: Lena & Gabor Skye SK 15 VG+ 8.00

Horn, Paul: Cycle RCA LSP-3386 VG+ 8.00

Horn, Paul: Here’s that Rainy Day RCA LSP-3519 VG+ 10.00

Horn, Paul: Something Blue HiFi J615 VG+ 15.00

Horn, Paul: Monday Monday RCA LSP-3613 VG+ 8.00

Horn, Paul: Jazz Suite on the Mass Texts RCA LSP-3414 VG+ 10.00

Horn, Paul: In India Blue Note BN-LA529-H2 VG+ 10.00

Horn, Paul: Inside II Epic E31600 VG+ 5.00

Horn, Paul: Inside Epic BXN 26466 M- 6.00

Horn, Paul: A Special Edition Island ISLD 6 VG+ 8.00

Horn, Paul & David Friesen: Heart to Heart Golden Flute 2002 VG+ 6.00

Horne, Lena: Lena in Hollywood United Artists UAL 3470 M- 8.00

Horne, Lena: It’s Love RCA LPM-1148 VG+ 20.00

Horne, Lena & Gabor Szabo: Watch What Happens Buddah BDS-18-SK VG+ 8.00

Howard, Dave: I Love Everybody Choreo AS-5 VG+ 6.00

Hubbard, Freddie: Keep Your Soul Together CTI 6036 VG+ 8.00

Hunter, Lureen: Stepping Out Vik LX-1116 VG+ 20.00

Jackson, Calvin: same Columbia CL 756 VG+ 16.00

Jackson, Calvin: Rave Notice Columbia CL 824 VG+ 25.00

Jackson, Fraz: Jass, Jass, Jass Philips PHS600-013 VG+ 6.00

Jackson, Milt: Olinga CTI 6046 S1 VG+ 8.00

Jackson, Milt: Bags & Brass Riverside RS-3021 VG+ 8.00

Jackson, Milt & Count Basie: Milt Jackson + Count Bsaie + The Big Band, vol 1 Pablo 2310-822 VG+ 6.00

Jackson, Milt & Coleman Hawkins: Bean Bags Atlantic SD 1316 VG+ 20.00

Jackson, Willis: The Way We Were Atlantic SD 18145 VG+ 6.00

Jacquet, Illinois: The Cool Rage Verve VE 2-2544 VG++ 8.00

Jamal, Ahmad: Inspiration Cadet 2CA 50035 VG+ 10.00

Jamal, Ahmad: Heat Wave Cadet 777 VG+ 8.00

James, Bob: Foxie Columbia FC 38801 M- 6.00

James, Harry: The Man with the Horn Columbia CL 2527 10” VG+ 20.00

James, Harry: Vol 1, 1943-1946 Hindsight HSR-102 M- 6.00

James, Harry: Vol 2, 1943-1946 Hindsight HSR-123 M- 6.00

James, Harry: Vol 3, 1943-1946 Hindsight HSR-135 M- 6.00

James, Harry: Vol 4, 1943-1946 Hindsight HSR-141 M- 6.00

James, Harry: Vol 5, 1943-1946 Hindsight HSR-142 M- 6.00

Janis, Conrad: Dixieland Jam Seesion Riverside RLP 12-215 VG+ 12.00

Janis, Conrad: and his Tailgate Five Jubilee JGM, 1010 VG+ 16.00

Jarrett, Keith: Bop-Be ABC/Impulse IA-9334 VG+ 6.00

Jarrett, Keith: Death and the Flower Impulse ASD-9301 VG+ 8.00

Jarrett. Keith: The Celestial Hawk ECM 1-1175 VG+ 6.00

Jarrett, Keith: Solo Concerts ECM 3-1035/37 ST VG+ 15.00

JATP All-Stars: How High the Moon Verve VSPS-15 M- 6.00

Jobim, Antonio Carlos: Jobim MCA 350 VG+ 8.00

Jobim, Antonio Carlos: Wave A&M SP 3002 VG+ 8.00

Jobim, Antonio Carlos: Tide A&M SP 3031 VG+ 8.00

Jobim, Antonio Carlos: Urubu Warner BS 2928 VG+ 6.00

Jobim, Antonio Carlos: Terra Brasilis Warner 23409 VG+ 10.00

Johnson, Dick: Music for Swinging Moderns EmArcy MG 36081 VG 20.00

Johnson, James P.: Harlem Stride Piano Solos 1944 Swaggie(import) VG++ 6.00

Johnson, James P.: Watch Me Go IAJRC(import) M- 8.00

Johnson, James P.: Jazz Band Ball Blue Note 7012 10” VG+ 60.00

Johnson, James P.: Father of the Stride Piano Columbia CL 1780 VG+ 12.00

Johnson, James P.: The Original Folkways FJ 2850 M- 16.00

Johnson, J.J.: Blue Trombone Columbia CL 1303 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 20.00

Johnson, J.J.: Jay & Kai Savoy MG 12010 VG++ 40.00

Johnson, J.J. & Kai Winding: Jay and Kai Columbia CL 973 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 20.00

Johnson, J.J. & Kai Winding: Betwixt & Between CTI SP 3016 M- 8.00

Johnson, J.J. & Kai Winding: Israel CTI SP 3008 M- 8.00

Johnson, J.J. and Kai Winding: Jay and Kai Columbia CL 2573 10” VG+ 40.00

Johnson, Pete: Master of Blues and Boogie Woogie 1904-1967, vol 2 Oldie Blues(import) M- 6.00

Johnson, Pete & Albert Ammons: 8 to the Bar RCA LPT 9 10” VG+ 20.00

Pete Johnson – Hadda Brooks: Swings the Boogie Crown 5058 VG+ 8.00

Jones, Etta: Something Nice Prestige OJC-221 VG++ 6.00

Jones, Etta: I’ll Be Seeing You Muse MR 5351 VG+ 6.00

Jones, Etta: Love Me With All Your Heart Muse MR 5262 M- 6.00

Jones, Hank: 'Bop Redux Muse MR 5123 VG+ 6.00

Jones, Isham: 16 Recordings RCA LPV-504 VG+ 8.00

Jones, Jo: The Jo Jones Special Jazztone J 1242 VG+ 16.00

Jones. Jonah: Jonah Wails Angel 60006 VG+ 20.00

Jones, Jonah: Great Intrumental Hits Capitol ST 1557 VG+ 10.00

Jones, Jonah: Swingin' 'Round the World Capitol T 237 M- 15.00

Jones, Jonah: Jonah Jumps Again Capitol T 1115 M- 12.00

Jones, Jonah: Muted Jazz Capitol T 839 M- 12.00

Jones, Quincy: The Birth of a Band Mercury MG 20444 VG+ 20.00

Jone, Spike: Omnibust Liberty LRP 3140 VG+ 15.00

Jones, Spike: 60 Years of "Music America Hates Best" Liberty LRP 3154 VG+ 16.00

Jones, Spike: New Band Liberty LRP 3349 VG+ 10.00

Jordan, Duke: East and West of Jazz Parker PLP-805 VG+ 6.00

Jordan, Louis: Greatest Hits MCA 274 VG+ 6.00

Kaminsky, Max: Jazz on the Campus, Ltd. RCA LJM-3003 10” VG+ 25.00

Kelly, Wynton: The Best of  VeeJay 1086 VG+ 20.00

Kenton, Stan: Milestones Capitol T 190 VG+ 12.00

Kenton, Stan: Encores Capitol T 155 VG+ 20.00

Kenton, Stan: Sketches on Standards Capitol T 426 VG+ 10.00

Kenton, Stan: Plays for Today Capitol ST 2655 VG+ 6.00

Kenton, Stan, June Christy, & The Four Freshmen: Road Show Capitol TBO 1327 VG+ 15.00

Kenyatta, Robin: Stompin' At the Savoy Atlantic SD 1556 VG+ 6.00

Kessel, Barney: Carmen Contemporary S7563 VG+ 10.00

King Oliver: vol 1 Brunswick BL 58020 10" VG+ 30.00

King Oliver: Plays the Blues Riverside 1007 10” VG+ 20.00

King Pleasure: Golden Days HiFi Jazz J 425 VG+ 16.00

King, Morgana: Gemini Changes Reprise 6257 VG+ 6.00

King, Morgana: Stretchin' Out Muse MR 5168 VG+ 6.00

King, Teddi: Someone to Light Up Your Life Audiophile AP-150 VG+ 6.00

King, Teddi: Lovers and Losers Audiophile AP-117 VG+ 6.00

King, Teddi: This is New Inner City 1044 VG+ 6.00

King Sisters: The Uncollected…Hindsight HSR-168 M- 5.00

Kirby, John: The Biggest Little Band Smithsonian R013 VG+ 8.00

Kirby, John: 1943-1946 Almanac QSR 2421 M- 5.00

Kirk, Andy: A Mellow Bit of Rhythm RCA LPM-1302 VG+ 16.00

Kirk, Andy: Walkin' & Swingin' Affinity 1011 VG+ 6.00

Kirk, Andy: The Lady Who Swings the Band MCA 1343 SS 6.00

Kirk, Rahsaan Roland: Blacknuss Atlantic SD 1601(re) SS 14.00

Kirk, Rahsaan Roland & Al Hibbler: A meeting of the Times Atlantic SD 16130 VG+ 6.00

Klemmer, John: Arabesque ABC 1068 M- 5.00

Klugh, Earl: Soda Fountain Shuffle Warner 1-25262 VG+ 4.00

Koffman, Moe: The Shepherd Swings Again Jubilee 1074 VG+ 20.00

Koffman, Moe: Oop Pop A Da Soundwings 2108 M- 6.00

Konitz, Lee & Red Mitchell: I Concentrate on You Inner City 2018 M- 6.00

Krupa, Gene: Gene Krupa Plays Gerry Mulligan Arrangements Verve V6-8292  VG+ 8.00

Krupa. Gene: The Gene Krupa Sextet #2 Clef MGC-152 10” VG+ 30.00

Ladiner, Tommy: Archive of Jazz, vol 22 BYG(import) M- 6.00

Ladnier, Tommy: same "X" LVA-3027 10" VG+ 20.00

Laine, Cleo: Born on a Friday RCA LPL1-5113 VG+ 6.00

Laine, Cleo: I Am A Song RCA LPL1-5000 VG+ 6.00

Laine, Cleo: Cleo's Choice Quintessence Jazz QJ-25401 VG+ 4.00

Laine, Cleo: Cleo's Choice Crescendo GNPS 9024 VG+ 5.00

Laine, Cleo: Day by Day Buddah BDS 5607 VG+ 5.00

Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan: Basin Street East RCA LPM-2635 VG+ 15.00

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross: The Swingers World Pacific WP-1264 VG+ 20.00

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross: Sing a Song of Basie ABC-223 VG+ 20.00

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross: same Columbia CL 1403 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 15.00

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross: Sing Ellington Columbia CL 1510 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 15.00

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross: High Flying with L, H & R Columbia CL 1675 VG+ 15.00

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross: The Best of...Columbia C 32911 VG+ 6.00

Lande, Art & Jan Garbaarek: Red Lanta ECM 1038 ST VG+ 6.00

Lang, Eddie & Joe Venuti: Stringing the Blues CBS(import) VG++ 12.00

Larkin, Billy: The Best of…World Pacific WPS-21883 VG+ 10.00

Larkin, Billy: Hold On! World Pacific WPS-21850 VG++ 10.00

Lateef, Yusef: Blues for the Orient Prestige P-24035 VG+ 12.00

Lateef, Yusef: Lateef Prestige PR 24007 VG+ 12.00

Lateef, Yusef: Concerto for Yusef Lateef Atlantic 81863 SS 6.00

Laws, Hubert: San Francisco Concert CTI 7071 VG+ 5.00

Laws, Hubert: Land of Passion Columbia C 35708 VG+ 5.00

Laws, Hubert: Romeo & Juliet Columbia PC 34330 VG+ 5.00

Laws, Hubert: California Suite Columbia 36691 M- 6.00

Laws, Hubert: Make it Last Columbia FC 38850 VG+ 5.00

Laws, Hubert & Earl Klugh: How to Beat the High Cost of Living Columbia M- 5.00

Lawson, Yank & Bob Haggert: Ragtime Jamboree Decca DL 8199 VG+ 12.00

Lee, Peggy: Is That All There Is? Capitol ST-386 VG+ 6.00

Lee, Peggy: Big Spender Capitol ST 2475 VG+ 8.00

Lee, Peggy: Jump for Joy Capitol T 979 VG+ 10.00

Lee, Peggy: Rendezvous Capitol T 151 VG+ 8.00

Lee, Peggy: The Man I Love Capitol T 864 VG+ 20.00

Lee, Peggy: The Best of…Decca DXSB 7164 VG+ 12.00

Lee, Peggy: I Like Men Capitol T-1131 VG+ 10.00

Lee, Peggy: Latin ala Lee Capitol T 1290 VG+ 8.00

Lee, Peggy: Sugar 'N...Capitol ST 1772 VG+ 8.00

Lee, Peggy: So Blue Vocalion VL 73776 M- 6.00

Lee, Peggy: Pass Me By Capitol ST 2320 M- 8.00

Lee, Peggy: I'm A Woman Capitol T-1857 VG+ 6.00

Levitt, Rod: Insight RCA LSP-3372 VG+ 10.00

Levitt, Rod: Solid Ground RCA LSP-2448 VG+ 6.00

Levitt, Rod: Forty-Second Street RCA LPM-3615 VG+ 8.00

Lewis, George: Dr. Jazz Verve V-1021 VG+ 8.00

Lewis, George: George Lewis and his New Orleans Stompers, vol 3 Blue Note 7027 10” VG+ 60.00

Lewis, George: And His New Orleans Stompers, vol 1 Blue Note 1205 VG+ 40.00

Lewis, George: Memorial Album Delmark 203 VG+ 8.00

Lewis, George: Archive of Jazz BYG(import) VG+ 8.00

Lewis, John: Essence Atlantic 1425 VG+ 8.00

Lewis, John: The Golden Striker Atlantic 1334S VG+ 10.00

Lewis, Katherine Handy: W.C. Handy Blues Folkways FG 3540 VG+ 10.00

Lewis, Meade Lux: Yancy’s Last Ride Down Home MG D-7 VG+ 30.00

Lewis, Meade Lux: Out of the Roaring Twenties ABC 164 VG++ 20.00

Lewis, Ramsey: At the Bohemian Caverns Cadet 741 SS 10.00

Lewis, Ramsey: Stretching Out Cadet 665 SS 10.00

Lewis, Ramsey: and the Gentlemen of Jazz Cadet 627 SS 10.00

Lewis, Ramsey: Mother Nature’s Son Cadet LPS-821 VG+ 8.00

Lewis, Ramsey: More Music from the Soil Argo 880 VG+ 16.00

Lewis, Ramsey: Country Meets the Blues Argo LPS 701 VG+ 10.00

Lewis, Ramsey: Barefoot Sunday Blues Argo 723 VG+ 10.00

Lewis, Ramsey: Swingin' Cadet 771 SS 10.00

Lewis, Ramsey: The Movie Album 782 SS 10.00

Lewis, Ted: 1926-1933 Biograph BLP-C7 M- 6.00

Lewis, Ted: 1928-1932, vol 2 Biograph BLP-C8 M- 6.00

Lloyd, Charles: Of Course Of Course Columbia CS 9212 VG+ 8.00

Lloyd, Charles: Waves A&M SP-3044 VG+ 8.00

Lloyd, Charles: Charles Lloyd in the Soviet Union Atlantic SD 1571 VG+ 8.00

Lloyd, Charles: The Best of…Atlantic SD 1556 VG+ 8.00

Lloyd, Charles: Moon Man Kapp KS 3634 VG+ 8.00

Lloyd, Charles: Forest Flower Atlantic SD 1473 M- 20.00

Lloyd, Charles: Journey Within Atlantic SD 1493 M- 12.00

Lloyd, Charles: In Europe Atlantic SD 1500 M- 10.00

Lloyd, Charles: Love-In Atlantic SD 1481 M- 20.00

London, Julie: Julie is Her Name Liberty LRP 3006 VG+ 20.00

London, Julie: Julie Liberty LST-7004 VG+ 25.00

London, Julie: Whatever Julie Wants Liberty LST 7192 VG+ 12.00

London, Julie: Feeling Good Liberty LST 7416 VG+ 8.00

London, Julie: Make Love to Me Liberty LRP 3060 VG+ 20.00

London, Julie: About the Blues Liberty LRP 3043 VG+ 20.00

London, Julie: By Myself Liberty SCR-1 VG+ 15.00

London, Julie: Sophisticated Lady Liberty LRP 3203 VG+ 12.00

London, Julie: Julie is Her Name Liberty LRP 3006 VG+ 10.00

Lorber, Jeff: Soft Space Inner City 1056 VG+ 6.00

Lorber, Jeff: It's A Fact Arista AL 9583 M- 6.00

Lovett, Lee: Jazz Dance Party Strand SLS 1055 VG+ 10.00

Lovett, Lee: Lee Plus 3 Wynne WLPS 710 VG+ 12.00

Lowe, Mundell: The Mundell Lowe Quintet RCA LJM-3002 10” VG+ 50.00

Lunceford, Jimmy: same Decca DL 8050 VG+ 12.00

Lunceford, Jimmy: Rhythm Is Our Business Decca DL 79237 VG+ 6.00

Lunceford, Jimmy: Harlem Shout Decca DL 79238 VG+ 6.00

Lunceford, Jimmy: Rare of All Rarest Performances Kings of Jazz(import) M- 6.00

Lunceford, Jimmie: Blues in the Night MCA 1314 M- 6.00

Lunceford, Jimmie: 1944 Circle 92 M- 6.00

Lunceford, Jimmie: In Hi-Fi (re-creations by Billy May) Capitol TAO 924 VG+ 6.00

Lynne, Gloria: My Funny Valentine Design DLP-177 VG+ 6.00

Lynne, Gloria: After Hours Everest 1230 VG+ 8.00

Lynne, Gloria: I Don't Know How to Love Him ABC ASD-9311 VG+ 6.00

MacCormack, Franklyn: The Torch is Burning Liberty LRP-3086 VG+ 10.00

Macero, Ted and Bob Prince: What's New Columbia CL 842 (6 'eyes') VG+ 10.00

Mack, Ida May/Bessie Tucker: Country and Urban Blues “X” LVA 3016 10” VG+ 20.00

Mackay, Dave & Vicky Hamilton: same Impulse AS-9184 VG+ 10.00

Makeba, Miriam: The World of…RCA LPM-2750 VG+ 8.00

Makeba, Miriam: Songoma Warner 25673 VG+ 6.00

Makeba, Miriam: same RCA LPM-2267 VG+ 6.00

Makeba, Miriam: Makeba Sings RCA LSP-3321 VG+ 8.00

Makeba, Miriam: Pata Pata Reprise 6274 VG+ 8.00

Mance, Junior: Big Chief! Jazzland 53 VG+ 15.00

Mance, Junior: Get Ready, Set, Jump! Capitol T 2092 VG+ 10.00

Mangione, Chuck: Children of Sanchez A&M SP 6700 VG+ 6.00

Manhattan Transfer: Bodies and Souls Atlantic 80104 VG+ 5.00

Manhattan Transfer: Live Atlantic 7 81723 M- 6.00

Manhattan Transfer: Mecca for Moderns Atlantic SD 16036 VG+ 5.00

Mann, Herbie: At the Village Gate Atlantic 1380 VG+ 8.00

Mann, Herbie: Live at the Whiskey A-Go-Go Atlantic SD 1536 VG+ 6.00

Mann, Herbie: The Wailing Dervishes Atlantic SD 1497 VG+ 8.00

Mann, Herbie: Live at Newport Atlantic SD 1413 VG+ 6.00

Mann, Herbie: Flute, Brass, Vibes & Percussion Verve V-8392 VG+ 10.00

Mann, Herbie: The Herbie Mann String Album Atlantic SD 1490 VG+ 8.00

Mann, Herbie: Monday Night at the Village Gate Atlantic SD 1462 VG+ 6.00

Mann, Herbie: Our Mann Flute Atlantic 1464 VG+ 6.00

Mann, Herbie: Be Bop Synthesis Savoy SJL 1102 VG+ 6.00

Mann, Herbie: East Coast Jazz 4 Bethlehem 1018 10” VG+/VG 30.00

Mann, Herbie: St. Thomas Solid State 18023 VG+ 8.00

Mann, Herbie: Standing Ovation at Newport Atlantic SD 1445 VG+ 8.00

Mann, Herbie: Bird in a Silver Cage Atlantic SD 18209 VG+ 5.00

Mann, Herbie & Buddy Collette: Flute Fraternity Interlude ST 1003 VG++ 20.00

Manne, Shelly: Manne-That's Gershwin Capitol ST 2313 SS 20.00

Manne, Shelly: Peter Gunn Contemporary C 3560 VG+ 16.00

Marcus, Steve: Count's Rock Band Vortex 2009S M- 20.00

Maria, Tania: Wild! Concord CJP 264 VG+ 6.00

Maria, Tania: Love Explosion Concord CJP-230 VG+ 6.00

Maria, Tania: Made in New York Manhattan 53000 VG+ 6.00

Maria, Tania: The Lady from Brazil Manhattan 53045 VG+ 6.00

Mariachi Brass: Double-Shot World Pacific WPS-21852 M- 10.00

Marsalis, Wynton: JMood Columbia 40308 VG+ 6.00

Marsalis, Wynton: same Columbia FC37574 VG++ 5.00

Marsalis, Wynton: Hot House Flowers Columbia 39530 VG+ 5.00

Marx, Dick: Marx Makes Broadway Omega OML 1002 VG+ 20.00

Mayl, Gene: Jazz in Retrospect Riverside 12-289 VG+ 10.00

McCann, Les: New from the Big City World Pacific ST-20173 VG+ 8.00

McCann, Les & Eddie Harris: Swiss Movement Atlantic SD 1537 VG+ 7.00

McCann, Les & Lou Rawls: Stormy Monday Capitol SM-1714 VG+ 6.00

McCorkle, Susannah: The Songs of Johnny Mercer Inner City 1101 VG+ 6.00

McCoy, Clyde: Really McCoy Mercury SR 60677 VG+ 6.00

McDaniel, Willard: '88' a la carte Crown 5024 VG+ 30.00

McFarland, Gary: Sympathetic Vibrations Verve V6-8786 VG+ 6.00

McFarland, Gary: Profiles Impulse A-9112 M- 20.00

McFarland, Gary: Soft Samba Verve V-8603 VG+ 8.00

McFarland, Gary: Soft Samba Strings Verve V-8682 VG+ 8.00

McFarland, Gary and Clark Terry: Tijuana Jazz Impulse A-9104 VG+ 12.00

McFerrin, Bobby: The Voice Elektra Musician 60366 M- 6.00

McFerrin, Bobby: Spontaneous Inventions Blue Note 85110 M- 6.00

McGriff, Jimmy: Something to Listen To Blue Note BST-84364 VG+ 10.00

McGriff, Jimmy: The Big Band Solid State 18001 VG+ 8.00

McLean, Jackie: Hypnosis Blue Note BN-LA463-J2 VG+ 10.00

McLaughlin, John: Belo Horizonte Warner BSK 3619 M- 6.00

McNabb, Ted: Ted McNabb & Co. Epic BN 558 VG+ 20.00

McPartland, Jimmy: Shades of Bix Brunswick BL 58049 10” VG+ 30.00

McPartland, Jimmy: That Happy Dixieland Jazz Camden CAL 549 VG+ 6.00

McPartland, Jimmy: Meet Me in Chicago Mercury SR 60143 VG+ 10.00

McPartland, Jimmy/Paul Barbarin: Dixieland Now and Then Jaszztone J-1241 VG+ 12.00

McPartland, Marian: Interplay Halcyon 100 VG+ 6.00

McPartland, Marian: A Fine Romance Improv 7115 VG+ 6.00

McRae, Carmen: Carmen’s Gold Mainstream 338 VG+ 6.00

McRae, Carmen: Live and Doin’ It Mainstream 403 VG+ 6.00

McRae, Carmen: Just a Little Lovin’ Atlantic SD 1568 VG+ 6.00

McRae, Carmen: It Takes a Whole Lot of Human Feeling Groove Merchant 522 VG+ 6.00

McRae, Carmen: The Great American Songbook Atlantic SD 2-904 VG+ 10.00

McRae, Carmen: For Cool Ones Decca DL 8738 VG+ 20.00

McRae, Carmen: Lover Man Columbia CL 1730 VG+ 10.00

McRae, Carmen: Alfie Mainstream 56084 VG+ 6.00

McRae, Carmen: The Finest of...Bethlehem BCP 6004 VG+ 6.00

McRae, Carmen: same Mainstream M2X3 VG+ 8.00

McShann, Jay: New York - 1208 Miles Decca DL 79236 VG+ 8.00

Mendes, Sergio: The Great Arrival Atlantic 1466 WLP Mono VG+ 10.00

Menuhin, Yehudi & Stephane Grappelli: Tea for Two Angel 37533 M- 6.00

Mercer, Mabel: Sings Decca DL 74472 VG+ 6.00

Mercer, Mabel & Bobby Short: At Town Hall Atlantic SD 2-604 VG++ 16.00

Meriwether, Roy: Soup & Onions/Soul Cookin’ By…Columbia CS 9233 VG+ 10.00

Meriwether, Roy: The Stone Truth Columbia CL 2584 (WLP) VG+ 16.00

Metheny, Pat: Travels ECM 23791 VG+ 12.00

Metheny, Pat: Rejoicing ECM 25006 M- 6.00

Metheny, Pat: New Chautauqua ECM 1131 VG+ 6.00

Metheny, Pat American Garage ECM 1155 M- 6.00

Metronomes: Something Big Jazzland JLP 78 VG+ 40.00

Mezzrow, Mezz: Swing Session  LVA-3015 10” VG+ 40.00

Mezzrow, Mezz: Mezzin’ Around RCA LJM-1006 VG+ 25.00

Miller, Glenn: The Glenn Miller Story Brunswick(import) 10” VG+ 10.00

Miller, Glenn: The Complete Glenn Miller, vol I 1938-1939 Bluebird AXM2-5512 SS 8.00

Miller, Glenn: The Complete Glenn Miller, vol VI 1940-41 Bluebird AXM2-5569 VG+ 8.00

Mitchell, Blue: The Last Tango=Blues Mainstream 392 WLP VG+ 30.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: The Comedy Atlantic 1390 VG+ 8.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: Jazz Dialogue Atlantic SD 1449 VG++ 8.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: Space Apple STAO 3360 VG+ 12.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: The Sheriff Atlantic SD 1414 VG+ 10.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: same Atlantic 1359 VG+ 10.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: European Concert, vol 2 Atlantic 1386 VG+ 8.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: More from the Last Concert Atlantic SD 8806 VG+ 6.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: Fontessa Atlantic 1231 (blk lbl) VG+ 16.00

Modern Jazz Quartet: One Never Knows Atlantic 1284 (blk lbl) VG+ 16.00

Modern Jazz Quartet with Laurindo Almeida: Collaboration Atlantic SD 1429 VG+ 6.00

Modern Jazz Sextet: same Verve 90-5603 VG+ 8.00

Montgomery, Wes: The History of…Verve 2-V6S-8813 VG+ 10.00

Montgomery, Wes: Eulogy Verve V6-8796 VG+ 8.00

Montgomery, Wes: Goin’ Out of My Head Verve V-8642 VG+ 8.00

Montgomery, Wes: Road Song A&M 3012 VG+ 8.00

Montgomery : Down Here on the Ground A&M VG+ 8.00

Montreux: Let Them Say Windham Hill 11084 M- 6.00

Montreux: Sign Language Windham Hill 1058 M- 6.00

Moody, James: Moody’s Mood Chess 2ACMJ 403 VG+ 10.00

Moody, James: Last Train from Overbrook Cadet 637 VG++ 10.00

Moody, James: James Moody's Greatest Hits Prestige PR 7431 VG+ 6.00

Moore, Ada/Buck Clayton/Jimmy Rushing: Cat Meets Chick Columbia CL 778 VG+ 25.00

Moore, Brew: same Fantasy OJC-049 M- 6.00

Moore, Glen & Dave Friesen: In Concert Vanguard VSD-79383 VG+ 8.00

Moraz, Patrick: same Charisma CA-1-2201 VG+ 6.00

Morgan, Helen: Sings Audio Rarities 2330 VG+ 8.00

Morgan, J.P.: same RCA LPM-1155 VG+ 20.00

Morgan, Lee: The Sidewinder Blue Note 84157 (NY address) VG+ 30.00

Morrow, Buddy: Poe for Moderns RCA LSP-2208 VG+ 20.00

Morrow, Buddy: Night Train Mercury MG 20396 VG+ 8.00

Morse, Etta Mae: The Hits of Freddie Slack Capitol(import) VG+ 8.00

Morton, Jelly Roll: Red Hot Peppers, vol 2 LVA-3028 10” VG+ 50.00

Morton, Jelly Roll: In New Orleans Vol XI Circle L14011 VG 15.00

Moten, Bennie: Kansas City Jazz, vol 3 "X" LVA 3038 10" VG+ 20.00

Mrubata, McCoy: Firebird Jive 41256 M- 6.00

Muhammad, Idris: Make it Count Fantasy F-9598 M- 6.00

Mulligan, Gerry: Something Borrowed, Something Blue Limelight LS 86040 VG+ 10.00

Mulligan, Gerry: The Gerry Mulligan Quartet Verve V6-8466 VG+ 10.00

Mulligan, Gerry: Meets Stan Getz Verve V-8535 VG+ 8.00

Mulligan, Gerry: Presents a Concert in Jazz Verve V6-8415 VG+ 12.00

Mulligan, Gerry: The Great Gerry Mulligan United US-7804 VG+ 8.00

Mulligan, Gerry: Gerry Mulligan Sextet EmArcy MG-36056 VG+ 40.00

Mulligan, Gerry: On Tour Verve V-8438 VG+ 8.00

Mulligan, Gerry & Chet Baker: Mulligan & Baker Jazztone J 1253 VG+ 20.00

Mulligan, Gerry: What is there to Say? Columbia CL 1307 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 20.00

Mulligan, Gerry: Gerry Mulligan Quartet Pacific Jazz PLJP-1 10” VG+ 80.00

Mulligan, Gerry: New York December 1960 Jazz anthology 5236 VG+ 6.00

Mulligan, Gerry Here Is... Vol. 1 Kings of Jazz KLJ-20021 M- 8.00

Mulligan, Gerry: The Arranger Columbia 34803 M- 8.00

Mulligan, Gerry & Chet Baker: Carnegie Hall Concert, vol 1 CTI 6054 S1 VG+ 10.00

Mulligan, Gerry & Chet Baker: Carnegie Hall Concert, vol 2 CTI 6055 S1 VG+ 10.00

Mulligan, Gerry and Paul Desmond: Blues in Time Verve V-8478 VG+ 8.00

Murphy, Mark: Bop for Kerouac Muse 5253 VG+ 15.00

Murphy, Mark: Playing the Field Capitol ST 1458 VG++ 20.00

Murphy, Turk: Easy Street Verve MG V-1015 VG+ 12.00

Murray, David: New Life Black Saint BSR 0100 M- 6.00

Nance, Ray: Body and Soul Solid State 18062 VG+ 10.00

Narell, Andy: The Hammer Whindam Hill 10107 VG+ 5.00

Narell, Andy: Stickman Windham Hill HP 101 VG+ 5.00

Narell, Andy: Light in Your Eyes Hip Pocket HP 103 VG+ 5.00

Nassan, Sandy: Just Guitar Embryo SD-528 VG+ 8.00

Nassan, Sandy: Direct to Disc Family Owl no # VG+ 8.00

Newborn, Phineas: Music from Jamaica RCA LPM-1589 VG+ 20.00

Newman, David: Ray Charles presents…Atlantic SD 1304 VG+ 8.00

Newman, David: The Best of…Atlantic SD 1590 VG+ 6.00

Newman, David: Captain Buckles Cotillion SD 18002 VG+ 6.00

Newman, David: Concrete Jungle Prestige P-10104 VG+ 6.00

Newman, David: The Many Facets of David Newman Atlantic SD 1524 SS 13.00

Newman, David: The Best of…Atlantic SD 1590 M- 8.00

Newman, David: Concrete Jungle Prestige P-10104 VG+ 6.00

Newman, Joe: The Happy Cats Jasmine(import) M- 7.00

Newman, Joe: The Count's Men Jazztone J-1220 VG+ 16.00

Newman, Joe: Swing Lightly Jazz Greats JG601 VG+ 6.00

Newman, Joe and Billy Byers: New Sounds in Swing Jazztone J-1217 M- 15.00

New Orleans Ragtime Orch.: same Vanguard VSD 69/70 VG+ 5.00

New Orleans Ragtime Orch.: Grace and Beauty Delmark DS-214 VG+ 8.00

Nicholas, Albert: The Albert Nicholas Quartet Delmar DL 207 M- 8.00

Nicholas, Albert-Mezz Mezzrow: same Jazztone VG+ J-1233 VG+ 12.00

Niehaus, Lennie: Vol 1, The Quintet Contemporary C-2513 10” VG+ 100.00

Noone, Jimmie & Earl Hines: At the Apex Club Decca DL 79235 SS 8.00

Norvo, Red: The Red Norvo Trios Fantasy 3244 (red wax) M- 40.00

Norvo, Red: In Hi-Fi RCA LPM-1711 VG+ 20.00

Norvo, Red: Hi-Five RCA LPM-1420 VG++ 20.00

O'Day, Anita: The Big Band Sessions Verve VE-2-2534 VG+ 8.00

O'Day, Anita: Mello'day Crescendo GNPS 2126 VG+ 6.00

O'Farrill, Chico: Mambo Dance Session Norgran MG N-27 10” VG+ 40.00

Oregon: Moon and Mind Vanguard VSD-79419 VG+ 8.00

Oregon: In Performance Elektra 9E-304 VG+ 10.00

Oregon: Violin Vanguard VSD 79397 VG+ 6.00

Oregon: Friends Vanguard VSD 79370 VG+ 6.00

Oregon: In Concert Vanguard VSD 79358 VG+ 6.00

Oregon: Winter Light Vanguard VSD 79350 VG+ 6.00

Oregon: Roots in the Sky Elektra 6E-224 VG+ 6.00

Oregon: same ECM 23796 VG+ 6.00

Oregon: Out of the Woods Elektra 6E-454 VG+ 6.00

Oregon/Elvin Jones: Together Vanguard VSD 79377 VG+ 6.00

Original Dixieland Jazz Band "X" LX-3007 10" VG++ 20.00

Ory, Kid: The Great New Orleans Trombonist Columbia CL 835 (6 'eyes') VG+ 20.00

Ozone, Makoto: Now You Know Columbia 40676 VG+ 6.00

Pace, Johnny: Chet Baker Introduces…Riverside OJC 433 SS 8.00

Parenti, Tony: Happy Jazz Jazztone J-1215 VG+ 12.00

Parker, Charlie: The Complete Savoy Studio Sessions Savoy 5500 VG+ 25.00

Parker, Charlie: The Verve Years (1950-1951) Verve VE-2-2512 VG+ 12.00

Parker, Charlie: The Verve Years (1952-54) verve VE-2-2523 M- 12.00

Parker, Charlie: Bird Wings Verve VSPS-23 VG+ 8.00

Parker, Charlie: Night and Day Verve MGV-8003 VG+ 20.00

Parker, Charlie: The Very Best of Bird Warner 2W8 3198 VG+ 12.00

Parker, Charlie: The Charlie Parker Story #2 Verve V6-8001 SS 12.00

Parker, Charlie: The Charlie Parker Story #3 Verve V6-8002 SS 12.00

Parker, Charlie: Bird is Free Charlie Parker PLP 401-S VG+ 10.00

Parker, Charlie: Parker Prestige P-24009 VG+ 12.00

Parker, Charlie: The Complete Savoy Sessions, vol 2 RCA(import) VG+ 8.00

Parker, Charlie: Parker Plus Strings Charlie Parker 513 VG+ 6.00

Parker, Charlie: same, vol 2 Everest FS-232 VG+ 6.00

Parker, Charlie: same, vol 3 Everest FS-254 M- 8.00

Parker, Charlie and Lester Young: Bird and Pres-The ’46 Concerts Verve VE-2-2518 VG+ 12.00

Paul, Les: The New Sound Capitol H 226 10” VG+ 40.00

Paul, Les: The New Sound, vol 2 Capitol H 286 10” VG+ 40.00

Pecora/Sharkey/Girard: New Orleans Dixieland Southland S-LP 216 VG++ 20.00

Pell, Dave: Jazz Goes Dancing RCA LSP-1662 VG+ 6.00

Perlman, Itzhak & Andre Previn: A Different Kind Of Blue Angel DS-37780 M-6.00

Person, Houston: Person to Person Prestige PR 10003 VG+ 10.00

Peterson, Oscar: Very Tall Verve V-8429 VG+ 8.00

Peterson, Oscar: The History of An Artist Pablo 2625 702 VG+ 8.00

Peterson/Bellson/Heard: The London Concert Pablo 2620-111 VG+ 8.00

Pettiford, Oscar: Oscar Pettiford Orchestra in Hi-Fi ABC 135 VG+ 40.00

Pierce, Nat: Chamber Music for Moderns Coral CRL 57128 VG+ 20.00

Ponty, Jean-Luc: Mystical Adventures Atlantic SD 19333 VG+ 6.00

Ponty, Jean-Luc: Live Atlantic SD19229 VG+ 6.00

Ponty, Jean-Luc: Individual Choice Atlantic 80090-1 M- 6.00

Ponty, Jean-Luc: Fables Atlantic 81276 M- 6.00

Poole, Billie: Sermonette Riverside 9425 VG+ 20.00

Porter, Sidney: I Remember Sidney Tifficka (no #) VG+ 10.00

Powell, Bud: The Jazz Legacy of…Verve VSPS-34 VG+ 8.00

Powell, Mel: Septet Vanguard VRS-8004 10” VG+ 40.00

Preacher Rollo: Dixieland Favorites MGM E 95 10” VG+ 20.00

Previn, Andre: A Touch of Elegance Columbia CL 1649 VG+ 10.00

Previn, Andre: Gigi Contemporary C 3548 VG+ 20.00

Previn, Andre: West Side Story Contemporary S 7572 VG+ 12.00

Price, Sam: Barrelhouse and Blues Jazztone J-1207 VG+ 16.00

Prima, Louis: Wonderland by Night Dot DLP 25352 VG+ 10.00

Prima, Louis and Keely Smith: Hey Boy! Hey Girl! Capitol T 1160 VG+ 15.00

Prima, Louis and Keely Smith: Together Dot DLP 25263 VG+ 12.00

Prima, Louis and Keely Smith: Return of the Wildest Dot DLP 25392 VG+ 12.00

Prysock, Arthur: Best of...number 2 Verve V-5038 VG+ 6.00

Prysock, Arthur: A Double Header Old Town 2009 VG+ 12.00

Prysock, Arthur: Coast To Coast Old Town LP-2005 VG+ 16.00

Pullen, Don: Montreux Concert Atlantic SD 8802 VG+ 6.00

Purim, Flora: Nothing will be As It Was…Tomorrow Warner BS 2985 VG+ 6.00

Redman, Don: Master of the Big Band RCA LPV-520 VG+ 8.00

Red Onion Jazz Band: There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight Biograph BLS 12012 VG+ 6.00

Reese, Della: Amen Jubilee 1083 VG+ 12.00

Reese, Della: Special Delivery RCA LPM-2391 VG+ 8.00

Reese, Della: At Basin Street East RCA LSP-2872 VG+ 10.00

Reese, Della: C'mon and Hear ABC ABCS 524 VG+ 6.00

Reeves, Diane: same Blue Note 46906 M- 6.00

Rene, Henri: White Heat Imperial LP 12021 VG+ 8.00

Return to Forever: Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy Polydor PD 5536 VG+ 6.00

Return to Forever: Romantic Warrior Columbia 34076 M- 6.00

Rich, Buddy: Playtime Argo 676 VG+ 15.00

Rich, Buddy: The Last Blues Album, vol 1 Groove Merchant 3303 VG+ 8.00

Rich, Buddy: This One’s for Basie Norgran MGN 1086 VG+ 20.00

Rich, Buddy: Sings Johnny Mercer Verve MGV-2009 VG+ 30.00

Rippingtons: Moonlighting Passport 78004 M- 5.00

Rippingtons: Kilimanjaro Passport 7804L M- 5.00

Ritchie Family: Brazil 20th Century Fox T-498 VG+ 8.00

Ritenour, Lee: The Best of...Epic 36527 M- 5.00

River Boat Five: On A Swinging Date Mercury SR 60186 VG+ 5.00

River Boat Five: Take the Train Mercury MG 20422 VG+ 5.00

River Boat Five: Ma! They're Comin' Down the Street Mercury MG 20379 VG+ 5.00

River Boat Five: From Nachez to Mobile Mercury MG 20378 VG+ 5.00

Rivers, Mavis and Red Norvo: We Remember Mildred Bailey VeeJay 1132 VG+ 12.00

Rivers, Mavis: The Simple Life Capitol ST 1408 VG+ 6.00

Rivers, Mavis: Hooray for Love Capitol ST 1294 VG+ 6.00

Rivers, Mavis: Take A Number Capitol T 1210 VG+ 15.00

Roach, Max: w/The Boston Percussion Ensemble EmArcy MG 36144 WLP VG+ 25.00

Roberts, George: Meet Mr. Roberts Columbia CS 8179 (6 ‘eyes’) VG+ 12.00

Roberts, Howard: Goodies Capitol ST 2400 VG+ 8.00

Roberts, Howard: H.R. is a Dirty Guitar Player Capitol T 1961 VG+ 8.00

Roberts, Howard: Color Him Funky Capitol ST 1887 M- 8.00

Roberts, Howard: All-Time Great Instrumental Hits Capitol ST 2609 M- 8.00

Roberts, Howard: Jaunty-Jolly Capitol ST 2716 VG+ 8.00

Roberts, Howard: Something's Cookin' Capitol T 2214 VG+ 8.00

Rodney, Red: Night and Day Muse MR 5274 VG+ 6.00

Rodney, Red: Live at the Village Vanguard Muse MR 5209 M- 6.00

Rogers, Shorty: Martians Come Back! Atlantic 1232 VG+ 20.00

Rogers, Shorty: The Swingin' Nutcracker RCA LSP-2110 VG+ 10.00

Rogers, Shorty: Cool and Crazy RCA LPM-3138 10” VG+ 80.00

Rogers, Shorty: Chances Are It Swings RCA LSP-1975 VG+ 20.00

Rollins, Sonny: Next Album Milestone MSP 9042 VG+ 8.00

Rugolo, Pete: The Music from Richard Diamond EmArcy MG 36162 VG+ 12.00

Rugolo, Pete: Introducing...Columbia CL 635 (maroon lbl) VG+ 16.00

Rushing, Jimmy: Listen to the Blues Jazztone J 1244 VG+ 20.00

Rushing, Jimmy: The Jazz Odyssey of...Columbia CL 963 VG+ 20.00

Russell, Luis: same Columbia KG 32338 VG+ 8.00

Russell, Pee Wee & Oliver Nelson: The Spirit of '67 Impulse A-9147 VG+ 6.00

Sade: Diamond Life Columbia 95811 VG+ 6.00

Sade: Promise Portrait FR 40263 VG++ 6.00

St. Cyr, Johnny/Paul Barbarin: Made in New Orleans Southland S-LP212 VG++ 20.00

Sanborn, David: Straight to the Heart Warner W1-25150 M- 6.00

Sanborn, David: A Change of Heart Warner W1-25479 M- 6.00

Sanders, Pharoah: Love Will Find a Way Arista AB 4161 VG+ 8.00

San Francisco Marching, Trotting & Walking Band: The Spirit of the 20's Fantasy 3274 (red wax) VG++ 8.00

Santamaria, Mongo: Hey Let’s Party Columbia CS 9273 VG+ 8.00

Saussy, Tupper: Discover Tupper Saussy Monument MLP 8004 VG+ 8.00

Scarletta, Don: Any Time Any Groove Capitol T 2204 VG+ 8.00

Scaletta, Don: Sunday Afternoon at the Trident Verve V-5027 DJ VG++ 16.00

Schifrin, Lalo: Piano Strings and Bossa Nova MGM SE 4110 VG+ 10.00

Schifrin, Lalo: Marquis de Sade Verve V6-8654 VG+ 8.00

Schuller, Gunther, et al: Music for Brass Columbia CL 941 VG+ 12.00

Schuur, Diane: & the Count Basie Orch. GRP 1039 VG+ 6.00

Schuur, Diane: Deedles GRP A-1010 M- 6.00

Schuur, Diane: Timeless GRP A-1030 M- 6.00

Scobey, Bob: Bob Scobey's Band Verve MGV-1001 VG+ 10.00

Scott, Shirley: Satin Doll Prestige PR 7283 M- 25.00

Scott, Tom: Streamlines GRP 1044 M- 6.00

Scott, Tony: In Hi-Fi Brunswick BL 54021 VG+ 30.00

Scott, Tony: The Complete…RCA LPM-1452 VG+ 20.00

Scott, Tony: 52nd Street Scene Coral CRL 57239 VG+ 20.00

Scott, Tony: Both Sides of Tony Scott RCA LPM-1268 VG+ 30.00

Scott, Tony: The Touch of Tony Scott RCA LPM-1353 VG+ 30.00

Scott-Heron, Gil: The First Minutes of a New Day Arista 4030 VG+ 8.00

Scott-Heron, Gil: Free Will Flying Dutchman 10153 SS 15.00

Scott-Heron, Gil & Brian Jackson: From South Africa to South Carolina Rumal-Gia 43401 SS 13.00

Scott-Heron, Gil & Brian Jackson: Bridges Arista AB 4147 VG+ 8.00

Seven Teens: In the Hall of Fame Capitol T 1424 VG+ 7.00

Shadowfax: Shadowdance Windham Hill 1029 VG++ 5.00

Shank, Bud: Heritage Concord CJ-58 M- 6.00

Shank, Bud: A Spoonful of Jazz World Pacific WP-1868 VG+ 8.00

Shank, Bud: Plays the Music of Today's Movies World Pacific 1864 VG+ 6.00

Shank, Bud & Bill Mays: Explorations 1980 Concord 2002 VG++ 6.00

Shaw, Artie: The Complete...vol 6 RCA AXM2-5579 M- 8.00

Shaw, Artie: The Uncollected, vol 4 Hindsight 149 M- 6.00

Shaw, Artie: The Uncollected, vol 5 Hindsight 176 M- 6.00

Shaw, Artie, Plays Cole Porter MGM E-517 10” VG+ 12.00

Shaw, Artie: My Concerto RCA LPT-1020 VG+ 10.00

Shearing, George: Latin Affair Capitol T 1275 VG+ 6.00

Shearing, George: Quintet Discovery DL 3002 10” VG+ 20.00

Shearing, George: An Evening with...MGM E 3122 VG+ 12.00

Shearing, George: Latin Rendevous Capitol T 2326 SS 8.00

Shearing, George & The Montgomery Brothers: same Jazzland JLP 55 VG+ 12.00

Shearing, George & Mel Torme: An Elegant Evening Concord CJ-294 VG+ 6.00

Sheldon, Jack: same Crescendo GNPS 9036 M- 8.00

Shore, Dinah: Sings Some Blues with Red Capitol ST 1354 VG++ 15.00

Short, Bobby: Loves Cole Porter Atlantic SD 2-606 VG+ 8.00

Short, Bobby: Jump for Joy Atlantic SD 1535 VG+ 6.00

Short, Bobby: The Very Best of...Atlantic SD 1620 VG+ 6.00

Sidran, Ben: On the Live Side Magenta 0206 VG+ 6.00

Sidran, Ben: On The Cool Side Magenta MA-0204 M- 6.00

Sidran Ben: Free in America Arista AL 4081 VG+ 5.00

Silver, Horace: The Best of...Blue Note BST 84325 (Liberty lbl) VG+ 12.00

Sims, Zoot: Zootcase Prestige P-24061 VG+ 6.00

Sims, Zoot: The Big Stampede Biograph BLP 12064 M- 8.00

Sims, Zoot: Passion Flower Pablo 2312-120 VG+ 6.00

Sims,. Zoot: The Swinger Pablo 2310-861 VG+ 6.00

Sims, Zoot: If I'm Lucky Pablo 2310-803 VG+ 6.00

Sinatra, Frank: Come Dance with Me Capitol SW 1069 VG+ 8.00

Sinatra, Frank: All Alone Reprise 1007 VG+ 8.00

Sinatra, Frank: I’ve Got  A Crush on You Columbia CL 2539 10” VG+ 20.00

Sinatra, Frank: The Concert Sinatra Reprise 1009 VG+ 8.00

Sinatra, Frank: Come Back to Sorrento Columbia CL 1359 VG+ 8.00

Sinatra, Frank: Songs for Young Lovers Capitol H 488 10” VG+ 20.00

Smith, Jimmy: The Cat Verve V6-8587 VG+ 8.00

Smith, Jimmy: Monster Verve V6-8618 VG+ 8.00

Smith, Jimmy: Greatest Hits Blue Note BST 89901 VG+ 15.00

Smith, Jimmy: Monster Verve V6-8618 VG+ 8.00

Smith, Johnny and Stan Getz: Moonlight in Vermont Roost 2251 VG+ 15.00

Smith, Keely: Swingin’ Pretty Capitol ST 1145 VG+ 8.00

Smith, Keely: Swing, You Lovers Dot DLP 25265 VG+ 10.00

Smith, Keely: Be My Love Dot DLP 3241 VG+ 8.00

Smith, Paul: same Discovery DL-3009 10” VG+ 40.00

Smith, Richard: Puma Creek Chase Music Group 88011 SS 6.00

Smith, Something & The Redheads: Put the Blame on Mame Epic LN 3373 VG+ 6.00

Smith, Willie: Alto Sax Artistry Mercury MG 25075 10” VG+ 30.00

Smith, Willie ‘The Lion’: The Many Faces of Jazz, vol 30 Mode(import) VG+ 8.00

Sound of Feeling: Leonard Feather Presents…Verve V6-8743 M- 50.00

South, Eddie: the Distinguished Violin of...Mercury MG 20401 VG+ 16.00

Southern, Jeri: Meets Cole Porter Capitol T 1173 VG+ 18.00

Southern, Jeri: You Better Go Now Official(import) M- 8.00

Spanier, Muggsy: same Riverside RLP 12-107 VG+ 25.00

Spanier, Muggsy: Muggsy Spanier And His Dixieland Band Mercury MGW-12165 VG+ 6.00

Spanier, Muggsy & Sidney Bechet: Ragtime Jazz Olympia 7113 VG+ 5.00

Spivak, Charlie: In Soft Moonlight Decca DL 74355 VG+ 6.00

Spyro Gyra: Morning Dance Infinity 9004 VG+ 6.00

Spyro Gyra: same Infinity 9011 VG+ 6.00

Spyro Gyra: Breakout MCA 5753 SS 6.00

Spyro Gyra: Rites of Summer MCA 6235 SS 6.00

Spyro Gyra: Freetime MCA 5238 VG+ 6.00

Spyro Gyra: Access All Areas MCA 6893 SS 6.00

Spyro Gyra: Stories without Words MCA 22046 M- 5.00

Spyro Gyra: Carnaval MCA 5149 M- 5.00

Stacy, Jess: Piano Moods Columbia CL 6147 10” VG+ 30.00

Stanko, Tomasz: Balladyna ECM-1-1071 VG+ 6.00

Starr, Kay: Movin' Capitol T 1254 VG++ 10.00

Staton, Dakota: Dynamic! Capitol ST 1054 VG+ 8.00

Stewart, Herb: Plays So Pretty Ava A-9 VG+ 10.00

Stewart, Rex: Dedicated Jazz Jazztone 1250 VG+ 16.00

Stewart, Rex: Dixieland Free-for-All Jazztone 1202 VG+ 14.00

Stitt, Sonny: Stardust Roulette SR 42048 VG+ 10.00

Stitt, Sonny: Sonny Side Up Verve MGV-8262 VG+ 20.00

Stitt, Sonny: What’s New Pye(import) VG+ 10.00

Stitt, Sonny: Sonny’s Back Muse 5204 VG+ 8.00

Stitt, Sonny: I Keep Comin' Back Roulette A-25346 VG+ 6.00

Strunz & Farah: Frontera Milestone 89123 VG+ 6.00

Sullivan, Ira: Multamedia Galaxy GXY-5137 VG+ 6.00

Sullivan, Joe: Piano Folkways FA 2851 M- 12.00

Sullivan, Maxine & Jack Teagarden: same Everest FS 307 VG+ 6.00

Sutton Ralph: Knocked-Out Nocturne Project 3 Total Sound PR5040SD WLP VG+ 8.00

Sutton, Ralph & Jay McShann: The Last of the Whorehouse Piano Players, vol 2 Chaz Jazz 104 M- 6.00

Sweet Emma: same Riverside 364 VG+ 12.00

Swingle Singers: Perform with the Modern Jazz Quartet Philips PHM-200-225 VG+ 6.00

Syms, Sylvia: Torch Song ColumbiaCS 8243 VG+ 16.00

Szabo, Gabor: Gypsy ’66 Impulse A-9105 VG+ 12.00

Szabo, Gabor: High Contrast Blue Thumb BTS 28 VG+ 8.00

Szabo, Gabor: More Sorcery Impulse A-9167 VG+ 8.00

Szabo, Gabor: Faces Mercury SRM-1-1141 VG+ 6.00

Tatum, Art: same Capitol H 216 10” VG+ 20.00

Tatum, Art & Earl Garner: Kings of the Keyboard Jazztone J-12103 VG+ 15.00

Taylor, Billy: The Billy Taylor Touch Atlantic 1277 VG+ 20.00

Taylor, Billy: My Fair Lady Loves Jazz Impulse AS-72(re) VG+ 8.00

Taylor, Billy: My Fair Lady Loves Jazz ABC 177 VG+ 20.00

Taylor, Cecil, et al: The New Breed Impulse IA-9339/2 VG+ 12.00

Taylor, Martin: Skye Boat Concord CJ-184 VG+ 6.00

Taylor, Sam: Blue Mist MGM SE-4623 VG++ 10.00

Taylor, Sam: Plays Hollywood MGM E 3967 VG+ 8.00

Teagarden, Jack: Big T Jazztone J-1222 VG+ 16.00

Teagarden, Jack: Big T's Dixieland Band Capitol T 1095 VG+ 8.00

Teagarden, Jack: Tribute to Teagarden Capitol T 2076 VG+ 8.00

Tedesco, Tommy: My Desiree Trend DS-851 VG++ 6.00

Terry, Clark: Duke with a Difference Riverside OJC-229 M- 6.00

Terry, Clark: Memories of Duke Pablo 2312-118 VG+ 6.00

Terry, Clark: Mumbles Mainstream S/6066 VG+ 8.00

Terry, Clark & Bob Brookmeyer: Tonight Mainstream S/6043 VG+ 8.00

Thielemans, Jean (Toots): Slow Motion Jazzman 5016 VG+ 7.00

Thomas, Walter: Hot Jazz Harlequin(import) M- 8.00

Thompson, Sir Charles: and the Swing Organ Columbia CS 8205 VG+ 10.00

Three Sounds: Some Like it Modern Mercury MG 20839 VG+ 12.00

Timmens, Jim: Hallelujah! RCA LSP-2029 VG+ 8.00

Tjader, Cal: Huracan Crystal Clear 8003 VG+ 12.00

Tjader, Cal: Mambo Fantasy 3326 (red wax) VG+ 20.00

Tjader, Cal: Tjader Plays Jazz Fantasy 3-211 VG+ 40.00

Tjader, Cal: Warm Wave Verve V6-8585 VG+ 6.00

Tjader, Cal: Cal Tjader Quartet Fantasy 3-227 (red vinyl) VG+ 30.00

Tjader, Cal: Return Engagement Verve V3HB-8843 VG+ 10.00

Tjader, Cal: West Side Story Fantasy 3310 (red wax) VG+ 20.00

Tjader, Cal: San Francisco Moods Fantasy 3271 (red wax) VG+ 20.00

Tjader, Cal: Mambo with Tjader Fantasy 3202 (red wax) VG+ 20.00

Tompkins, Ross, et al: Live at Concord ’77 Concord CJ 51 VG+ 6.00

Torme, Mel: Songs of New York Atlantic 80078 M- 7.00

Torme, Mel: Torme Verve MGV 2105 VG+ 20.00

Torme, Mel: Sings About Love Audiophile AP-67 M- 10.00

Torme, Mel: A New Album Gryphon G-916 VG+ 5.00

Towner, Ralph: Trios – Solos ECM 1025 VG+ 6.00

Towner, Ralph: Works ECM 32681 M- 6.00

Towner, Ralph & Gary Burton: Matchbook ECM 1056 VG+ 6.00

Turner, Big Joe: Early Big Joe 1940-1944 M- 6.00

Turrentine, Stanley: Pieces of Dreams Fantasy F-9465 M- 6.00

Turrentine, Stanley: Tender Togetherness Elektra 5E-534 M- 5.00

Tyner, McCoy: La Leyenda De La Hora Columbia 37375 VG++ 6.00

Van Damme: They're Playing Our Song Columbia C2L 7 (6 'eyes') VG+ 16.00

Van Damme, Art: Cocktail Capers Capitol T 178 VG++ 20.00

Van Damme, Art & Jo Stafford: Once Over Lightly Columbia CL 968 VG+ 20.00

Van Eps, George: My Guitar Capitol T 2533 SS 15.00

Vaughan, Sarah: Duke Ellington, Song Book Two Pablo 2312-116 VG+ 8.00

Vaughan, Sarah: You’re Mine You Roulette R 52082 VG+ 6.00

Vaughan, Sarah: Sings Songs of Broadway Galaxy 4835 VG+ 8.00

Vaughan, Sarah: Live in Japan Mainstream 2401 VG+ 10.00

Vaughan, Sarah: Echoes of an Era Roulette RE-103 VG+ 10.00

Vaughan, Sarah: Sassy Mercury Wing SRW 16237 VG+ 6.00

Vaughan, Sarah: No Count Sarah Mercury MG 20441 VG+ 12.00

Vaughan, Sarah: The Magic of…Mercury MG 20438 VG+ 12.00

Vaughan, Sarah: Great Songs from Hit Shows Mercury SR 60078 VG+ 20.00

Vaughn, Father Tom: At the Village Gate RCA LPM-3577 VG+ 6.00

Ventura, Charlie: A Charlie Ventura Concert (w/Cain & Kral) Decca DL 8046 VG+ 40.00

Venuti, Joe: Plays Gershwin Golden Crest CR 3100 VG+ 12.00

Venuti, Joe: Once More with Feeling Ovation OV/14-04 VG+ 8.00

Venuti, Joe: Doin' Things Pausa PR-7034 VG++ 6.00

Villegas, Enrique: Introducing Villegas Columbia CL 787 VG+ 6.00

Vinson, Eddie: Cleanhead’s Back in Town Ammco 312 VG+ 20.00

Vollenweider, Andreas: Down to the Moon CBS 42255 M- 6.00

Vollenweider, Andreas: White Winds CBS 39963 M- 6.00

Waller, Fats: The Complete Fats Waller, vol 1 Bluebird AXM2-5511 VG+ 12.00

Waller, Fats: Valentine Stomp RCA LPV-525 VG+ 10.00

Waller, Fats: The Complete Recordings RCA/Black and White(import) VG++ 50.00

Waller, Fats: Swingin' the Organ RCA LPT-3040 10" VG+ 30.00

Waller, Fats: Handful of Keys RCA LPM-1502 VG++ 20.00

Wanderly, Walter: Cheganca Verve V-8676 VG+ 8.00

Wanderly, Walter: Rain Forest Verve V-8658 VG+ 6.00

Warren, Guy: Themes for African Drums RCA LSP-1864 VG+ 16.00

Washington, Dinah: Tears and Laughter Mercury MG 20661 VG+ 10.00

Washington, Dinah: Sings the Blues Pye(import) VG++ 8.00

Washington, Dinah: Golden Hits, vol 1 Mercury SR 60788 VG+ 6.00

Washington, Dinah: The Jazz Sides Mercury EMS-2-401 VG+ 8.00

Washington, Dinah: Music for a First love Mercury MG 20119 VG+ 8.00

Washington, Dinah: I Wanna Be Loved Mercury MG 20729 VG+ 10.00

Washington, Dinah: In Tribute Roulette R-25244 VG+ 6.00

Washington, Dinah and Brook Benton: The Two of Us Mercury SK 60244 VG+ 8.00

Washington Jr., Grover: Soul Box Vol 2 KUDU-13 M- 6.00

Watson, Leo, Earl Fatha Hines & Shorty Sherock: Pre-Bop Bob Thiele BBM1-0940 VG+ 6.00

Watts, Ernie: Musician Quest 25283 VG+ 6.00

Webster, Ben: Giants of Jazz Time Life STL-J21 VG++ 15.00

Weeks, Anson: Dancin' With Anson Fantasy F-3258 VG++ 6.00

Wein, George: Is Alive and Well in Mexico Columbia CL 9631 VG+ 6.00

Wess, Frank: I Hear Ya Talkin' Savoy 1136 M- 6.00

Weston, Randy: African Cookbook Atlantic SD 1609(re) SS 12.00

Whalum, Kirk: And You Know That! Columbia FC 40812 M- 6.00

White, Kitty: Folk Songs Mercury MG 20183 VG+ 16.00

Wilber, Bob: Young Men with Horns Riverside 2501 10” VG+ 30.00

Wilber, Bob: Blowin' the Blues Away Classic Jazz 9 VG+ 6.00

Wiley, Lee: Back Home Again Monmouth MES 7041 VG++ 6.00

Wiley, Lee: Night in Manhattan Columbia(re) 6.00

Wiley, Lee: The Songs of Rogers & Hart Jazztone J 1248 VG+ 20.00

Wiley, Lee: A Touch of the Blues RCA LSP-1566 VG+ 20.00

Williams, Cootie & Wini Brown: Around Midnight Jaro JAS 8001 VG+ 30.00

Williams, Jessica: Portraits Adelphi 5005 VG+ 8.00

Williams, Joe: Jump for Joy RCA LPM-2713 VG+ 8.00

Williams, Joe: Every Night Verve 833236 M- 6.00

Williams, Joe: A Man Ain’t Supposed to Cry Emus ES 12002 M- 6.00

Williams, Joe: Sing Along with Basie Roulette R-52018 VG+ 12.00

Williams, John: same EmArcy MG-26047 10” VG+ 40.00

Williams, Mary Lou: A Keyboard History Jazztone 12106 VG+ 20.00

Williamson, Claude: same Capitol H 6502 10” VG+ 40.00

Wilson, Gerald: The Golden Sword Pacific Jazz ST 20111 VG+ 8.00

Wilson, nancy: From Broadway with Love Capitol T 2433 VG+ 8.00

Wilson, Nancy: Tender Loving Care Capitol ST 2555 VG+ 8.00

Wilson, nancy: Lush Life Capitol ST 2757 VG+ 8.00

Wilson, Nancy: How Glad I Am Capitol SM-11767 VG+ 6.00

Wilson, Nancy: Just for Now Capitol ST 2712 VG+ 8.00

Wilson, Nancy: Son of a Preacher Man Capitol ST 234 M- 6.00

Wilson, Teddy: The Didactic Teddy Wilson Clef MGC-140 10” VG+ 80.00

Wilson, Teddy w/Billie Holiday: same Columbia CL 6040 10” VG+ 150.00

Wilson, Teddy: On Tour with Charlie Parker PLP-809-S VG+ 8.00

Wilson, Teddy: 1964 Cameo C-1059 VG+ 12.00

Wilson, Teddy: Same Crescendo GNP 9014 VG+ 6.00

Wilson, Teddy: And Then They Wrote Columbia CL 1442 VG+ 10.00

Wilson, Teddy & Gerry Mulligan w/Bob Brookmeyer: At Newport Verve MGV-82235 VG+ 20.00

Winding, Kai: More Brass Verve V-8657 VG+ 6.00

Winding, Kai: The In Instrumentals Verve V6-8639 VG+ 7.00

Winding, Kai: Solo Verve V6-8525 M- 10.00

Winding, Kai: Modern Country Verve V6-8602 VG+ 8.00

Winding, Kai: Mondo Cane #2 Verve V-8573 VG++ 6.00

Winding, Kai: Dance To The City Beat Columbia CL_1329 (6 'eyes') VG++ 6.00

Winding, Kai: Penny Lane & Time Verve V6-8691 M- 6.00

Winding, Kai: Suspense Themes in Jazz Verve V-8493 VG+ 10.00

Winter, Paul: Icarus Living Music LMR-4 M- 5.00

Wood Brothers: Sky Songs Elwood WB 100 M- 5.00

Woods, Phil: Altology Prestige P-24055 VG+ 8.00

Woods, Phil: Rights of Swing Jazz Man 5001 M- 6.00

Woods, Phil: Bop Stew Concord CJ-345 M- 6.00

Yancy, Mama & Don Ewell: same Windin’ Ball 102 10” VG+ 20.00

Yancy-Lofton: Sessions, vol 1 Storyville(import) M- 8.00

Yancy-Lofton: Sessions, vol 2 Storyville(import) M- 8.00

Young, Lester: The Lester Young Story, vol 1 Columbia CG 33502 VG+ 8.00

Young, Lester: “Pres” Charlie Parker PLP 402 VG+ 20.00

Young, Lester: Pres Lives Savoy SJL-1109 VG+ 6.00

Young, Lester: vol 4 Jazz Anthology(import) M- 6.00

Young, Lester: Just You, Just Me Charlie Parker 409S VG++ 12.00

Zeitlin, Denny: Live at the Trident Columbia CL 2463 (‘360’ lbl) VG+ 8.00

Zeitlin, Denny: Carnival Columbia CL 2340 VG+ 12.00

Various: Jazz, vol 10 Folkways FJ 2810 VG+ 6.00

Various: Boogie Woogie Piano Brunswick BL 58018 VG+ 20.00

Various: Four Trombones Fantasy 6008 VG+ 8.00

Various: Newport in New York ’72 Cobblestone CST 9028 VG+ 6.00

Various: Midnight Jazz at Carnegie Hall Verve MGV-8189-2 VG 20.00

Various: Classics in Jazz – The Modern Idiom Capitol H 325 VG+ 30.00

Various: Compositions of Charlie Parker Riverside 93506 VG++ 10.00

Various: Compositions of George Gershwin Riverside 93517 VG++ 10.00

Various: Rugged Piano Classics 1927/39 Origin Jazz Library 15 VG+ 8.00

Various: Boogie Woogie Trio Storyville(import) VG+ 6.00

Various: Parlor Piano 1917-27 Biograph BLP 10010 VG+ 7.00

Various: Boogie Woogie Kings (vol 9) Euphonic ESR-1209 VG+ 6.00

Various: Brazil’s Super Hits Atlantic SD 8167 VG+ 8.00

Various: Ragtime Piano Roll Classics Archive of Jazz(import) VG+ 6.00

Various: JATP in Europe Verve @V6S-8823 VG+ 8.00

Various: Byways of Jazz Origin Jazz Library 9 M- 9.00

Various: Americans In Europe 33/38 Tax(import) M- 6.00

Various: Energy Essentials Impulse ASD 9228 WLP VG+ 15.00

Various: Black Bands on Film Harlequin(import) M- 7.00

Various: Boogie Blues Rosetta RR 1309 VG+ 6.00

Various: Americans in Europe, vol 1 Impulse AS-36 VG+ 8.00

Various: New Music:Second Wave Savoy 2235 VG+ 8.00

Various: Dime Store Dance Bands Sunbeam MFC-17 M- 8.00

Various: Combo Jazz Jazztone J-1221 VG+ 16.00

Various: A West Coast Jazz Anthology Jazztone J 1243 VG+ 16.00

Various: West Coast Jazz, vol III Jazztone J 1274 VG+ 12.00

 Various: Singin' the Blues Camden CAL 588 VG+ 10.00

Various: Comparative Blues Jazztone J-1258 VG+ 16.00

Various: Dixieland Stylists Capitol H 321 10” VG+ 20.00

Various: Jamming at Rudi's, vol 2 Circle L-410 10” VG+ 20.00

Various; Kings and Queens of Boogie Woogie Decca DL 5249 10” VG+ 20.00

Various: A Jazz Band Ball Mode 110 VG+ 30.00

Various: Modern Jazz Spectacular Jazztone J-1231 VG+ 16.00

Various; Collector's Items 1922-1930 Historical Records, No.11 M- 8.00

Various: Rare and Hot 1925-1930, No. 12 Historical Records M- 8.00

Various: Rare Bands of the Twenties, No. 3 Historical Jazz M- 8.00

Various: Rare Bands of the Twenties, No. 6 Historical Jazz M- 8.00

Various: Rare Bands of the Twenties, No. 7 Historical Jazz M- 8.00

Various: Jazz Pianists Galore Jazz West Coast 506 VG+ 30.00

Various: Red Hot and Cool Hollywood LPH-40 VG+ 50.00

Various: Jazz Surprise Crown 5008 VG+ 10.00

Various: Opus de Jazz Savoy MG 12036 VG+ 20.00

Various: Concord Super Band Concord CJ-80 VG++ 8.00

Various: History of Classic Jazz Riverside SDP II (5 discs, w/booklet) VG+ 25.00

Various: Jazz Mission To Moscow 1962 Colpix SCP-433 VG++ 8.00

Various: Jazz For People Who Hate Jazz RCA LJM-1008 VG++ 10.00

Various: Dixieland Jazz Grand Award GA-33-310 VG++ 8.00

Various: Wade In The Water - Gulf Coast Jazz Famous Hi-Fi F-510 VG++ 8.00

Various: Recorded In New Orleans Vol. 2 Good Time Jazz L-12020 VG+ 12.00

Various: Singing The Blues RCA Camden CAL588 VG++ 6.00

Various: The Great Big Bands Columbia CSS150 (re) SS 6.00

Various: Intercollegiate Music Festival. vol 1 Impulse A-9145 VG+ 6.00

Various: Swingin' Like Sixty, vol 1 World Pacific WP 1289 VG+ 10.00

Various: Chicago and All That Jazz Verve V-8441 VG++ 12.00

Various: The Jazz Hour Savoy MG 12126 VG+ 16.00

Various: Sessions, Live Caliope CAL3016 VG++ 6.00

Various: The History of Jazz, vol 1 Capitol T 793 VG+ 8.00

Various: The History of Jazz, vol 2 Capitol T 794 VG+ 8.00

Various: The History of Jazz, vol 3 Capitol T 795 VG+ 8.00

Various: Leonard Feather presents...vol 1-2 MCA 2-4061 M- 6.00

Various: Leonard Feather presents...vol 3-4 MCA 2-4062 M- 6.00

Various: Dixieland Classics Jazztone J-1216 VG+ 12.00

Various: Chicago Style Jazztone J-1208 VG+ 16.00

Various: ECM Sampler 7 ECM PRO E-895 VG+ 6.00

Various: Period's Jazz Digest, vol 2 Period SPL 304 VG+ 20.00


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