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List includes Gospel , Exotic , Children's , and 10 " LPs .

Gospel LPs :

Agape Force: same Candle Co. Music VG+ 6.00

Browns, The: The Old Country Church RCA LSP-3798 VG+ 5.00

Crouch, Andrae: Live At Carnegie Hall Light Records LS-5602-LP VG+ 5.00

Cash, Johnny & Jerry Lee Lewis: Sunday Down South Sun 119 VG+ 8.00

Ford, Tennessee Ernie: Standin' In The Need Of Prayer Pickwick 33 SPC-3222 VG+ 6.00

Franklin, Rev. C.L.: Did not Our Hearts Burn...Battle 6110 VG+ 6.00

Grant, Amy: My Father's Eyes Myrrh MSB-6625 VG++ 5.00

Grant, Amy: Straight Ahead Myrrh SPCN 7-01-675706-4 VG++ 5.00

Grant, Amy: Age To Age Myrrh MSB-6697 VG++ 5.00

Jackson, Mahalia: Sings America's Favorite Hymns Columbia G30744 VG+ 6.00

Jones, George: Old Bruch Arbors Musicor MS 3061 VG+ 6.00

Knox Brothers, The: Sing A Cappella Knox Records KLP-1 VG+ 5.00

Lynn, Loretta: Hymns Decca DL 4665 VG+ 8.00

Lynn, Loretta: Who Says God is Dead Decca DL 74928 VG+ 8.00

Mighty Clouds Of Joy: Changing Times Epic 35971 VG+ 6.00

Pilgrim Travelers featuring Lou Rawls: Stand Up and Testify! Solid Smoke SS 8034 VG++ 8.00

Rangers, The: same Power Pak Gospel PG729 VG+ 5.00

Reeves, Jim: God Be with You RCA LPM-1910 VG+ 8.00

Salem Singers, The: Things Are Gonna Change Someday Salem Singers Records 1978 SS 5.00

Shelton, Joe Ann: When I Kneel Word W-3125-LP VG+ 5.00

Tharp, Sister Rosetta: same Omega OSL 31 VG++ 10.00

Tubb, Ernest: Stand By Me Vocalion VC 3765 VG+ 6.00

Wagoner, Porter & The Blackwood Bros: The Grand Old Gospel RCA LSP-3488 VG+ 6.00

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Baxter, Les: Caribbean Moonlight Capitol T733 VG++ 10.00

Baxter, Les: Ports of Pleasure Capitol ST 868 (woc) VG+ 6.00

Barsamian, Artie: More Belly Dance Foesta FLP 1633 VG++ 6.00

Denny, Martin: Exotica, Vol II Liberty LRP 3077 VG+ 10.00

Denny, Martin: Exotica Vol. III Liberty LRP 3116 VG++ 10.00

Denny, Martin: Latin Village Liberty LST 7378 VG+ 10.00

Denny, Martin: Afro-Desia Liberty LRP 3111 M- 10.00

Denny, Martin: Quiet Village Liberty LRP 3122 M- 10.00

Elgart, Larry: New Sounds at The Roosevelt RCA LSP-2045 VG++ 8.00

Gould, Morton: Jungle Drums RCA LPM 1994 VG+ 8.00

Lyman, Arthur: Paradise Crescendo ST 90038 VG++ 6.00

Lyman, Arthur: Yellow Bird HiFi L-1004 (woc) VG+ 6.00

Lyman, Arthur: A Taste of Honey Liberty LST 7237 VG+ 8.00

Mancini, Henry: The Versatile Liberty LST 7121 VG+ 8.00

Mancini, Henry: The Blues and the Beat RCA LPM-2147 VG+ 8.00

Melachrino, George: Music For Dining RCA LSP 1000 VG++ 8.00

Melachrino, George: Music For Relaxation RCA LSP 1001 VG++ 6.00

Melachrino, George: Under Western Skies RCA LSP 1676 M- 8.00
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Children's LPs:

Block, Rory: Color Me Wild Alacazam! 1003 M_ 6.00

Disneyland Records: Hans Brinker & The Silver Skates DQ 1282 VG++ 6.00

Disneyland Records: Robin Hood Movie Soundtrack DQ 1249 VG++ 6.00

Disneyland Records: Emil and the Detectives DQ 1262 VG+ 6.00

Disneyland Records: Lady and the Tramp DQ 1231 VG+ 6.00

Holloway, Stanley: The Elephant Alphabet Riverside 1415 VG++ 8.00

Let's Pretend: Dick Whittington and his Cat/How Six Travelled through the World Telegeneral TC-103 (coh) M- 8.00

Let's Pretend: The Little Lame Prince/The Song of Roland Telegeneral TG 123 (coh) M- 8.00

Let's Pretend: Jorinda and Joringle/The Juniper Tree Telegeneral TG 124 (coh) M- 8.00

Noah, Tim: In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo! Noazart Records NP1001 SS 6.00

Tale Spinners: The Story of Bach VG+ 6.00

Tale Spinners: The Story of Mozart VG+ 6.00

Travelers, The: Merry-Go-Round Elephant Records SS 6.00

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10" LPs (all are 33 1/3 RPM unless otherwise noted and come in hard album covers, just like the larger LPs.):

Armstrong, Louis: New Orleans Days Decca DL 5279 VG++ 10.00

Azcarraga, Luis: Panama Festival Art ALP 11 VG+ 10.00

Battle of Jazz, vol 1: Bud Freeman/Joe Marsala Brunswick BL 58037 VG++ 20.00

Black Calvin: Shooter HC007 6 tracks with lyrics VG++ 10.00

Bradley, Owen: Lazy River Coral CRL56035 8 tracks VG+ 14.00

Chordettes, The: same Columbia CL 2519 6 tracks VG+ (split seam) 12.00

Chordettes, The: Harmony Time Columbia CL 6111 VG+ 20.00

Common Language: Sharks to Blood Blast First BFFP81 Import 10" 45 RPM 3 tracks M- 6.00

Deathstar: same Silver Girl M- 6.00

Eskin, Sam: Song of The Times (with book) Cook Lab. 1020 VG+ 25.00

Firehouse Five Plus Two: same Good Time Jazz L-1 VG+ 16.00

Firehouse Five Plus Two: same Good Time Jazz L-2 VG+ 16.00

Freeman, Bud: Jazz - Chicago Style Columbia CL 2558 VG+ 20.00

Goodman, Benny: The B.G. Six Columbia CL2564 6 tracks VG++ 20.00

Goodman, Benny: Sextet Session Colombia cl6052 VG+ 8 tracks 12.00

Gleason, Jackie: Tawny Capitol H471 4 tracks VG++ (slight split seam) 12.00

Hampton, Lionel: Just Jazz Decca DL 7013 2 tracks VG++ 20.00

Hodes, Art: Jazz Chicago Style EmArcy MG 26014 VG+ 12.00

Kaminsky, Max: When the Saints Go Marching In MGM E 261 VG+ 10.00

King Oliver: Plays The Blues London AL3510 8 track import VG+ 10.00

Krupa, Gene: Drummin' Man Columbia CL2515 6 tracks VG++ 20.00

Latimer: World's Portable World Domination Records 5 tracks SS 6.00

Ladnier, Tommy: same "X" Vault Originals LVA-3027 8 tracks VG++ (split seam) 20.00

Lenin, V.I.: Lenin's Speeches Special for Expo '70 (w/obi) VG++ 10.00

Lunsford, Jimmie: Plays Allegro 4016 VG+ 8.00

Martin, Mary: The Bandwagon Columbia ML 2160 VG+ 10.00

Morgan, Henry: Here's Morgan Riverside RLP 8003 VG+ 10.00

New Musik: Straight Lines Epic 3E36450 M- 6.00

Nye, Hermes: Texas Folk Songs (with book) Folkways FP47-1 13 tracks VG+ 30.00

Pay The Man/Crack Babies : same World Domination Records 5 tracks SS 6.00

Propaganda: Calling On Moscow Epic TAL 36451 4 track demo VG++ (split seam) 6.00

Quincy Punx/Stuck On Stupid: same Recess Records (with lyrics) 8 tracks VG++ 10.00

Salt: Bluster Island Records 4 tracks on green vinyl M- 6.00

Sampson and Delilah: Themes from the Score of...Decca DL 6007 VG+ 12.00

Scoby, Bob: Frisco Band, vol 3 Good Time Jazz L-22 VG+ 16.00

Waller, Fats: Swingin' the Organ RCA LPT-3040 VG++ 30.00

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