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Adventurers: Can't Stop Twisting Columbia CS 8547 VG+ 30.00

Afdem, Jeff & The Springfield Flute: same Burdette ST-5162 M- 20.00

Akens, Jewell: The Birds and the Bees ERA EL-110 VG+ 15.00

Alive 'n Kickin': same Roulette SR 42052 VG+ 10.00

Annette: Muscle Beach Party Vista BV-3314 M- 75.00

Annette: Annette Sings Anka Vista BV-3302 VG+ (8" sm spt, top) 60.00

Association: Renaissance Valiant VLS 25004 M- 20.00

Astronauts: For You from Us RCA LSP-3359 VG+ 20.00

Astronauts: Surfin' with the...RCA LPM-2760 VG+ 25.00

Avalon, Frankie: Cleopatra Chancellor CNL 5032 VG+ 12.00

Badfinger: Straight Up Apple(import) VG+ 20.00

Barry, Len: 1-2-3 Decca DL 4720 VG++ 10.00

Beau Brummels: Triangle Warner 1692 VG+ 10.00

Belmonts: Summer Love Dot DLP 25949 VG+ 10.00

Bloodrock: Live Capitol SVBB-11038 VG+ 10.00

Buckley, Tim: Goodbye and Hello Elektra EKS 7318 VG+ 12.00

Buffet, Jimmy: High Cumberland Jubilee Barnaby BR 6014 VG+ 20.00

Burnette, Johnny: same Liberty LRP 3183 WLP VG+ 20.00

Burnette, Johnny: Johnny Burnette's Hits Liberty LRP 3206 VG+ 12.00

Cannon, Freddy: The Explosive! Swan 502 VG++ 40.00

Carroll Brothers: College Twist Party Cameo 1015 VG+ 10.00

Carter, Mel: My Heart Sings Imperial LP 12300 VG+ 8.00

Cat Mother: same Polydor PD-5017 VG+ 8.00

Chairmen of the Board: Give Me Just A Little More Time Invictus ST-7300 VG+ 20.00

Checkmates, Ltd.: Live at Caesar's Palace Capitol ST 2840 VG++ (coh) 20.00

Cherry People: same Heritage HTS 35,000 VG+ 10.00

Christie, Lou: Strikes Again Roulette SR 25332 VG+ 12.00

Christie, Lou: Lightnin' Strikes MGM E 4360 VG+ 10.00

Classics IV: Spooky Imperial LP-12371 M- 10.00

Clover, Timothy: A Harvard Square Affair Tower ST 5114 M- 20.00

Conley, Arthur: Sweet Soul Music Atco SD 33-215 M- 20.00

Cortez, Dave "Baby": The Happy Organ RCA LMP-2099 VG+ 30.00

Cream: Disraeli Gears Atco SD 33-232 M- 20.00

Cream: Wheels of Fire Atco SD 2-700 VG++ 40.00

Cream: Goodbye Atco SD 7001 M- 10.00

Cream: Fresh Cream Atco SD33-206 (pur/brn lbl) VG+ 15.00

Cross Country: same Atco SD 7024 VG+ 8.00

Cyrkle, The: Neon Columbia CS 9432 VG+ 10.00

Dana, Vic: Warm & Wild Dolton BLP-2015 VG+ 8.00

Darren, James: Love Among the Young Colpix CP 428 NM 20.00

Darrin, Bobby: Darin at the Copa Atco 33-122 VG+ 12.00

Dells: Greatest Hits Cadet LPS-824 VG+ 10.00

DeShannon, Jackie: This is... Imperial LP 12286 NM 20.00

DeShannon, Jackie: New Image Imperial LP 12344 NM 20.00

Diamond, Neil: The Feel of...Bang BLP 214 (stereo) M- 40.00

Diamond, Neil: Velvet Gloves and Spit Uni 73030 (1st ed., no "Shilo") M- 12.00

Diamonds: America's Famous Song Stylists Mercury Wing MGW 12114 M- 20.00

Dick & Dee Dee: Thou Shalt Not Steal Warner 1586 VG+ 12.00

Dion: Sings His Greatest Hits Laurie LLP 2013 VG+ 20.00

Dion & The Belmonts: Reunion Warner BS 2664 VG+ 12.00

Doggett, Bill: Fingertips Columbia CS 8882 VG+ 12.00

Doggett, Bill: Honky Tonk King 395-531 VG+ 20.00

Domino, Fats: This is Fats Imperial 9040 VG++ 60.00

Donovan: Catch the Wind Hickory LPM 123 VG+ 12.00

Donovan: Like It Is, Was, and Evermore Shall Be Hickory LPS 143 VG+ 10.00

Dove, Ronnie: The Best of...Diamond S 5005 VG++ 15.00

Dozier, Gene and the Brotherhood: Blues Power Minit LP-40010 VG++ 25.00

Dunbar, Ansley: Dr. Dunbar's Prescription Blue Thumb BT 56 M- 20.00

Eddy, Duane: The Roaring Twangies Reprise 6240 VG++ 12.00

Eddy, Duane: Girls, Girls, Girls Jamie JLP 70-3019 VG++ 30.00

Eddy, Duane: $1,000,000 Worth of Twang Jamie JLP 70-3014 VG+ 14.00

Eddy, Duane: Songs of Our Heritage Jamie JLP 70-3011-D VG+ 12.00

Eddy, Duane: Twang A Country Song RCA LPM-2681 VG+ 12.00

Eddy, Duane: Dance with the Guitar Man RCA LPM-2648 VG+ 12.00

Ekseption: same Philips PHS 600-334 VG+ 8.00

Electric Flag: A Long Time Comin' Columbia CS 9597 ('360 lbl') VG++ 8.00

Electric Prunes: Release of an Oath Reprise 6316 VG+ 12.00

Elliott, "Mama" Cass: Dream a Little Dream Dunhill DS 50040 M- 12.00

Everett, Betty: The Very Best of...VeeJay VJ-1122 VG+ 20.00

Everly Brothers: Rock 'n Soul Warner 1578 VG+ 20.00

Fabulous Jokers: Guitars Extraordinary Monument MLP 8059 M- 60.00

Fireballs: Torquay Dot DLP 25512 VG+ 30.00

Fireballs: Bottle of Wine Atco SD 33-239 M- 12.00

Fireballs: Vaquero Top Rank RS 643 STEREO! VG+ 100.00

Five Satins: The 5 Satins Sing MVM 108 VG+ 15.00

Fleetwoods: same Dolton BLP 2002 (coh) VG+ 16.00

Fleetwoods: Folk Rock Dolton BLP 2039 VG+ 12.00

Ford, "Tennessee" Ernie: Ol' Rockin' Ern Capitol T 888 (turquoise) VG++ 25.00

Fortunes: same Press PRS 83002 VG+ 20.00

Franklin, Aretha: Aretha in Paris Atlantic SD 8207 M- 10.00

Gene & Debbe: Hear and Now TRX LPS 1001 VG+ 14.00

Gerry & the Pacemakers: I'll Be There Laurie SLP 2030 VG+ 12.00

Gilmer, Jerry & the Fireballs: same Crown CST 387 (sm splts) VG+ 8.00

Goldberg, Barry: Street Man Buddah BDS-5051 M- 10.00

Goodman, Dickie: The Original Flying Saucers IX Chains NCS 9000 VG+ 20.00

Grant, Gogi: Shout Liberty LST 7144 VG+ 14.00

Greenbaum, Norman: Spirit in the Sky Reprise 6365 VG+ 12.00

Greenbaum,. Norman: Petaluma Reprise 2084 VG+ 10.00

Gypsy: same Metromedia M2D 1031 VG+ 10.00

Happenings: same B.T. Puppy BTP 1001 VG+ 10.00

Happenings: Greatest Hits Jubilee JGS 8030 VG+ 10.00

Harris, Rolf: The Court of King Caractacus Epic LN 24110 WLP VG+ 12.00

Harrison, Wilbert: Let's Work Together Sue SSLP 8801 VG+ 25.00

Hebb, Bobby: Sunny Philips PHS 600-212 VG+ 10.00

Hello People: Have You Seen the Light Mediarts 41-8 VG+ 8.00

Hello People: The Handsome Devils ABC Dunhill DSD 50184 VG+ 8.00

Hendricks, James: Songs of...Soul City SCS 92003 VG+ 10.00

Hollies: Words and Music by Bob Dylan Epic BN 26447 VG+ 10.00

Hollies: Greatest Hits Imperial LP-9350 VG++ 12.00

Holly, Buddy: A Rock & Roll Collection Decca DKSE 7-207 VG+ 14.00

Hopkin, Mary: Post Card Apple(Can.) ST 3351 M- 25.00

Jan & Dean: Folk 'n Roll Liberty LST 7431 VG+ 10.00

Jan & Dean: Popsicle Liberty LST 7458 VG+ 15.00

Jay and the Americans: Try Some of This UA UAL 3562 VG+ 8.00

Jay and the Americans: Sunday and Me UA UAL 3474 VG+ 8.00

Johnny & the Hurricanes: The Big Sound of... Big Top 12-1302 VG+ 80.00

Johnson, Buddy: Rock 'N Roll Stage Show Mercury/Wing MGW 12111 M- 30.00

King Curtis: Live At Small's Paradise Atco SD 33-198 M- 25.00

Kingsmen, The: In Person Wand 657 VG+ 12.00

Kingsmen, The: vol II Wand 659 VG++ 20.00

Kingsmen, The: Vol 3 Wand (S)662 VG+ 12.00

Kingsmen, The: On Campus Wand 670 VG+ 8.00

Kyle: Times that Try A Man's Soul Paramount PAS 6006 VG+ 10.00

Lee, Leapy: Little Arrows Decca DL 75076 VG+ 10.00

Leiber, Jerry: Scooby Doo Zepher ZP 12002 G VG+ 40.00

Lennon, John: Imagine Apple SW 3379 (w/ poster & card) M- 12.00

Little Anthony and the Imperials: Goin' Out of My Head DCP DCL 3808 VG+ 12.00

Mad River: Paradise Bar and Grill Capitol ST-185 VG+ 20.00

Man: Slow Motion UA UA-LA345-G VG+ 6.00

Man: Back Into the Future UA UA-LA172-112 VG+ 12.00

Mandell, Harvey: Cristo Redentor Philips PHS-600-281 VG+ 10.00

Marketts: Sun Power World Pacific 1870 VG+ 12.00

McDaniels, Gene: Sings Movie Memories Liberty LRP-3204 VG+ 12.00

McKenzie, Scott: The Voice of...Ode Z12 44002 VG+ 10.00

Michaels, Lee: Carnival of Life A&M SP 4140 VG++ 20.00

Moby Grape: '69 Columbia CS 9696 VG+ 10.00

Moby Grape: Wow Columbia CS 9613 (360 lbl) VG+ 10.00

Moody Blues: Go Now London PS 428 M- 20.00

Moon, Keith: Two Sides of the Moon MCA 2136 M- 20.00

Mother Earth: Living with the Animals Mercury SR 61194 VG+ 10.00

Nash, Johnny: same ABC 244 NM 15.00

Nazz: III SGC SD 5004 VG+ 20.00

Newbeats, The: Run Baby Run Hickory LPM-128 VG+ 30.00

New York Rock and Roll Ensemble: Roll Over Columbia C 30033 M- 8.00

New York Rock and Roll Ensemble: Faithful Friends...Atco SD 33-294 VG+ 8.00

Nice, The: Five Bridges Mercury SR-61295 VG+ 6.00

Nitzsche, Jack: The Lonely Surfer Reprise R9-6101 VG++ 50.00

Ohio Express: Beg, Borrow & Steal Cameo CS-20,000 VG+ 20.00

Orioles: Modern Sounds of the Orioles Parker PLP-816 VG+ 10.00

Outsiders: In Capitol T 2636 VG+ 10.00

Outsiders: Album #2 Capitol ST 2568 VG+ 10.00

Peaches & Herb: For Your Love Date TES 4005 VG+ 12.00

Petersen, Paul: My Dad Colpix CP 442 VG+ 20.00

Petersen, Paul: Lollipops and Roses Colpix SCP 429 VG+ 20.00

Preston, Johnny: Running Bear Mercury MG 20592 (blk lbl) VG++ 50.00

Quicksilver: same Capitol ST 2904 VG+ 20.00

Rhinoceros: same Elektra EKS-74030 VG+ 12.00

Rhinoceros: Satin Chickens Elektra EKS-74056 VG++ 8.00

Rivers, Johnny: At the Whiskey a Go Go Imperial LP-12264 VG+ 10.00

Rivers, Johnny: Rivers Rocks the Folk Imperial LP 12293 VG+ 10.00

Rocking Foo: same Hobbit HB 5001 VG+ 10.00

Rodgers, Jimmy: same Roulette R 25020 (blk lbl) VG+ 30.00

Rodgers, Jimmy: The Number One Ballads Roulette R-25033 M- 20.00

Rolling Stones: Between the Buttons London LL 3499 (mono) VG+ 20.00

Routers: Play Chuck Berry Warner 1595 VG+ 12.00

Routers: Charge! Warner 1559 M- 20.00

Routers: Let's Go! Warner 1490 M- 25.00

Rutles: Meet the Rutles Warner HS 3151 VG+ 10.00

Ryder, Mitch: Sock it to Me! New Voice NVS2003 VG+ 15.00

Sahm, Doug: Groover's Paradise Warner BS 2810 VG+ 10.00

Santo & Johnny: The Beatles Greatest Hits Canadian American SCALP 1017 VG+ 20.00

Scott, Jack: What Am I Living For Carlton LP 12/122 VG+ 40.00

Seekers: Georgy Girl Capitol T 2431 M- 10.00

Serfs, The: The Early Bird Cafe Capitol SKAO-207 VG+ 15.00

Shannon, Del: This is My Bag Liberty LRP 3453 VG+ 12.00

Sharp, Dee Dee: All the Hits Cameo C 1027 VG+ 16.00

Silkie, The: You've Got the Hide Your Love Away Fontana SRF 67548 (b&w cover) VG+ 12.00

Sir Douglas Quintet: Together After Five Smash SRS 67130 VG+ 15.00

Sommers, Joanie: For Those Who Think Young Warner 1436 VG+ 20.00

Sopwith Camel: same Kama Sutra KLP 8060 VG++ 20.00

Stone Poneys: Evergreen, vol 2 Capitol T 2763 VG+ 15.00

Storm, Billy (& The Valiants): This is the Night Famous F-504 VG+ 25.00

Sugarloaf: Spaceship Earth Liberty LST-11010 VG+ 10.00

Surf Stompers: The Original Surfer Stomp Delfi DFLP 1236 M- 30.00

Swinging Blue Jeans: Hippy Hippy Shake Imperial LP-12261 VG+ 40.00

Tams, The: Time for the Tams ABC 596 VG++ 20.00

Tokens: It's A Happening World Warner W 1685 M- 20.00

Turtles: Gold Hits White Whale WWS 7115 VG++ 12.00

Twitty, Conway: The Rock & Roll Story MGM E 3907 VG+ 20.00

Tymes: The Sound of the Wonderful.... Parkway P-7038 VG+ 20.00

Ultimate Spinach: same MGM SE-4600 VG+ 12.00

Valens, Ritchie: Ricthie Del-Fi DFLP-1206 VG+ 60.00

Vee, Bobby: same Liberty LST 7186 VG+ 12.00

Vee, Bobby: Take Good Care of My Baby Liberty LST 7211 VG+ 12.00

Vee, Bobby: Recording Session Liberty LRP 3232 VG+ 10.00

Vee, Bobby: Gates, Grills & Railings Liberty LST 7612 VG+ 15.00

Viscounts: same Madison MA-LP1001 VG+ 100.00

Vogues: Five O'Clock World Co &Ce 1230 VG+ 16.00

Weir, Bob: Ace (color photo) Warner 2627 VG++ 20.00

Wells, Mary: The Two Sides of...Atco SD 33-199 VG+ 12.00

Who, The: The Who Sell Out Decca DL 74950 VG+ 20.00

Young Rascals: same Atlantic 8123 NM 30.00

Zappa, Frank: Mothermania Verve V6-5068X VG+ 30.00

Zappa, Frank: We're Only in it for the Money Verve V6 4055X VG+ 20.00

Zappa, Frank: Freak Out! Verve V6 5005 2X (w/blurb) VG+ 30.00

Various: Shut Down Capitol T 1918 M- 30.00

Various: Super Golden Hits Jubilee JGS 8019 M- 30.00

Various: I Dig Rock 'N Roll Score SLP-4002 M- 75.00

Various: San Francisco Presenting... San Francisco SD 158 M- 16.00

Various: Time to Get it Together Capitol SL 6696 VG+ 8.00


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